Healthy Recipes & Nutrition On Instagram

Top 10 Accounts To Find Healthy Recipes On Instagram


Healthy recipes have taken over Instagram and we love it!

The great thing about finding healthy recipes on Instagram is that they are quick and easy to digest – pun intended!

We’ve put together the 10 best Instagram accounts with healthy recipes and nutritional information.

Enjoy the list… and the food!


#10: BOSH!

Plant based cooking. That’s right, this is one of the very few plant based cooking pages on all of Instagram. With absolutely delicious and nutritious treats, this page will have you hungry and waiting for more.

Our favourite dish on the page has to be the Hearty Chickpea Curry.

Check out their page at @bosh

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#9: Nutrition

With the most simplistic and elegant name on Instagram, this page has the most beautiful lay out on Instagram.

This page discusses nutrition from the healthy foods to the junk foods.

Consider them an food encyclopedia on Instagram.

Follow them at @nutrition

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#8: Delicious Video Foods

With fully detailed videos demonstrating how to make delicious foods, this is one page you can’t ignore.

We love their demonstration on how to make steak quesadillas

Oh and one more thing, they never have ads!

Be sure to visit them at @deliciousfoodvideos


#7: Fitness Recipes

This page takes the most beautiful pictures from their homemade creations and turns them into works of art.

They provide top notch recipes to stay healthy and active while still enjoying a great taste.

Follow them at @fitness_recipes


#6: Healthy Food Videos

Well first thing’s first. Make sure you check out their e-book on fantastic recipes that you can into your own delicious reality.

This instagram page is jam packed with 450 recipes to choose from.

Check out their page at @healthyfoodvideos


#5: Delicious Fitness Meals

It’s hard to tell which one they decided to focus on first, taste or health? Mainly because they have been able to incorporate both so well.

Please check out their recipe for “Healthy Peanut Butter Gronala.” We made it here at Influence Digest’s kitchen and we truly love it!

Follow them for more amazing recipes at @deliciousfitnessmeals


#4: Video Meals

In less than 30 seconds, a beautiful, healthy (most of the time), dish is prepared with full instructions below in the text.

If you enjoy a pleasant Australian accent teaching you how to cook amazing food, then this page is right for you!

Check out their page at @videomeals


#3: Hangry For Health

This page takes the most unique combinations and turns them into delicious meals that you would never expect!

From beet burgers all the way to chocolate on oranges, this page will never seize to amaze you.

Oh and if you love avocados, this is the place to go.

Check out their page at @hangryforhealth


#2: Healthy Minute Meals

Their bio says it all: “Healthy Recipes for Healthy People”

These are quick, simple and delicious recipes that are designed to make you feel proud and empowered about your eating habits.

Follow them at @healthyminutemeals


#1:Fitness Meals

Are you a meal prepper? Are you looking to reach that ideal physique?

This page has everything you need to reach your fitness goals through diet and dedication.

Be sure to check them out at @fitness_meals

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 10 Accounts To Find Healthy Recipes On Instagram!

The rankings are based on followers of Instagram accounts with Healthy Recipes!

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