When Your Blog Becomes Bigger Than You: 4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Blog’s Success


4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Blog’s Success

With over 77 percent of internet users reading blogs, their popularity has remained steadfast. Today, there are over 512 million blogs online, as more businesses and individuals discover the power of blogging and content marketing to build their brand. With the world rapidly moving towards a predominantly digital age, blogging is fast becoming a crucial part of building a successful personal brand. In addition to being a great source of income, a blog can expand your professional network and provide a platform for sharing your knowledge with others. However, while bloggers tend to focus on launching their blog successfully and garnering traffic, what do you do when it has? Here are a few tips for maintaining the momentum and managing the demands of a thriving blog.

Consider Adding Guest Blogging Or Freelancers To Your Content Rota

As your blog traffic and audience grows, it may help to offer guest postings. Guest posts are typically done for the exposure and are a great way to get well-written content for your blog in exchange for giving younger blogs a bit of publicity. It also helps to introduce a bit of variation on your blog, such as different viewpoints on a topic. To attract high-quality guest bloggers, you want to have clear publication guidelines in place so that even when viewpoints or writers vary, the content remains uniform. Also, be sure to include these guidelines on your blog for any user to peruse, and promote your willingness to work with guest bloggers through your professional network or subscriber list.

Another option is to utilize the service of freelance bloggers or content writers to help you create a steady stream of content and maintain consistency. Research has shown that to keep your blog growing, bloggers must publish  16+ times per month. However, bear in mind that like guest blogging, well-crafted guidelines are needed. Since most freelancers are self-employed, you may also want to consider other forms of business protection, like insurance. For instance, workers’ compensation protects independent contractors in the event of loss of income or injury and reduces the liability burden on your small business or blog. This would also apply to you as a self-employed independent contractor if you held a consulting position for another business entity based on the success your blog has produced.

Pursue Industry Integration With Consulting And Brand Interviews

Many brands are now moving onto industry partnerships with either brands or fellow bloggers. Once your blog has grown substantially, you may become a prime candidate for influencer marketing. In fact, blog influencer has been earmarked as one of the key influencer marketing trends for 2020. Brands love blogs that have carved out an engaged following in a niche market, since they show consumer engagement and are more likely to be tuned into what you recommend on your blog or social media.

Take Your Expertise To Social Media With The Help Of A Collaborative Mini-Series

One of the most used and popular features of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook is their live features. During March alone, users of Instagram Live soared by 70 percent. The instant back and forth communication has proven quite popular with consumers and is a great way to engage with your users beyond your blog. It is also an excellent low-cost platform to launch a blog mini-series or collaborate with other bloggers in your niche.

Whether it is answering your blog readers’ questions or exploring a multi-part topic such as brand building for small businesses, you can use your knowledge to help other users and further establish your credibility as a blogger. Finally, doing such collaboration also increases your viewing audience, since your fellow blogger or industry expert will come with their own following.

Standardize And Automate Your Content And Marketing With Software Tools

To reduce the administrative end of running a successful blog, consider investing in automation tools or software for your blogs, like SEMRush, Tailwind or Sendible. From scheduling promotional posts for new blog content to helping you monitor keyword mentions and plan content, these tools can help you keep productivity high without becoming bogged down by the growing administrative tasks. As a bonus, they also help bloggers improve their social media strategy and can be useful when used in conjunction with other activities such as influencer marketing.

With the success of your blog comes a whole new plane of opportunities for you to explore. While trying to capitalize on these opportunities, you must be careful not to interrupt the progress your blog has made so far. This means choosing openings that fit with your audience, your blog identity and your strategy.

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