Canada’s Top Productivity Hacker: Angela Su



Name: Angela Su

Hometown: Scarborough

Education: Queen’s University

Born: September 18, 1994

Occupation: Associate Producer for Toronto Maple Leafs


Can you give a little insight on your occupation?


I’m an associate producer for the Toronto Maple Leafs running a few productions on the network. I work with talented individuals on:

  • BWW XL
  • LTV Throwback
  • TML Classics

What kind of tasks do you take on?

  • I write the scripts.
  • Book the shooters.
  • Book the talents.
  • Essentially, I run the production.


You clearly have an intense schedule, what kind of productivity tools do you use?


There is something about writing things down that resonates with me more than typing.


Run us through your mornings:

  1. Wake up at 6:50am
  2. Get to office at 9:00am
  3. Grab a coffee
  4. Check my emails (go to meetings)
  5. Lunch meetings (if necessary)
  6. Head to a shoot
  7. Orchestrate the shoot

When you graduated, did you expect this kind of lifestyle?

Yes & No.

I always wanted to work in sports media. After all the networking and gaining an understanding of the industry, I realized that sports media wasn’t going to be a 9-5 job.

It was going to be much more than that.


Basketball is your main sport, how was the transition to hockey?

It wasn’t until university that I transitioned into hockey. Queen’s University definitely has a strong hockey culture.

It wasn’t until my 3rd year of university that I started taking initiative. I emailed several coaches at Queen’s looking to get involved and luckily, the Queen’s men’s hockey coach got back to me. He allowed me to help out the team with media related projects.

That was my first big step into the hockey culture. After that, I gained some experience working with the Kingston Frontenac’s and eventually landed my position at MLSE.


What advice would you give to a female who wants to go into sports media?


Just be yourself.

I used to make 5 phone calls per day to anyone and everyone who could help me get one step closer to achieving my goals. I would even buy calling- cards to get in touch with organizations overseas.

“It’s about putting yourself out there and take chances” – Angela Su


What separates the average from the explementary?

Most people just take the traditional route of handing out a resume and following up with a phone call.

The people who differentiate themselves are the ones who make it further in life. Small things like writing a personalized thank you card can really make a difference.


Does coffee help your productivity?


Whether it’s placebo or not, coffee has helped quite a bit.

Starting my day off with a coffee gives me energy and happiness.


With your busy days, how do you get enough sleep?

I value my health above everything.

For example, if I do work until 2:00am, and still need to come into the office for 9:00am. I would make sure to leave the office earlier so that I can get a good night’s rest.

6 hours is my magic number.


Where do yourself in the upcoming years?

I would like to continue growing with MLSE.

The next step for me is to become a full producer.


Pick one of these terms: passion, discipline, motivation


What drives me to do what I do is passion. You can be motivated for a day, but if you don’t have the passion, you’re not going to go through with it long term.

Who has been with you from the start?

My mom.

She has never told me that things are not achievable. I come from a low-income family and having her support me as opposed to suggesting that I take a safe job like a lawyer or doctor has had a tremendous effect on my life.

Sanaria, Samantha, Rachel, Breanna, Jessica, Joanna, and Leanne.

They have been nothing but the most supportive of friends to me. When things go down, they keep me going.

At one point I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get the job I wanted, they would be the ones who encouraged me to keep following my passions no matter what.


Do you have any unique habits that optimize your day?

Every morning, when I am getting ready, I listen to motivational speeches.

I listen to speeches by Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, and Will Smith. Even if I’ve heard them before, I listen to them again and again. The more I listen to them, the more they resonate with me internally.

Thank you, from Influence Digest!

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