20 Fashion Influencers That Will Keep You Looking Fresh All Summer

20 Fashion Influencers That Will Keep You Looking Fresh This Summer


These fashion gurus have spent their whole lives perfecting their sense of fashion and luckily for us, they have decided to share their talents with the world! If you want to look as fresh as ever this summer, these are the influencers to follow!


#20 Desert Mannequin

Anum Bashir, who is known as Desert Mannequin, is a charismatic fashionista from Qatar. Her style is inspired by a mix of Middle Eastern fashion and Western fashion. Anum is a fashion blogger and a stylist who is always evolving her style with changing seasons and trends.


#19 Isaac Likes

Isaac is an emerging talent as a fashion, personal style and travel blogger! He covers almost everything in his blog while also giving a unique perspective of new and upcoming fashion trends! Trust us, his collection is worth watching.


#18 Laura Lilly

Laura Lilly started her blog in 2012. Since then, she has continued to inspire women with unique and innovative styles for all kinds of occasions! Her blog has expanded from Laura’s personal style to travel guides, DIY guides, and beauty products guides! Keep it up Laura!

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#17 Sandra Hagelstam

After studying Fashion Design and Marketing, Sandra’s blog, 5 Inch And Up, shows her love for fashion and high heels. She offers her readers a unique taste of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty and her ways of personalizing those trends.


#16 Alice Zealasko

Alice has been sharing her creativity throughout her blog for over 7 years! Her blog shows her passion for fashion, photography and sartorial life.


#15 Alexandra Stedman

Alexandra is freelance fashion stylist and blogger! Her focus is towards helping her followers get the most bang for their buck! She focuses on affordable yet stylish choices.

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#14 Lorenzo Liverani

Lorenzo is a blogger, fashion expert, and personal stylist. His views about fashion are unique and tasteful! Lorenzo believes that fashion is not about concealing your personality but about expressing it!


#13 Courtney Trop

As her blog says, “Always judging”! Courtney judges the latest fashion trends and styles in a unique way by giving her followers consistent reviews and suggestions about them.


#12 Gizele Oliviera

The latest trends about fashion and lifestyle in Brazil can be found on Gizele’s blog. She is a Brazilian model and a fashion blogger who has documented her journey to the world in a simplistic yet elegant way!


#11 Camille Charriere

Born and raised in Paris, Camille started blogging in 2010. Her blog is a mix of emerging fashion paired with the latest luxury trends. Her unique perspective has given her the opportunities to feature on many magazines and acquire collaborations with the leading brands.

#10 Charlotte Groeneveld

Originally from Netherlands, Charlotte worked with many fashion blogs and fashion companies before she launched The Fashion Guitar. Her work focusses on analyzing emerging trends.



#9 Giovanna Engelbert

Giovanna started her fashion career at the young age of 17. Born and raised in Milan, she has uncanny abilities to meld sophistication and playfulness. Her work is inspired by her deep knowledge and love for modern fashion as well as historical arts.


#8 Gala Gonzalez

A London based fashion designer and a blogger, Gala’s blog is filled with relevant, engaging and consistent content! With consistent new designs and fashion trends, Gala’s blog is one that you need to keep an eye out for!

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#7 Olivia Palermo

Olivia takes her followers on a journey of exploring the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and culture. Her blog is jam packed with the best fashion and travel tips that you need to look sharp this summer!


#6 Mr. Porter

With over 2.5 million monthly visitors on his website, Porter is an award winning men’s stylist. Particularly famous among millennials, Porter provides the best variety of international menswear while also covering fashion trends with brands from all parts of the world.

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#5 Jennifer Grace

Based out of Southern California, Jennifer is a creative fashion designer and stylist. She has collaborated with many luxury brands. Her style is a bold statement. Jennifer’s blog is full of unmatchable creations and collaborations with high-end brands and designers!


#4 Chiara Ferragni

Becoming famous in online communities from her teenage years, Chiara was very clear with what she wanted to do with her life. As a result, her blog “The Blond Salad” became an international sensation. Collaborating with major fashion brands and featuring on multiple magazines covers, Chiara is considered as one of the most influential personalities of the fashion world.


#3 Alexa Chung

Alexa is famous for her unique approach in designing outfits and creating them with classic prints and feminine designs. Starting her career as a designer for various brands, Alexa began designing clothes with a view to create “clothes that people want to wear”.

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#2 Aimee Song

Aimee is a fashion and interior design blogger. Her blog, Song of Style features different varieties of clothes for different occasions and seasons. She has also collaborated with multiple brands to produce masterpieces which have gained worldwide popularity.

A post shared by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on Jun 12, 2017 at 4:54am PDT


#1 Candice Swanepoel

Known for her remarkable work with Victoria’s Secret, Candice is a South African model. Her social media presence and her website both illustrate her unique taste and ways of implementing fashion and new trends into her daily routine. Her followers are always looking for new and upcoming seasonal fashion trends on her website.

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