The 3 Best Workouts You Can Do To Get Bigger

The 3 Best Workouts You Can Do To Get Bigger


These 3 Workouts Will Actually Make You Bigger

For a lot of us, increasing in size has always been a seemingly impossible task. Society has labeled us as “hard-gainers. “Eat,” they told us, and you will get there. While that does hold some merit, it is only half of what you should be doing. Your number one goal before anything else is to take care of yourself. Before training, make sure to always have a first-aid kit (read more here)  handy so that you are prepared for any potential injuries ahead.

If you are trying to increase your mass, you need to implement compound exercises. These are the best workouts that will increase your size, testosterone levels, and ultimately help you get one step closer to your goals.

Exercise #1: Squats

Squats were Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bread and butter. They were his go to. Why? Because they worked.

This compound movement builds muscles in your entire body, not just your legs. As you continue to rep out squats, they create an anabolic environment within your body, allowing all your muscles to grow at a faster pace.

When you squat, not only will your legs grow, but be prepared to see immense growth in your back, butt, and a tightened abdominal section.

Exercise #2: Deadlifts

Deadlifts are the signature workout. They are one of, if not the best workouts out there. You pick up a heavy weight and you put it down. Sounds so simple, however the benefits of this exercise are endless. Just like squats, deadlifts work multiple muscles. On top of that, you get better posture, burn more fat, and most importantly you gain considerable mass.

Exercise #3: Bench Press

Yes, having a big puffy chest is nice, but the benefits go beyond that. Bench press gives your body the size you are looking for in the front of your body. Benching also helps your overall push strength too. So the next time someone sizes you up, you’ll be confident to know that your first push may send him the distance. Overall, bench press completes the trifecta, and if done right, will bring you the mass you are eagerly looking for.

We like to call these workouts “The Big 3″ because of the power and strength they give you.

So what exactly do these compound exercises do for you?

#1 Build Testosterone

This is the golden nugget for males. Compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench press help increase testosterone more than any other workout. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for making your muscles grow. As you continue to go through these compound exercises, it is crucial to continually increase resistance and repetition in order to stimulate growth.

#2 Core Strength

These compound exercises are designed to increase your core strength which is something smaller individuals usually lack. As the core continues to strengthen, the rest of the body is able to grow at a faster rate. Having a strong core essentially allows you to speed up the growth process.

# 3 Muscle Mass

Finally, muscle mass emerges as a result of increased core strength and testosterone production due to these compound movements. You can do all sorts of workouts that will increase testosterone production and core strength but none will match the output that the big 3 compound movements will give you. These are by far the best workouts.

Overall, “The Big 3” will bring you the mass you desire. It is up to you to be consistent with your workouts and to make sure you maximize your input to receive maximum output.

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