Top 20 Body Transformation Videos On YouTube

Top 20 Body Transformation Videos On YouTube


Body Transformation Videos On YouTube

If you’re looking for fitness motivation, these incredible body transformation videos will inspire you.

These incredible people have found the drive and dedication to accomplish an amazing body transformation. Beyond that, they’ve shared their accomplishment with the world.

Collectively, their videos have inspired millions and millions of people. Check out these videos and get started on your own body transformation, and don’t forget about music, which is an essential factor that helps you with motivation. Consider DG Athlete as one of the best options for you.

#20 Brandon Carter Transformation Challenge 73,339 views


What began as a transformation challenge has turned into a video that has motivated thousands around the world.

“You gotta decide who exactly you want to be and who you will never be again”

This video is the perfect motivation for your fitness journey.



Alvina is an inspiration to all of us. She lost 134 pounds through her ketogenic journey.

If you are struggling right now, watch this video and truly believe that anything is possible in this world.



This man set on a four month journey to transform his body for a competition on a vegan diet.

Brian noted that it was all about executing day in and day out, regardless of how he felt, it was only about that execution.

#17 Amazing 90 Day Body Transformation with Christian Guzman: Fitness & Aesthetic Motivation 385,581 views


From a heavy bulking phase, Bryan began his 90 challenge to lean out his body. He counted every macro, he excluded cheat meals and in the end, he was greatly rewarded for his efforts.

#16 Natural Body Transformation Mo Samuels | Journey to aesthetics motivation 467,674 views


Mo’s journey wasn’t the usual route of skinny to muscular. Throughout his journey he endured illnesses that deemed him incapable to walk.

After trial and error, Mo finally said enough was enough and decided to take control of his life.

He soon brought himself from a frail human to an aesthetic star. We salute you, Mo!

#15 8 Months Body Transformation Fat to Ripped | Before & After 530,838 views


It doesn’t matter where you start. It really doesn’t! What matters is how much work you are willing to put in everyday to achieve your dreams.

The motivation will leave you and the determination is what will save you.

This gentleman lost 40 pounds in 8 months, and guess what? You can too!



Consistency. Taking 1 step towards your goal every single day will get you to where you want to be.

Jordan’s amazing journey from an overweight man to a shredded piece of art represents consistency.

Instead, he used it to motivate himself and has now become a YouTube star that people love to watch.

#13 18 Year OLD | ALL Natural INSANE Teen Body Transformation | Skinny to Muscular | Motivational ! 797,490 views


All the way from Islamabad Pakistan, Shanzarr was once a super skinny young boy but he did not let that stop him from reaching his goals.

#12 MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY – FITNESS MOTIVATION – From chubby to fit 826,435 views


Sophia grew up in a small village just south of Bavaria with a relatively pleasant life. It was not until her teenage years where she began to realize that she was no longer comfortable in her skin.

Instead of hiding from her fears, she decided to tackle them head on! Today, Sophia is a workout guru who gives great tips and tricks through her YouTube page.

#11 My 140lb Youtube Transformation | Weightloss Motivation | 312lbs – 172lbs 823,105 views


Danny went from clinically obese into a fitness star. His journey is motivational and inspiring to anyone and everyone.

His refreshing personality is a major reason why you should always stay happy during the journey and not to wait for the destination.

#10 Incredible Bodyweight 4 YEARS Transformation – CALISTHENICS (POLAND) 1,189,310 views


Weights aren’t the only way to transform your body. All the way from Poland, Kura took on calisthenics to recreate himself.

He went from a small boy with a big heart to a strong man with an even bigger heart.

#9 AMAZING WOMAN body TRANSFORMATION Freeletics, BBG to Gym MUSCULATION ! 1,592,991 views

Clem was not happy with her body, so you know what? She DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

She didn’t just limit her workouts to the gym, she exercised wherever she could. Whether it be home, a playground, or the gym, Clem was always putting in that work!



An 8 year transformation that turned Mica’s life around was worth every minute!

What began as a desire to be greater turned into the habit of greatness.

#7 16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation! 15-16 (MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Gym/Weights 1,852,172 views


In only 1 year, Browney took himself from a young boy to a statement of perseverance and dedication!

Browney has only begun his journey and the future is looking so bright for him.

#6 Connor Murphy Natural Body Transformation 2,104,585 views


Connor knew he wanted to be great from a young age and began putting in that effort before he was even allowed to be in a weight room!

Along the journey, Connor hit plateaus but he did not let that stop him. He broke through and transformed his body into the beast he is today!

#5 Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation 2,620,641 views


What a truly inspirational story. By the age of 20, Hannah was consuming cigarettes, alcohol, Adderall, and caffeine on a regular basis.

It came down to one day where she decided enough was enough!

She took control of her life, and today she is a health and fitness guru who is helping many others on their journey to a healthy life!

#4 Brendan Meyers | 6 Year Workout TRANSFORMATION 2,797,868 views


“Dear hard work, because of you, I was lost but now I have found.” These are the words Brendan spoke at the beginning of this video and it struck us to the core.

Brendan was told he would always stay skinny but he fought through. He was told he wouldn’t make it but he did.

Brendan believed in himself, and you can too.

#3 My 1 year body transformation Calisthenics 6,861,109 views


This man use calisthenics to transform his body. There were doubters along the way. There were haters.

He ignored and he persevered. Today he can stand on the podium and believe that his hard work truly amounted to something value.



In 18 weeks Julian turned his life around. He set out on a mission to become something great, and that is something that he achieved.

After being weak for so long, Julian worked hard to be strong. After 18 weeks, Julian looked himself in the mirror and realized that the hard work finally paid off.

#1 David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17 21,150,892 views


David is the aesthetic guru. His hard work and dedication will help take you on a journey you will never forget.

Each one of his videos promote positivity, hard work, and happiness; something we can all achieve if we put our minds to it.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 20 Body Transformation Videos On YouTube!

The ranking for body transformation videos were based on YouTube videos views as of May 5th, 2017.

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