7 Best Places To Take Pictures in Orland

7 Best Places To Take Pictures in Orlando


7 Best Places To Take Pictures in Orlando

Orlando City is a tourist hotspot for a reason, from iconic theme parks to captivating gardens. However, aside from its memorable experiences, many tourists, especially influencers, love visiting the city for its picture-perfect attractions. 

If you’re on a mission to find your next scenic getaway, consider visiting Orlando. Discover below some of the best places to take pictures that elevate your social media presence.

Lake Eola Park

This 23-acre attraction, also known as Orlando’s ‘Top Natural Playground,’ is encircled by a scenic pathway that stretches for nearly a mile. It offers relaxing strolls surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife, complemented by aesthetically-pleasing shops and restaurants. This place also features majestic fountains where couples pose for a romantic photo. 

Aside from the lovely view, Lake Eola Park also provides various activities for visitors. One of the best options is the paddleboat experience. There’s also the famous Walt Disney Amphitheater that hosts concerts and other exciting shows. 

Downtown Winter Park

Downtown Winter Park is the perfect place if you’re looking to achieve a more historic feel in your content. This area is iconic primarily for its stretches of lush greenery, retro-vibe establishments, and public spots that offer many opportunities for that artistic shot. 

Additionally, Winter Park features many tourist attractions, including museums, public parks, and farmers’ markets. This place also features a pleasing boat tour over the warm Atlantic waters. 

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

This hidden gem is an accommodation and recreation complex that captures the essence of iconic boardwalks like those in Atlantic City and Coney Island in New York. It offers energetic and warm exterior designs where influencers can walk and pose for stunning photos. Plus, it offers a vibrant feel that visitors can enjoy both day and night. 

Aside from multiple recreational activities, restaurants, and shops, tourists can also visit nearby attractions. These include EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Kraft Azalea Garden 

If you’re bringing your partner on this trip, the Kraft Azalea Garden is a must-visit for that perfect romantic Instagram photo. This lovely tourist destination features tall cypress trees, Greek pillar monuments, and dense greenery. With over 13 acres of nature, it’s no surprise that many proposals and weddings happen on the property. 

Maitland Art Center

If art, history, and beautiful architecture are in your content direction, you should include the Maitland Art Center on your list. This five-acre property is one of the most historic places in the greater Orlando area. It features four museums that showcase original artwork and important artifacts. 

Plus, it has award-winning historical grounds. In 2014, it garnered the prestigious National Historic Landmark designation for its Mayan Revival Architecture. 

The Maitland Art Center also hosts classes for artists of all media. You can sign up for classes if you live nearby and want to boost your creative skills. Their instructors can help you achieve your personal art goals.

Universal Studios Orlando

Aside from the thrilling theme-park experience, the iconic Universal Studios in Orlando offers an opportunity for influencers to capture their best movie-themed photos. This vibrant tourist destination features attractions with designs from well-known franchises such as Harry Potter, Despicable Me, and The Mummy, to name a few. It also offers different spots for that picture-perfect Instagram shot.

Downtown Orlando

Take the chance to experience and capture the urban setting of Downtown Orlando. This area celebrates art, history, and architecture with scenic establishments and spots perfect for every creative influencer. Besides that, Downtown Orlando offers a diverse mix of culture and recreation, which would all make excellent content for your social media page. 

Tips When Visiting Orlando

If you plan to feature Orlando City in your content, it’s best to come prepared. Here are some of the best ways to ensure a seamless Orlando visit.

Plan ahead

You want to be organized before visiting these destinations. The first step is to research the attractions you want to see. Then, plan an itinerary based on these locations. The key is to map these destinations and prioritize those that are near each other. Doing so will help you save time from traveling, allowing you to arrive early and take as many pictures as possible. Plus, it lets you fully experience these attractions after your photo shoot. 

Lastly, bringing water bottles is vital to staying hydrated and camera-fresh throughout the day, especially if you plan on visiting many attractions. The good news is that amusement parks and other similar places have public water fountains where you can refill. Bringing light travel snacks while touring these places is also a good idea. Some of the best options you can try are beef jerky, trail mix, and protein bars.

Visit at the right time 

Many locals agree that the best time to visit the city is in the spring, particularly from March to May. This period offers pleasant weather that complements visits to amusement parks and beaches, especially since it can get extremely hot during the summer. 

Meanwhile, starting your day early is vital to taking advantage of an attraction’s opening times. It also gives you extra time for unexpected delays or activities. 

Unfortunately, Orlando always hosts many tourists from around the world. You can schedule your visit for weekday mornings because many tourists are likely at school or work. Of course, that would only work if you don’t visit on holidays.

Buy tickets in advance

No one likes long lines at ticket booths. Unfortunately, with many tourists visiting Orlando, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of that in many destinations in the city. The good news is that tickets for amusement parks, shows, museums, and other attractions are all available online. That means you can cut down on time and head straight inside to take beautiful photos and experience the attractions. 

Many ticket providers also offer exclusive discounts and package deals when you purchase from them online. If you catch these special offers, you may save a lot of money on your Orlando visit. Buying online also secures your slot on your preferred date, making this option incredibly helpful because tickets might run out on days with too many visitors. 

Meanwhile, many tourist attractions offer special passes where holders won’t have to wait in line to experience a ride or show. However, these special passes come at a higher price.

Acquire permits if necessary 

Always check if your desired destination mandates photo permits, especially if you plan to use professional equipment. Some tourist attractions in Orlando will require them before allowing photographers to shoot in the area. Acquiring these permits before visiting the location is best to avoid inconveniences hindering your photo shoot. 

Many people shoot “guerrilla style” to avoid the process entirely. However, doing such an unauthorized activity could put you in a potential legal situation. That’s why it’s best to go through the process instead. Think of the many gorgeous shots you can take from an uninterrupted photo shoot. 

Have a Majestic Orlando Getaway 

Orlando offers many opportunities for influencers to showcase their photography prowess through the city’s vibrant and charming attractions. Of course, the destinations listed above are only examples of Orlando’s many beautiful locations. It’s best to widen your list and elevate your social media presence by capturing the city’s picturesque destinations. 

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