Top 20 Online Fitness Coaches and Workout Trainers

Top 20 Online Fitness Coaches & Workout Trainers


Online fitness coaches and workout trainers have taken over social media!

The social media health and wellness trend is the best thing that has happened to the internet and these online fitness coaches deserve all the credit!

We looked far and wide to find the best online fitness coaches and workout trainers. Here are 20 that you should be following and considering for your next body transformation and, If you’re totally new to the fitness world, here’s how you can build muscle fast and naturally.

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#20: Rachel Vera

The NPC Bikini Competitor has inspired so many across the globe. Her enjoyable and effective workouts are what help her and so many others stay in great shape!

You may also know her as “Russian Muscle.”

Follow her at

#19: Lucy Sewell

Lucy truly understands where you are coming from. Having suffered from an eating disorder and compulsive eating habits as a teenager, Lucy has transformed her life and many others around her.

Stay true to yourself, take care of yourself, and have self-compassion. These are the themes that resonate with Lucy.

She has inspired and coached the lives of so many.

Follow her at

#18: Greg Vong

Greg is a bodybuilding and physique master. His aesthetics are unprecedented, seriously!

He has a knack with his fitness equipment and any fitness freak can follow him for the workout inspirations.

Greg is also a fulfilling coach who has helped so many on their journey to reaching their ideal physique.

Follow him on Facebook at

#17: Jaques Fagan

Discipline. Determination. Dedication

Jaques is a bodybuilding guru who is also an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and cover model.

His Lean Maintenance Combo Pack is exactly what you are looking for to get shredded this summer.

We support you Jaques!

Follow him at

#16: Laura Leeson

Laura has been through the competitions. She understands what it takes to stand up on the podium and present yourself.

She has multiple programs designed to help you reach your goals all the way from “Competition Prep” to a “Booty Building Program.”

Be sure to check out her stuff


#15: Ryan John Baptiste

This IFFB Pro has programs for everyone, regardless of gender, size, training goals, or targets.  

From personalized training plans, to food plans, to supplement guides, to online support, Ryan John Baptiste has got you covered on your fitness journey, and his app will follow along the way, for easy access.

Here he is:



#14: Anna Virmajoki

Anna is a bikini model who has taken her fitness to new heights.

Her Instagram posts inspire her followers to take massive action to succeed and win in their lives.

Learn more about Anna at

#13: Micquel Wright

Micquel is a fitness and bodybuilding beast! His book “Monster Traps” is game changing and can really help you optimize your performance in the shoulders department.

Micquel’s video’s are full of useful information that help you on your fitness journey.

To learn more, follow

#12: Sally Matterson

Ever heard of the Extreme Shredder? Those are the revolutionary training systems made by Matterson herself.

She’s been seen on Shark Tank Australia as well as several fitness magazines.

If you’re a fan of scientific, sensible and non-BS methods, check out her website.

Here it is:

#11: Mike Vacanti

Starting in the corporate life and switching to the fitness life, Mike has drastically turned his life around.

Mike is an in-person and online trainer who is here to make your life better.

He says  “I’m here to serve you and make your life better.”

Follow him online at

#10: Tasha Star

This CBBF Bikini medalist is worth a follow for daily fitness and nutrition motivation.  

She shares some of the meals she cooks as well as her Hammer Fitness clients’ transformation pictures, as well as some examples of workouts she can be seen doing at the gym to get her ripped physique.

Check out her Instagram:


#9: Michael S. Parker

Michael is the founder and owner of Forge Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. Forge’s highly certified team of trainers and dieticians provides immersive custom fitness and nutrition coaching to individuals all over the world.

He says, “We must work to be the best version of ourselves in habit, exercise, nutrition, and attitude every day.”

Remake yourself with one-on-one virtual personal fitness and nutrition coaching at



#8: Amy Suzanne

As a mom of 2, Amy has proven that any goal is attainable if you chase after it.

Amy offers Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for women, including personalized meal plans and macro counting plans to help reach one’s fitness goals.

Her testimonials are no joke, as the women she’s helped are extremely satisfied with their results.

Here’s some proof:

#7: Carriejune Anne Bowlby

She’s only 4”10 but she’s dubbed herself the mini beast.

Ambassador for Primeval Labs, Carriejune takes fitness seriously.

Her progress photos on Instagram are great motivation and proof that hard work takes time but seriously pays off.

Check out her Instagram:


#6: Katie Crewe

Katie has a whole ton of useful information on her site from carb cycling to fitness and training advice and instructions to healthy recipes.

Crewe is a nutritionist and she puts her skills to good use with her customized diet and lifestyle plan services. Not only does she make these services custom, but she checks in with you as accountability so you really do stick to the plan.

We encourage you to check her out:

#5: Natu Myers

Natu is a software engineer and bodybuilder. His attention to detail in the books has transitioned flawlessly into the weight room.

If you are looking to clean up your diet and develop to that next level, then Natu is the guy to take you there.

Follow him here:

#4: Ryan Spiteri

Spiteri offers articles, recipes, and fitness plans on his website, so even if you’re not looking to drop $$$, there’s still stuff on his site

His success stories are unbeatable, as you can see the numerous transformations, all credited to his fitness plans, online.

The hype is real, as Ryan Spiteri’s plans are no joke.

Go check him out:

#3: Angie Marie

For Angie, empowering women and helping them transform their minds and bodies is her biggest goal.

And it shows from the incredible transformations she shares from her VIP coaching and lifestyle Programs.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Angie has accomplished quite a bit. She is an IFBB Bikini Pro and has helped countless individuals transform their mindsets and bodies.

Begin your transformation at

#2: Michael Morelli

Michael’s dedication to his clients is what makes him hands down the trust-worthiest trainer/coach we’ve seen yet.

His new book “Sweet Potato Diet” is revolutionary, and we really urge you to check it out.

If you’ve ever seen Morelli on Snapchat you know he’s all about family, and he treats his loyal followers like his own.

Check out his customized plans and his supplements at


#1: Max Philisaire

Men want to be him and women want to be with him, and no, we’re not talking about James Bond, we’re talking about Max the Body.

Max is one of the best trainers out there – even celebs trust this guy with their fitness

Who can blame them? Have you seen his Instagram photos? His dedication pays off, as he is the definition of shredded.

Check out his plans:

We hope you’ve enjoyed online fitness coaches and workout trainers have taken over social media!

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