7 “Not-So-Boring” Exercises Your Seniors Will Love Doing!


7 “Not-So-Boring” Exercises Your Seniors Will Love Doing!

Young or old, exercise is important for any age bracket. It helps in proper blood circulation, keeps the organs working, and helps in the overall development. 

That said, sometimes it can be hard to motivate the elderly to exercise, but with these tips, it’s not as difficult as you might think. 

The Health Benefits of Exercise in Older Adults

Senior-friendly exercises fall under four broad categories: aerobics, strength training, flexibility, and balance. 

Aerobic exercises improve one’s general endurance and fitness levels. Strength training builds bones and muscles in the individual. Flexibility exercises help reduce stiffness and improve mobility, and balance exercises build muscles responsible for maintaining balance. All these exercises are essential for achieving an overall fitness level, and it’s not wise to skip any of them.

However, these activities can be adjusted depending on the seniors’ personal needs and current physical state. 

This article highlights the best exercises suitable for seniors. Take a look.


Yoga is the most disciplined exercise routine that includes regular stretching, which aids in strengthening muscles simultaneously. 

Yoga for Seniors who have problems with their bones or joints. While practicing yoga, work on the muscles that support the body weight and the stress caused by the weight. Yoga classes are also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to work out with and help improve your focus. There are several yoga centers in New York City with classes for all levels of ability, with the best low-impact options available for seniors.

Walking at a Fast Pace

Brisk walking is a more intensive form of aerobic exercise that can get the heart rate going and the muscles working. In contrast to regular walking, it’s about increasing the speed at which one moves the legs and extending the stride by swinging hips a bit with each step. It involves keeping the posture in good shape, back straight, and shoulders placed backward to reap maximum benefit.

It is an ideal exercise choice if seniors suffer from weak ankles or knees. It puts less stress on the joints, as compared to jogging. However, someone needs to be around when seniors perform this activity.


Squats involve lowering the body from a standing position to a semi-sitting posture. It is a quick and efficient way to practice balance. There is no equipment required for squatting aside from the bodyweight, but it is crucial to check the technique. 

Tai Chi

It is among the most effective exercises that offer tremendous benefits in terms of flexibility and balance. Tai Chi is well-known to be a mindful activity that aids your elderly in relaxing and concentrating. It is good for mental health as well.

Stationary Cycling

It is an excellent aerobic exercise for seniors that does not strain joints, so there is less risk of injuries. There are stationary bicycles in most fitness centers, including community centers. To exercise outdoors, several fitness centers also offer bikes your elderly can ride and enjoy fresh air while riding on the bike. 


Swimming can be a great exercise for seniors who love spending time in the water. It is also effective because the joints don’t come under a lot of stress as the body’s weight is supported by water. 

Regular Stretching

It is crucial to stretch daily since stretching keeps muscles in a good condition. As a caregiver, make sure the seniors stretch all the muscles throughout the body. This includes the chest, back, neck, arms, calves, and thighs.

Closing Words

Exercise must be part of the daily routine of seniors to ensure they are on top of their health. Divide the workout schedule and choose exercises as per your elderly’s fitness level.

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