How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein Shake?


How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein Shake?

How Can We Define a Vegan Protein Shake?

A vegan protein shake can get defined as a drink prepared using proteins taken and derived from plant sources. The beverage has a significantly high quantity and level of protein and provides all the desired and essential amino acids. They help nourish and enrich the body and enhance its mechanisms and processes. 

A vegan protein shake can utilize plant proteins in its preparation in two fashions. The first and most common method entails using a protein powder. The mentioned product can get added to any edible liquid, generally water, and drunk directly. When consumed in this way, it serves as an energy or sports drink. On top of that, most protein powders available in the market taste relatively good and deliver immense benefits. 

Another feasible method comprises the process or practice of developing the protein powder or its substitute from scratch. In this case, an individual can select the ingredients they want to add to their vegan protein shake. Although all the constituents should come from plant sources, a broad range and variety of options exist. It can consist of hemp, banana, soy, pea, etc. These ingredients can get blended to prepare a thick drink or shake, much like a smoothie. 

Overall, a vegan protein shake can deliver a colossal number of benefits. It stands to be the case irrespective of the method employed to prepare the drink. The advantages of the beverage vary immensely. It can range from a strengthened heart and immune system to a healthier body and natural weight reduction. 

What is a Few Benefits Delivered by a Vegan Protein Shake?

A vegan protein shake can provide numerous advantages. It remains true, irrespective of the age, gender, genetic disposition, or health condition of the individual who consumes it. In most cases, it is safe for most people and does not have any side effects. A few benefits of the drink consist of the following:

  • Promotes Weight Loss

A vegan protein shake can deliver a feeling of complete satiety to an individual. In other words, it can make a person feel as if they are “full” and cannot eat anymore. The drink does so by lowering the uncontrollable sense of hunger and starvation. For that reason, a vegan protein shake serves as an impeccable solution to controlling the intake and consumption of food. 

The high protein content of the vegan protein shake makes it possible. It influences the hormones that regulate the feeling of hunger within the body. 

This process or mechanism compels the body to feel a sense of satiety for a substantially extended duration. The overall effect is a notable reduction in carbohydrate content and calorie intake. In turn, it aids in weight loss. 

  • Enhances Heart Health

The ingredients of a vegan protein shake work to improve the condition and health of the heart. A minimal level and quantity of saturated fats, calories, and cholesterol are present in the drink. It helps enhance and boost all the parts and processes related to the cardiovascular system. In the long run, it allows for the prevention of most heart diseases and disorders. 

  • Increases Metabolism

vegan protein shake facilitates and promotes the burning down of the accumulated fats within the body. The process generates and produces a considerable amount of heat and energy. Overall, it allows for an increase in the speed of the various metabolic processes. It stands true for all bodily systems. 

A vegan protein has the ability and capability of sustaining this increment state and stage for a long time. This feature boosts the muscle-building process and helps tone the body effectively and efficiently. 

How Can An Individual Choose the Best Vegan Protein Shake?

Different and distinct brands and types of vegan protein shakes are available for sale in the market. For that reason, it may become a little arduous to find and choose the best one. Nevertheless, the process can get simplified if an individual considers a few parameters during their selection. These factors comprise the following:

  • Protein Type

A vegan protein source can consist of the protein derived and taken from various plant sources. It can include rice, hemp, pea, soy, etc. 

Different brands and companies may use either one or more of the ingredients. Nonetheless, the constituents are non-GMO, biodynamic, and organic in general cases. Thus, it is possible to choose from the many options. An individual can do so to suit their diet and workout regimes. 

Conventionally, the most opted-for option is the vegan protein shake that consists of soy protein as the chief ingredient. It can get owed to the highest level and content of protein it contains. This plant source can provide up to nine essential amino acids. The number stands at the highest among all the other sources.  

  • Shelf Life and Stability

It is essential to consider the shelf life of any consumable product before buying it. A vegan protein shake is no exception to the case. Hence, the drink must have a considerably longer shelf life, allowing an individual to relish the beverage without any hurry. In general cases, the expiration time of a vegan protein shake stands at about six months to two years from the date of its manufacture. 

  • Added Sugar

A vegan protein shake may have artificial sweeteners and added sugars in its composition to improve the taste and flavor of the beverage. The two ingredients do not affect or change the nutritional content and quality of the drink significantly as they get added in small quantities. 

However, the calorie and carbohydrate amount of the vegan protein shake can face an exponential increase if they get added in substantial amounts. In such cases, it would overwhelm the presence and effects of the other beneficial components such as protein, mineral, fiber, vitamin, etc. 

That is why the best vegan protein shakes should have minimal to none added sugar and sweeteners. On top of that, the drink should not comprise any artificial coloring and flavoring agents. 

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