6 Style Podcasts That Will Help You Level Up Your Fashion Sense


6 Style Podcasts That Will Help You Level Up Your Fashion Sense

If there was one good thing that came out of 2020, it was the birth of almost 900,000 new podcasts worldwide. This is according to New York-based company Charitable, which also forecasts positive things for the podcast industry moving forward. Luckily, for all the fashion-lovers out there, a big chunk of today’s podcasts are about fashion and style. By discussing beloved trends, questionable fits, and inviting over insider guests, each of these podcasts can help you elevate your fashion understanding, so you can create a style that is your own!

For The Latest and Most Timeless Trends

1. Dressed: The History of Fashion

One of the most renowned fashion podcasts, this series from Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan discusses the history of fashion from all over the world. The series will help you grasp the genesis and metamorphoses of everything from Dandy style to traditional Arab dress. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or confused by the trends cropping up each season, Dressed will help you gain an in-depth understanding of them. Plus, they can help you find a style you best connect with.

2. The SoleSavy Podcast

Sneakers are some of the hottest wardrobe staples for street styles and red carpets. But finding the right sneaker for you isn’t just about wearing what the celebs wear. On the SoleSavy podcast, co-founders Justin and DP are joined by sneakerheads from all walks of life to share their insights and forecasts on both iconic and lesser-known kicks. Whether you’re new or a veteran of the sneaker community, each episode will help you determine which sneakers are worth your time and money.

For The Industry Scoop

3. Fashion Unzipped

Another podcast helmed by fashion editors, Fashion Unzipped is hosted by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton and Emily Cronin. The series tackles trends of the past and the present, with a side of humorous exclusive interviews. This makes it perfect for budding fashionistas hoping to create a style that doesn’t just reflect popular fashion. The Fashion Unzipped podcast can help you steer clear of fads and find timeless fashion gems instead.

4. Sneakernomics

If you’re somebody willing to drop serious cash on what they wear, then add the BBC’s Sneakernomics series to your download list. Instead of just featuring the latest footwear news, this podcast deep-dives into the people, the brands, the techniques, and the materials that truly determine the long-term value of a shoe. So, if you’ve ever fallen victim to overpaying for a trendy item, Sneakernomics will help you become a better-informed sneaker shopper.

For Pop Culture Chats

5. In Vogue

Would it be a fashion podcast list without including one of the biggest tastemakers in history? In Vogue is the iconic magazine’s foray into podcasts, and they currently have two series available. Last year, they released ‘The 1990s’ discussed the decade’s cultural impact on the current fashion. Presently, they’re releasing ‘The 2000s’, which dissects the rapid changes the industry has seen and how that trickles down to consumers. In Vogue discusses everything from the Met Gala to the Celebrity Effect to help listeners better appreciate how our style has evolved.

6. Fashion Victims Podcast

Here’s a podcast that aims to protect you from becoming—you guessed it—a fashion victim. Though the show acknowledges that fashion and style are absolutely subjective, it isn’t afraid to be a little cheeky by talking about overhyped fashions (think J.Lo’s green Versace dress). Hosted by Luke Meagher and Darnell Jamal, this series will shed light on fashion faux pas and how to look beyond the sparkle of celebrity fashion.

Whether you’re bored at home or stuck on a long commute, these podcasts will help you level up your style. Of course, if you’re not much of a podcast fan and prefer to enjoy fashion visually, there are plenty of fashion influencers you can check out. Genuine, warm, and surprisingly relatable, these Influence Digest-approved influencers can help you build a wardrobe that incorporates your personal style with the most current fashion trends.

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