20 Photographers Who Are Changing The World Through Social Media

20 Photographers Who Are Changing The World Through Social Media

These photographers have dedicated themselves to their craft and have produced the results to prove it. Each photographer among this list represents a certain ideal that they are illustrating to the world. With hard work and dedication, you can turn your passion into a career too.



#20 Janae Shields

Janae Shields started her career long before she inherited her grandfather’s camera. Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, Janae turned her passions into a profession. Her main expertise are in the areas of weddings, newborn and family portraiture.



#19 Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan is a famous Los Angeles based photographer who specializes in still photography. He has mastered the art of lighting and still images which is why his work is so well renown today. He is currently working as a furniture and product designer to complement and enhance his photography.



#18 Ken Kaminseky

Ken started his career working with different companies and magazines as a photographer by providing stunning photos and captivating images. In 2016, Ken took a career shift from traditional photography to specializing in travel. Ken created the company, Discovery Photo Tours, to express his love and passion for traveling and photography.



#17 Scott Rinckenberger

Scott Rinckenberger is an adventurer transformed into a photographer. Based in Seattle, Scott has specialized in capturing images of natural beauty through his adventures. Scott has successfully combined his professional ski career with his successful photography business, to create a unique style of photography.



#16 Richard Bernabe

Working for major companies such as National Geographic, CNN, Time and BBC, Richard Bernabe is an internationally renowned photographer, author and keynote speaker based out of the USA. Richard’s main focus is on wildlife. His work shows his concern about the climate change and endangered species. He specializes in nature, wildlife and travel photography.



#15 Herbet Schroer

Herbert Schroer is a photographer and engineer running an online photography company that is filled with travel images inspiring his followers to travel and explore the world. What began as a hobby through Instagram has blossomed into a beautiful profession.



#14 Sarka Babicka

Sarka is a London based photographer who specializes in mouth-watering food images and breathtaking travel photography! Her techniques in arrangement styles give her a competitive edge in this industry. Her clients range from hotels, travels and tour agencies to social media collaborations with large companies like Suzuki and Land Rover.



#13 Robbie Shone

Robbie Shone is an award winning and an internationally recognized cave photographer. His work procedures and stunning images of the world beneath produce goosebumps to his viewers. His work has been featured in many famous magazines such as National Geographic and Stern. Throughout his career, Robbie has photographed some of the deepest, largest and longest cave systems known to humankind.

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#12 Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi is a photojournalist, filmmaker, and speaker who is dedicated to documenting social and political issues. He is famous for his compelling images of different human conditions around the world Kashi has also given back to society by becoming a mentor to students pursuing careers in photography, journalism and documentary making.

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#11 Sejkko

Sejkko is a fine arts photographer and a doctorate of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. He is a self-proclaimed artist-scientist combo. Sejkko favors minimalism throughout his work. He is currently working on the second chapter of his famous work known as the Lonely Houses.

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#10 Jonnna Lemanska

Joanna Lemanska is a professional photographer, video creator and writer. She specializes in lifestyle, travel and street photography, making use of the digital tools to perfect her images.




#9 Gary Arndt

Gary is an internationally renowned travel photographer and blogger; he has visited all continents and most of the countries around the world. His feed of photos and writings are full of inspiration and motivation. He has won many travel journalism awards and his work has also been published in many famous magazines and travel sites.



#8 Anne Geddes

Based in Australia, Anne’s photography works around the philosophy that every child in the world deserves to be protected, loved and nurtured. Her work is truly inspiring and has motivated many into action. Her images have captured the innocence, purity, and vulnerability of children. Her work is published in many international forums and organizations including the UN Foundations.



#7 Tommy Ton

The photography of Tommy Ton is driven by his extensive knowledge of fashion design and fashion inspirations. He covers the niches of street photography and the imagery of catwalks and fashion shows. His unique sense of styling presentation makes Tommy sought after by industry figures and enthusiasts.

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#6 Joerg Nicht

Joerg is an internationally renowned photographer and is highly sought after due to his expertise in photography. He takes on assignments all around the world and produces breathtaking results. His major clients include BMW, Nissan, HTC, and Lenovo. His work has also been published in major magazines and websites.


#5 Simone Bramante

Simone’s work is highly artistic and visually appealing, he is a professional photographer based in Italy. His images are full of life and are a proof of his unique methods towards using light and props. He has worked in almost 6 continents. Simone is also one of the first Italian photographers to have more than eight hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

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#4 David Guttenfelder

Having 20 years of extensive experience in photojournalism and documentary photographing, David Guttenfelder is an internationally known National Geographic photographer covering a wide range of topics including geopolitical, conflict, and culture. He has won various awards and titles related to photography and has been featured in many magazines and TV channels.



#3 Christoffer Collin

Christoffer Collin’s Instagram feed is never disappointing. He is a professional photographer based in Sweden with the main focus of trying to capture every beautiful image in a deserving way.



#2 Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has dedicated 30 years of his life to contemporary photography, featuring on dozens of book covers and magazines. He started his career as a freelance photographer, then later took a trip to India and began to explore the areas with his camera. In 2004, Steve founded a non-profit in 2004 known as “Imagine Asia”.



#1 Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a well-known photographer, explorer, and author. Burkard’s work is focused on inspiring and making the relationship between human and nature as strong as possible. Capturing stunning images from the farthest lands and never seen before areas, he has explored nature like no other. His vision enables him to work on many global causes and campaigns. He is now a global influencer.

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