Affordable Tech Choices for Students

10 Affordable Tech Choices for Students


Affordable Tech Choices for Students

Gadgets have become so integrated into our lives that it is virtually impossible to imagine a world without them. This is the case, especially for students, who might be relying on tech for a number of things, from studying, working, and for entertainment. 

In fact, when a student moves to college, they have an average of five gadgets with them. So, if you are looking for some cool gadgets that are affordable yet durable, here are some options that might interest you. 

1. Power Strips 

Let us start with the most basic requirements. When you have more than two gadgets, the one or two wall outlets available in your dorm room just won’t cut anymore. You will need a power strip that lets you plug in at least three and preferably more. 

The good thing is, there are plenty of choices that let you directly connect USB as well as USB C sockets. When buying one, look for lengthy cables that will prevent you from having to hug the wall. You can buy power strips from online shops for $15 to $50. 

2. Laptops 

A laptop is perhaps the one unavoidable gadget for students. Most of the schoolwork, right from note-taking to assignments, is handled online these days. You can even find academic help from platforms like WritePaper from anywhere and at any time with a laptop. However, when it comes to picking the right laptop, things can get tricky, 

If you’re strapped for money, the best way is to think of your requirements. You do not need a 4GB GPU or a high-end processor if you are only going to use your computer for browsing the web and typing up essays. As such, you can buy decent laptops in the range of $300 to $500. 

On the other hand, if you are a gamer or a designer, you might need to splurge a bit more, especially if you want a durable laptop that lasts for more than two years without any issues. 

3. Noise-Reducing Headphones 

It is time for you to upgrade from your typical wired earphones that keep distracting you. Instead, you should invest in a pair of noise-canceling earbuds or headphones, which can make your dorm and college life much easier. 

After all, this way, you can tune out your loud roommate when you are trying to get work done. See, technology indeed has many benefits. Of course, the likes of Bose or Sony will set you back around $300 or more, but you can find a decent pair of headphones on Amazon for less than $100. 

4. USB-Powered Fan 

Chances are, your dorm room doesn’t have an air conditioning system. And with summers getting hotter, you will thank yourself later for thinking about an alternative. Enter the smart, tiny, portable fans that you can charge with a USB. 

Take it anywhere with you, and you do not have to worry about the heat again. While some models can be clipped onto a surface, others come with a stand that you can place on your desk. And these are available for less than $20 on e-commerce sites. 

5. Kindle Paperwhite 

Yes, Kindle has been around for a while, and you might have thought of it as an unnecessary gadget. However, using your computer or phone for reading can hurt your eyes after long hours and make it difficult to sleep. 

Kindle, on the other hand, uses e-ink screens that replicate the look of paper and has become a game-changer for edtech. These are more efficient, lightweight, and will definitely make reading easier on your eyes. If you can get PDF versions of your textbooks for your Kindle, you do not have to lug them around as well. The price of Amazon Kindle comes to about $60 – $80, depending on the provider you choose. 

6. External Hard Drive 

Well, this is an old one that you will find on virtually any list, and still, the relevance of external hard drives has not changed at all. The last thing you want is to lose all your data if some issues arise with your laptop. 

Whether you have only essays or study material for courses that you are taking, it is always better to back them up in an external hard drive. The size of 1TB would be more than enough, and these can be bought in the range of $40 to $50 from Amazon.

External Hard Drive 

7. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock 

Yes, yes, we know that you have an alarm on your phone, but doesn’t it make you absolutely hate waking up? If getting up early in the morning on time is an issue for you, why don’t you try switching things up a bit?

These days, you can find circular lamps that simulate sunrise, making it easier for your eyes to adjust and wake up naturally when it’s dark outside. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is a great choice in this category. It will gradually increase the brightness in your room. You can also snooze it and adjust the intensity of light. Moreover, it also doubles as a bedside lamp at night. You can get it for $50 from Amazon. The latest models even come with an app that lets you track your sleep. 

8. Bluetooth Speaker 

Bluetooth speakers are another must-have affordable gadget for all students. There are plenty of options available online that will cost you only around $25, such as Anker. 

These can be perfect for a gathering, a party, or simply to switch up the ambiance of your dorm. The speakers not only offer a balanced, clear, and loud sound but also have 24-hour battery life. 

9. Fitness Band 

It does not matter whether you take exercise seriously or not; a fitness bank can help track your habits and offer you insight. Students often forget to adopt healthy eating and sleeping habits while in college, and this can be a reminder that you should get some exercise or more sleep. 

While Fitbit is undeniably the biggest name in the industry, it also comes with an expensive price tag. On the other hand, the likes of Mi Bank offer the same functionalities at a far cheaper rate. You can get a Mi Band for as little as $25. It can also monitor your heart rate and track your sleep patterns. 

10. Laptop Stand and Keyboard

Even if you have a desk, that does mean that the arrangement is comfortable for your back. If you tend to spend long hours on your chair using the laptop, you will want to buy a laptop stand with adjustable height. 

This might also demand a keyboard so that it is not difficult for you to type when the laptop screen is set at your eye level. Making this small change will relieve you from neck pain and improve your posture. 

Sturdy laptop stands can be purchased from Amazon for around $25. Bluetooth keyboards are even cheaper, and a good model will cost you around $20. 

To Conclude

So there you have it! Of course, not every student needs all of these tech choices. Pick whatever is comfortable for you. And you might even be able to split the cost of items such as a power strip and Bluetooth speaker with your roommate.

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