Top 10 Healthy Food Chefs On Social Media

Top 10 Healthy Food Chefs On Social Media


Healthy Food Chefs On Social Media

These healthy food chefs are making healthy food fun again.

Thousands and thousands of people are obsessed with the meals cooked up by these healthy food chefs.

We’ve searched all over social media to find the best social media chefs when it comes to healthy food.

Enjoy the list… and the healthy food!

#10: Alex – The Food Grinder

Are you looking for quick easy cooking without any hassle? Well this is the right page for you!

Alex has made cooking easy with simple recipes using simple ingredients that taste delicious!

You will love them all.

Check out his website at

#9: Kate Webster

It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to cook and eat the foods of the season.

Kate has made that reality much easier for us!

The author of her very own cookbook, and a talented photographer, Kate has accomplished a lot!

Visit her website at

#8: Jeanine Donofrio

Jeanine is the author of the love and lemons cookbook!

Her vegetarian recipes will blow your mind! They are so delicious that you will keep making more and more!

Visit her website at

#7: Olivia Ku

Olivia belives in the beauty of truly loving yourself. When you can do that, great things will happen to you.

Not only does she make delicious wholesome food but she is an avid traveller too!

Keep up to date with Olivia on her website:

#6: Diana Keuilian

If you are into the Keto lifestyle then Diana may be the chef for you! Her low-carb, high-fat home cooking is the perfect mix of creative and delicious .

We absolutely crave her “Bunless Burger” recipe!

To find that recipe and more, visit her website at

#5: Vered DeLeeuw

We know it can get boring being on a low carb diet getting that summer bod ready, and how hard it can be to see baked goods everywhere right after deciding to cut out gluten for cutting season (or any other reason, for that matter).

Healthy Recipes Blog makes it easier with satisfying recipes that can trick your body into thinking you’re eating something indulgent, when you’re really eating something much better for your body all while enjoying it just as much.

We know this sounds like wishful thinking, so instead of gushing on about how amazing it is, we’ll let you check it out yourself:

#4: Lee Hersh

Do you ever feel underwhelmed by the same old prepped meals you’ve been making yourself, choosing boring and healthy over the food that appeals to you?

Well stop it! Fit Foodie Finds has tons of recipes that are clean and appealing, providing that punch of flavor without the guilt afterwards.

There are even meals dedicated to meal-prep, for those of you worried about time.

Click! Love it! Subscribe! Thanks us later!

#3: Teresa Cutter

It’s no mystery what Teresa Cutter is all about based on the name of her website – she’s all about food and drinks that are good for your health!

She loves food and fitness, and blends the two together into a nice package we know as: The Healthy Chef

She stands out from the rest because of her line of products, including protein, superfoods, matcha tea, and a whole lot more.

We urge you to check her out if your health is important to you.

Here it is:

#2: Jean-Philippe – The Buddhist Chef

Good news for all you vegans and animal-lovers out there! We’ve found a chef to match your values and your dietary needs, which is great because we need to stick together in order to stop animal cruelty.

Jean-Philippe is a classically trained chef, specializing in vegan and cruelty-free recipes.

Not only can Jean-Philippe make any dish vegan, but he makes them vegan AND delicious, a combination that doesn’t always go together (unless you’re following one of these recipes.

Challenge your preconceptions:

#1: Gina Homolka

Whatever your dietary needs, Gina has you covered.

She’s included a recipe key for those of you who need food that is vegetarian, kid friendly, ready in 30 minutes or less, or low carb, and more, so there’s something for everyone.

Her recipes are healthy and are intended for the whole family, as she has one of her own and knows how to cater to the needs of a diverse age range.

Check out her recipes:

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 10 Healthy Food Chefs On Social Media!

The rankings are based on the social media following of healthy food chefs.

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