A Classic Man’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Leather Duffle Bag


A Classic Man’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Leather Duffle Bag

So you bought a leather duffle bag, huh? Then you should also know how you can take care of it because leather slowly dries up and cracks also arises if not taken care of, which you probably don’t want. Regular care and maintenance must be done on your leather bags right from the moment you take them out of the box.

Make your duffle bag look great for as long as possible by simply following a few fundamental principles. This article will guide you on how you can take care of your vintage leather duffle bags so it can last for years. 

Why You Should Take Care Of  The Leather 

  • Remember, that leather is merely an animal skin, just like us, which also ought to be cleaned and moisturized to keep it long-lasting.
  • Genuine Leather is a very compelling, and expensive material that has a longer lifespan than other materials. But as strong as leather can be, it still needs to be cared for in order to keep it appealing and durable.
  • Its life span will reduce drastically if the leather is not taken care of properly.

Now we’ll drive into five easy tips in order to keep your vintage leather duffle bag in excellent condition, eternally.

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

The foremost task before you decide to treat and care for leather is how you want your leather duffel bag to look. It always comes down to the taste. Some men enjoy a clean and polished appearance for their bag, while some are okay with blemishes, scratches, and natural wear and tear. 

So, think about what glimpse you desire for your leather duffle bag and next we’ll go through some leather treatment options.

Remove Straps & Accessories: 

Before you start cleaning your bag, remove the straps, keychains, or other accessories so that you can effortlessly clean your duffle bag.

Clean The Leather: 

The next step is to take a clean cotton cloth and rub it smoothly on the leather to wipe out the dirt and stains that are more likely to build upon your leather bag as soon as you take it out of your closet.

After every use, you should clean your duffle bag because leather absorbs the natural oil that builds up on your hand which alters the leather appearance.

To clean the stains and marks inside the bag, mix a few drops of dish wash with and with the help of a sponge rub lightly onto the affected area which will cleanse it without any harm.

Another option for removing food stains and marks is to use chalk powder on the affected area. Apply crushed chalk to the stain and let it sit for a few hours. After that when the chalk powder dries, simply remove it and that’s it you are done.

Condition Leather Bag Regularly:

If you want your vintage duffle bag to look shinier and much more appealing to others then you should condition it from time to time as said above leather can get dried up and cracks can also appear on the surface. Only conditioning can avoid drying up and cracking the surface. Most conditioned leather duffle bags will look darker because of the conditioning process.

Take a clean and soft cloth and apply a dime-sized leather conditioner to it. Begin rubbing the cloth smoothly on the clean leather in a circular motion. Cover the entire surface of the leather to distribute the conditioner equally.

After applying the conditioner, let the leather bag dry naturally for a few more hours to ensure complete drying.

Avoid Rain: 

If you anticipate a rainy day then we would recommend not taking your leather bag out on such days as water and leather are not so good friends. If you get caught on an unexpected rainy day then don’t panic. This situation can be handled too, just act quick and use some newspapers and towels to absorb the moisture out of the leather as much as possible.

Do not rub the leather, only use pressing movements. 

Do not use heat on the leather to dry it quickly as it will ruin the leather. Simply absorb as much water as you can with the towel and newspaper and then fill the bag with dry newspapers to soak any liquid remaining in the bag. 

Avoid Chemicals: 

Leather does not require any artificial chemicals or treatments. It is best to use only products which are specifically designed for leather and if you are not sure then it’s best to avoid any treatments as most of the chemicals can clog the pores of the leather and may damage it permanently. 


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