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How to go to the gym when you don’t want to


Let’s face it…

When you’ve had a long day at work, all you want to do is chill. Turning off Netflix to and going to a hot, sweaty place full of treadmills is hard. We get it.

But here’s the thing, your diet goals don’t care about your long day at work. Frankly, they don’t care about Netflix either. Your fitness plan might include cheat days but it definitely doesn’t include cheat weeks, let alone cheat months!

You know that you need to go to the gym, but you don’t want to.

So, what’s the ultimate solution to this problem?

It’s actually quite simple. It’s called pre-workout.

Think of it this way…

The typical process for going to the gym is as follows:

1. Summon willpower to turn off Netflix/Youtube/Buzzfeed

2. Go to gym

The problem with the mentioned process is the “summon willpower” part. You might be able to do it one or twice, but eventually you just want to give in to the relaxing temptation that is the internet. Again, we get it.

What if the process included something that took willpower out of the equation?

1. Drink delicious candy-like blue liquid

2. Wait 30-minutes until you start feeling like you want to jump off your couch

3. Head to the gym because with this level of energy, anything else would just be way too boring

Seriously, the process mentioned above is accurate.

Without any sort of jolt of energy, going to the gym is an arduous task. You have to summon every inch of willpower your body has to offer and even then, sometimes it’s not enough. But with the right pre-workout you will want to go to the gym.

Here’s the logic of using pre-workout:

Instead of having to convince yourself to go to the gym…

You simply have to convince yourself to drink a delicious substance.

After 30 minutes, going to the gym will be only thing you want to do.

Now, there’s a lot of pre-workout supplements out there. We have our favorite. It’s called C4 by Cellucor.

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