Canada’s Top Productivity Hacker: Johnathan Holland



Name: Johnathan Holland

Occupation: Founder of Curexe

Hometown: Kenora, Ontario

Education: Brock University

Tell us about your company.

Banking has been around for a long time. There is an oligopoly that has dominated the industry and because of that, there has been a major lack of innovation.

At Curexe, we help individuals exchange currencies for a fraction of the cost that banks offer.

Whether it’s helping business owners swap currencies or helping large companies pay their employees overseas, we offer better convenience, affordability, and value than banks. Through our services, users can transfer money from the comfort of their homes (something banks don’t allow you to do) and also avoid hidden fees (which banks are notorious for).


Where does your motivation come from?

1) To help my parents retire.

2) To support my country.

I came from a tough past and my parents have always stood by me no matter what the situation was. They were there for me at my lowest points and now it’s my turn to be there for them. I don’t want them to work anymore, I will retire them.

People don’t have enough urgency in Canada. We build a Shopify here and there, but we are unable to do it on a consistent basis. We somehow always fall second place to America. I want to encourage people that we can build billion-dollar companies just like the United States.


What are your working hours like?

16-hour days.

We operate in a highly regulated industry, so, if I am not working ridiculous hours, I can easily miss an opportunity.

What about breaks?

People say you need breaks, I don’t think so. If I watch a movie, I feel groggy and lethargic.

When I work, I feel energized.

If you could go back 5 years, what advice would you give to yourself?

Start right now.  You are an entrepreneur, you should be building something.

How many hours do you sleep per night?

5 hours.

Regardless of when I go to bed, I set a timer for 5 hours and operate on that schedule.

What is your morning routine like?

Step 1: I start with a warm shower and then I turn the water freezing cold to shock my body.

Step 2: I do my meditation. I play Dawn by Arn Anderson 3 times.

Step 3: I use creative visualization to go through the moments that I believe I am going to live through in the future.

What do you visualize about?

1) I visualize myself driving up to my parent’s house in a self-driving Tesla vehicle where I tell my mom and dad that they can retire. I visualize it so vividly that I can get emotional. It’s a powerful feeling to be connected to your vision.

2) I see myself being in a high-end bank boardroom providing incredible amounts of value to everyone.

Did business school prepare you for entrepreneurship?

School is all about learning how to learn.

It wasn’t a waste of 4 years because I was able to make the right connections that I needed to progress. If it wasn’t for Brock University I would have never been introduced to BioLinc, Deborah Rosati, Monster Pitch, The Next 36, DMZ, etc… without it I am nothing.

What are your thoughts on study drugs as productivity enhancers?

I’m not against them but I don’t take them.

I started drinking coffee recently which is new for me.

Who has been with you from the start?

My parents got me through the early days.

If it wasn’t for individuals like Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, and Will Smith through YouTube, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What book would you recommend to boost productivity?

The Laws of Success – Napoleon Hill

Give us your quote.

“Obstacles always bring opportunity to shine” – Johnathan Holland

What advice would you give to a new graduate?

Formal education won’t teach you much. The job market is going to change exponentially.

Go to every single meetup for every future idea that’s known. Talk to people in AI, Blockchain, etc. Shadow the smartest person you know and learn from them.

What are your thoughts on eating healthy/working out?

I usually workout 7 days per week.

I think eating healthy is hugely important – I don’t always do the best job because of my busy schedule, but that’s no excuse.


Is there anything that you want to leave us off with?

There is no reason why you can’t believe that it can’t be you.

Ask yourself: why not me?

Influence Digest & Productivity Planner would like to publically thank Johnathan Holland for taking the time to give us insights into his productive life.


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