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Top 20 Fitness Apparel Brands On Instagram


Brands Like Gym Shark: These Fitness apparel Brands are a match made in heaven

The great thing about fitness apparel on Instagram is that you can admire it and then own it at the click of a button. It goes without saying that the following fitness apparel companies are the best on Instagram and perhaps the industry.

Here’s a great guide about getting started with fashion.

Enjoy the list!

#20: Ten Thousand Gear

#betterthanyesterday shows the power behind this company

Their apparel is designed for the male athlete looking to surpass barriers with strength and confidence in his life.

Bonus perk: Free shipping on all orders.

Follow them on Instagram @tenthousandgear

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#19: Doyoueven

This company has unique styles designed.

Their vision has always been to create unique performance wear that not only feels great on, but motivates and inspires the athlete within.

Follow them on Instagram @doyoueven

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#18: Wear It To Heart

These bold and fashion forward styles will take your breath away. We personally love their camo looks.

Check out their cool blog on their website for awesome tips.

Follow them on Instagram @wearittoheart

#17: EYSOM

Designed to exercise the state of mind.

EYSOM makes refined and handcraft activewear that fit and feel great on.

This company has paired style and functionality while also being sustainable and 100% made in Los Angeles.

Our favorite item in their store are the 5″ and 8″ Training Shorts.

Keep an eye for them, they are growing quick!

Follow them on Instagram @eysommenswear

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#16: Rhone Apparel

A brand exclusively for men that creates eco-friendly apparel

The ideology behind the brand is to push ourselves and those around us a little further towards greatness everyday.

Our personal favorite item is the “Element-Tee Camo”

Follow them on Instagram @rhoneapparel

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#15: Brazil Wear

This apparel company is designed for women who “dare to feel bare.”

Their motto is empowering to women all over the world and rightfully so!

Brazil Wear’s leggings range from elegant and simplistic to daring and creative.

Follow them on Instagram @brazilwear

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#14: Heroine Sport

Heroine Sport is an authentic hybrid activewear company that makes their apparel locally in the United States.

While Heroine Sport apparel are designed for females, they also have a very fashionable and luxury men’s line through @herosportofficial

Our personal favourite item in their store definitely has to be the “Tread Leggings.”

Follow them on Instagram @heroinesport

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#13: Karma Athletics

Straight out of BC Canada (Lululemon once began in Canada).

This company has created fashion forward activewear for those who engage in yoga, runs, and everyday fitness.

They have an absolutely dazzling website.

Follow them on Instagram @karma_athletics

#12: Vimmia

Designed for high performance and bringing forth the mind muscle connection. This fitness apparel brand is unique and we love it.

Vimmia has allowed the mind to connect with body through their unique fitness apparel.

Follow them on Instagram @vimmia_active

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#11: Muscle Club

This company caters to men and women by providing apparel, accessories and sponsorship to athletes.

Muscle Club is renown for their exceptional customer service, so you don’t have to worry about anything when getting your apparel from them!

Follow them on Instagram @muscleclub

#10: Squats Fitness Apparel

The name says it all.

They’ve built a massive following simply by advertising their customers on their Instagram page.

This growing company is said to have the most comfortable apparel according to some fans.

Follow them on Instagram @squats_fitness_apparel

#9: Michi

Beginning as just a sportswear company, Michi has grown in almost all facets of apparel!

This NYC company that began in just 2010 has grown enormously since.

We are a big fan of their Spring 2017 look book! Go check it out on their website.

Follow them on Instagram @michi_ny

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#8: P.E. Nation

This company has made the perfect active wear for the urban lifestyle.

Their unique clothing line has started to expand into shoes and gym bags.

Two thumbs up for P.E. Nation!

Follow them on Instagram @p.e.nation

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#7: Varley

With headquarters in London & Los Angeles, this company is on a mission to be the innovative leader in fitness apparel.

They have patented technology in proprietary fabrics that are exclusively offered to enhance every movement.

Follow them on Instagram @varley

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#6: Koral Active Wear

This beautiful women’s active wear company has started to take the internet by storm.

The new Spring 2017 line is so trendy.

To all the females looking to mix fashion and fitness, this is the place to go!

Follow them on Instagram @koralactivewear

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#5: Gym Topz

This cool innovative brand has so many different styles to choose from!

The lay out on their Instagram feed is truly beautiful.

Follow them on Instagram @gymtopz_vzla

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#4: RYU Apparel

Just the name sounds motivating!

Not only do they sell high-end apparel that is designed with premium quality materials, but they have trainer programs too!

Best part is… they ship worldwide!

#3: Squat Wolf

Squat Wolf is a premium athletic wear brand that began in the UAE.

Two professionals set out on a journey to revolutionize the fitness industry with high-quality products and transparent service.

Today their dream has come true as this business is thriving and providing value worldwide.

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#2: Alphalete

With an inspiring motto pushing individuals to dream more, do more, and be more, this company has risen to the top of social media fitness apparel companies.

Their Instagram page is full of high quality images that may just motivate you to pick up some weights and get to work.

Follow them on Instagram @alphalete

#1: Gym Shark

Ah, the famous Gym Shark. What an incredible story they have! From starting from the bottom (literally) to over 1.2 million followers.

They have it all, from tank tops, leggings, sweaters, you name it!

According to, the company has quickly become one of the best activewear brands in women’s fashion, creating high-performance workout clothes for all types of athletes.

Gym Shark is has become a great representation of what a good idea and hard work merged together can result in!

Follow them on Instagram @gymshark

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The rankings are based on followers of modern fitness apparel companies.

We hope you enjoyed our list of The Top Fitness Apparel Brands on Instagram!

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