Canada’s Top Productivity Hacker: Michael Campanelli



Name: Michael Campanelli

Occupation: Co-Founder of Chillwall AI / Co-Founder Dr. Ian Knowles

Education: International MBA @ University of Ottawa & Lund University

Hometown: Toronto

What is Chillwall AI?

Chillwall AI’s mission is to conquer Boredom!

The purpose is simple: Discover things that you did not know you wanted to do in seconds anywhere in the world.

Chillwall AI helps show what’s happening in the city you live in, but it also goes one step further and predicts what events you are most likely to want to attend.

“Search Less, Live More!”


How many hours do you work per day?

8-10 hours

We are a team of start-up guys, so our days are never defined by specific hours. We are always working but the hours are never set in stone.

 How do you get into focus mode?

1) I have a clear definition of what the task ahead is.

2) I engage best either early in the morning or late at night when it’s quiet. This allows me to avoid distractions.

3) A good cup of coffee.

How would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur?

I am goal-driven and flexible.  

The entrepreneurial world is like a roller coaster. There are going to be highs and lows. Just remember that when you hit the low point,  a high is coming.

You need to have a real belief and passion in what you are doing.

You must believe that this technology that you are creating is going to improve or simplify somebody’s life.


What book would you recommend to someone looking to optimize their productivity?

The Great Rewrite

The future is being written right now. There are more changes being made in the next 5 years than the last 200.

How do you feel about study-drugs to boost productivity?

No, never.

I’ve never tried them so I can’t say too much.

I see it as a downward spiral. In the end, it only masks real gains and inhibits clarity about what you are aiming to achieve.

You’re not always in the playoffs.  

How many hours do you sleep?

6 hours.

I think sleep is important for productivity and should be taken seriously.

Should an entrepreneur stick to the traditional 9-5 work schedule?

Not necessarily.

Just make sure that you are putting in the number of hours necessary.

Obviously, when engaging with clients and prospects it’s best to operate under standard working hours but aside from that, the choice is yours.

Don’t be ashamed to work the hours that work best for you.

What advice can you give to a new entrepreneur entering the field of Artifical Intelligence?

Focus on solving human problems as opposed to creating the best technology.

AI is designed to improve or better a human activity.

Too many people are focussed on what the technology can do as opposed to what the purpose is.

Be purpose driven.

What kind of things do you do to reduce stress?

Outdoor activities and live events.

I believe it’s equally as important to have passions outside of work.

It’s okay to have fun as an entrepreneur. It’s okay to have downtime where you are not thinking about work.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Rock & Electro.

It really ranges from DeadMau5 to U2.

Define the term: entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is not the definition that somebody told you before. You get to define the rules.

“You must be very purposeful and work hard, but you can do it your way.” – Michael Campanelli

Did your MBA prepare you for entrepreneurship?

Yes, 100%.

It brought critical rigor to my thought process and decision-making skills. Translating that same level of rigor into entrepreneurship was very valuable.

What’re more important, long-term or short terms goals?

It’s not A or B.

Short terms goals are important for survival and growth.

Long-term goals are like your guidance.

You need to have a combination of both.

Any finals word to leave us off with?

We are creating the future now.

In today’s era, you can’t enter the game for instant success, you are entering the game for long-term success.

The best entrepreneurs are the ones who are relentless about pursuing their vision and their goal.


Thank you, Michael Campanelli, for taking the time to interview with Influence Digest!

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