The Top 20 Toronto Influencers on Instagram

Toronto is quickly becoming flooded with social media influencers, and that’s a good thing! From fashion to fitness, you can find a vast amount of Toronto influencers that fit your social media needs! We decided to help and give you a list of 20 influencers that you should start following immediately!

Top 20 Toronto Influencers:


Toronto Fashionista/Socialite Jenna is an icon in the Canadian fashion community. You can find head-turning fashion on Jenna’s Instagram.


Fashion and lifestyle blog simplyteee, was created by Tina Dao. Her personal everyday style is a must see. You can find everything from fashion to travel on her page.

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Staying true to herself, fashion model and blogger Ruby Benson showcases her sense of style that will have you glued to her page for hours.


Wearing mostly black and white, Jodi’s everything but bland, fashion sense is one to watch You can find her traveling the world and doing it every so fashionably.

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Sasha is a fitness goddess. She has a killer physique and her Instagram shows how hard she works for it. Not only is she a fitness enthusiast, her Instagram consists of her family and lifestyle tips.

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Krystin is vibrant and colorful! Creator of the blog, Krystin shares her daily inspirations from fashion to decor. Her fashion sense showcases her personality amazingly.


The Canadian social media influencer is a photographer. He has partnered with major brands including Nike and Red Bull. The photographer has a number of beautiful personal photos on Instagram that are sure to catch your eye.

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With an impressive following, Jenny Jovanovic is a must have on our life. The top Canadian influencer has a style that combines aspirational with the attainable.


Jacqueline Poirier, aka the “Crazy Plate Lady,”  is beyond unique. With her 91.9K followers, this influencer specializes in painting photo-realistic scenes on plates.


Max Houde-Shulman is an influencer that loves everything fashion and travel. With over 22k Instagram followers, Max is a must follow if you love a fun, yet laid-back style.


Edward Row takes the most breathtaking pictures wherever he goes. The Canadian social media influencer has a way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. With over 48k followers, you won’t be sorry that you pressed the “follow” button.

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Unique, and true to herself, Vanessa runs a fashion account. Her style is edgy and different and she looks amazing every time she walks out of that door!


From gorgeous travel photos to fashion inspiration, Chloe posts amazing pictures for her 67k followers. You can also find posts of her favorite new beauty products on her page.

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Marie Ernst is just a girl who loves wearing cute clothes and her 53k followers couldn’t love her style more! Her style is simple and super easy to recreate.

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Lauren McPhillips is a lifestyle influencer that teaches others to harness their inner renegade and develop their personal brands. She also runs a blog that gives career advice, wellness advice and travel stories!


Jackie is a photography influencer.  She offers a unique view through the lens of her camera into various nature and lifestyle scenes.

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Shay Ingleton Smith has a beautiful sense of style screams confidence. Shay can rock any style combo and has a diversity that’s rare when it comes to everyday fashion sense.


Gigi is a Toronto Women’s Fashion Influencer and lifestyle blogger. Her style is preppy and unique. Gigi is known as “that kind of girl if she ruins her diet by having a bite of cookie, eats the whole cookie jar,”

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Carmy has 3 Instagram accounts for all her passions. Her motto is “run, eat, travel.” The Toronto-based blogger writes about her love of fitness, shares healthy recipes and her travel memories.


Joseph is an entrepreneur/fitness model and is the CEO and co-founder of Umoro. Umoro is a leader in high-end fitness products. Follow umoro and become the best version of you!

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We hope that you have enjoyed this list of the Top 20 Toronto Influencers for you to follow on Instagram!

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