20 Talented Artists Who Are Using Social Media To Express Their Work


20 Talented Artists Who Are Using Social Media To Express Their Work

These talented artists have dedicated their lives to their craft and are now using social media as a catalyst to express themselves. Their unique creative process has allowed these artists to differentiate themselves from the rest of the world. These artists are so creative and in the nearest future, our kids would buy assignments online for school history of art homework.  We encourage you to explore their work and use it to boost your own creativity.


#20 Lizzie Gill

Lizzie Gill is a New York based mixed media artist whose work and illustrations cover the American past through areas of human agency, daily routine, and rituals. Her work gives a brief insight of culture and time. Lizzie is the co-founder of Brooklyn Collage Collective.


#19 Michael Kagan

Michael Kagen is a Brooklyn based artist who uses an impasto technique to create portraits of space stations, rockets, and astronauts. Michael is fascinated by space and the machines which have helped humankind in exploration; his art is a doorway to outer space. He has worked with notable characters such as Pharrell Williams.

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#18 Ryan McGinness

Ryan is an expert in typographical drawings. Based in New York, Ryan’s work consistents of drawings and portraits from a combination of unique designs. Ryan has created masterpieces on everyday signage, logos, and iconography.


#17 Alim Smith

Alim Smith has a strong grip on interdisciplinary arts.  His intriguing paintings have been exhibited in various galleries across the East Coast of America. Although Alim is continuously mastering his craft every day, he developed his skills through studying Visual Art, Communicative Art, and Photography for several years. Applying his knowledge and experience with his understanding of others, Alim has created portraits illustrating music, black culture, women, comedy, and much more.

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#16 Toyin Odutola

Toyin creates arts and illustrations using diverse mediums to create paintings and sketches defining various aspects of humankind. She is a contemporary artist and a self-proclaimed “draftswomen”. Her work is exhibited in various institutions and museums around the world today.


#15 Natalya Lobanova

Natalya is a London based artist who makes paintings and sketches of almost everything and on every topic. From illustrations about social causes and issues to creating a perfect humor depiction, Natalya Lobanova keeps the observer involved and engaged in her thoughts and expressions.


#14 Olek

Olek takes you along an ataractic and sedative journey of exploring sexuality and new ways of communication through colors and comprehensive details. Her work digs deep into human nature and the science of culture. She is based in New York and is well-recognized as a crochet and conceptual artist.

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#13 Jill Greenberg

Jill Greenberg is a world renowned artist and a contemporary photographer. She specializes in portraiture. Her art expresses her hyper-realistic approach towards celebrities, the general public, and animals.


#12 Ashley Longshore

Ashely’s art focuses on social issues, romance, human nature and the environment which she displays through her paintings. Her work has received international appreciation and recognition. Follow her on Instagram to learn more.


#11 Anthony Lister

Anthony is a graffiti and street art expert. His work is well recognized across Australia.  He represents his thoughts and ideas through his work in graffiti. Anthony’s Instagram feed is filled with his unique work that will have you amazed and intrigued as to how he comes up with this kind of creativity.

#10 Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas is a photographer and conceptual visual artist whose main focus is on social cultures, race and modern advertising. His passion for black and white photography is evident through his work. Thomas’s work has been published in many international magazines, museums, and galleries across the world.



#9 Kenny Scharf

Kenny is an artist, painter, and performer. Based in Los Angeles, Kenny’s artwork can be explained as: “thought provoking”. He uses specific patterns and techniques to create unique portraits and sculptures. His work is exhibited in many single and joint exhibitions and has attained appreciation from a wide range of audiences.

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#8 Nosego

Nosego’s art is very unique and eye catching. He cleverly manages to fuse the realism of fine arts with vintage pop art. In his paintings, he uses engaging color schemes and eye-popping character depictions.

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#7 Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik is thought to have rediscovered the lost art of the concert posters. He creates a wide range of concert posters using different color schemes and silkscreens. Other than that, you will find his daily photography to be even more unique which can easily be found on his Instagram.

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#6 Jen Stark

Jen Stark, based out of Miami, expresses her creativity using materials such as wood, metal, and paint. She also expresses her creativity through animation to create unique and scientific patterns to showcase the phenomena of replication and infinity. She creates 2D and 3D color sculptures utilizing the technique of layering and her psychedelic depiction of reality. Her work has received international recognition and has been displayed in exhibitions all around the world.

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#5 Daniel Arsham

Daniel is an artist, architect, stage designer and has a film production house known as “Future”. Based in New York, his work has become a playground of structures, art, and architectures. He uses 2D, 3D and 4D illustrations throughout his art. His portraits consist of stairs, eroded walls, and nature. His work has been exhibited on multiple international forums.


#4 Gary Baseman

Through the mediums of painting, performance, and film, Los Angeles based artist, Gary Baseman tries to uncover the “bittersweetness of life”. He covers both light and serious subjects in his artwork utilizing his exceptional imagination and understanding of life. His work ranges from making illustrations for clients like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to creating animation for projects such as Emmy and Bafta.


#3 Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee’s artwork shows his appreciation for cartoons. He creates unique paintings and illustrations to grab his viewer’s attention while also producing thousands of questions in their minds. He is famously known for his distinctive visual style.

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#2 Elena Kalis

Being an underwater photographer, it is difficult to fully interpret how a human feels, behaves and reacts underwater. This is where Elena’s expertise comes into play. Elena photographs the feelings and emotions of humans who are submerged in water.

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#1 Shepard Fairey

Shepard’s art is simply fascinating. Based in Los Angeles, Shepard work consists of a variety of political illustrations and social topics. Whether your social/political views are in line with his or not, it is difficult to ignore his artistry. Each of his illustrations provides a brief insight into the history and culture in his artwork and thought process.

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