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All You Need to Know About Renting Apartment with a Roommate


All You Need to Know About Renting Apartment with a Roommate

Renting a house with a roommate comes with different shades of convenience. You’re expected to share many things, including payments, domestic responsibilities, and setting up meals together. With a user-friendly rental site, such as offering a wide range of top-notch apartments, you can easily get a home suitable for you and your roommate. These tips will help you make the best choice of a roommate and shared apartment. 

Finding a Roommate 

If you’ve spotted a house you’d like to share with another person, it’s time to search for a roommate. Start by chatting with friends and family about the move and likely recommendations. You’d want to find a person you can trust rather than waking up to a total stranger every day. Whether you’re surfing the internet for an ideal match or using match-making services, you’ll come across different individuals. 

Social media platforms and paid websites are useful tools to help you get that preferred person. You should apply the following tips to find the perfect match: 

  • Ask for referrals: Family, friends, alumni groups, or former colleagues could help with this. 
  • Meet in person: It’s always advisable to meet in person and sound out the individual you’ll be living with. Their rental history, lifestyle, and personality will help you decide if you can live with them.
  • Be open about the payment/expenses: Money can be a sticking point, so talk about the rental cost and other expenses that may arise. 
  • Deal breakers: Discuss things you can or can’t tolerate. Along the line, conflict resolution should be worked out. 

Even after getting information on the above, a background check could come in handy as it helps you to rule out any surprises. 

Setting the Rules

Perhaps you’re moving in with a longtime friend or colleague at work. All that familiarity gets out the window when you start living together and discover you do things in different ways. That’s why you need to lay down some rules for each other before moving in. 

Issues like payment for the apartment and maintenance expenses should be discussed. If the rent is due monthly, discuss how to split it or take turns making payments. The following tips should help: 

  • Discuss how to settle utilities 
  • Set guidelines for keeping the house clean 
  • Will groceries be shared or not? 
  • Discuss keeping pets and how to deal with visitors, especially those staying over. 
  • Don’t rule out a written agreement that spells out clear terms. This way, there’s little chance of misinterpretation, and everyone involved has some measure of protection. 

Getting the Ideal Apartment

Getting the ideal property that suits you and your roommate is the next step. Watch out for these features:

Leasing Options

How will the lease be paid? If you choose joint leases, each tenant will be responsible for paying rent on time, repairs, maintenance, and other utilities in the apartment. While joint leases can be affordable, they are often riskier. For example, your roommate may be unable to meet up with their payments or fail to meet up with other expectations. 

In some situations, one of you may decide to leave before the lease expires. That means the remaining tenant will cover the expenses. 

Individual leasing is a better option, especially when you’re not so sure about your roommate. Each individual will be held accountable for their rent, maintenance, and other fees stated in the lease. When they violate any part of the lease, including failing to make payments, you won’t be penalized for their default. One downside here is that you may not decide who takes up the space. 

Unique Features

Some apartments have special features that make them stand out. You might also have unique specifications in mind when searching for an apartment. If the space is furnished, it makes things easier on moving day and will save you money on new furniture and light decor. 

Further, consider the floor plans. Take a tour around to determine if it suits your lifestyle and other preferences. You may be required to share some spaces, including the bathroom, storage area, and kitchen. Also, check the distance between the bedrooms and other features that help to maintain your privacy. 

Putting in the Application

A rental application is part of the process for anyone over 18 years old. Some information will be required from you, including rental history, proof of employment/income, and an application fee. If there’s a property manager, expect them to perform checks on you and your roommate as potential tenants and the information you provide. When applying, ensure that the correct details are filled since either of your applications can be denied. 


These important factors will help you make the best decisions before renting an apartment with another person. Be inquisitive about who you’re renting with, and cover every detail before signing on the dotted lines. 

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