Buying Property in Harbour Lights in Dubai: 5 Signs of a Good Neighborhood


Buying Property in Harbour Lights in Dubai: 5 Signs of a Good Neighborhood

Buying a property in Dubai is an important step, and choosing the right neighborhood will determine how comfortable you will feel in your new home. So, by buying 1 bedroom apartments in Harbour Lights in dubai you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Maritime City district, which is why you should approach the advanced selection of the area for further purchase as responsibly as possible. 

Let’s take a look at the most obvious signs of a good district for purchasing a new home.

Sign #1 of a good area to buy real estate in Dubai: Transport accessibility

Dubai is famous for its well-developed road network and public transportation system. At the same time, it should be understood that if you buy off-plan property in Dubai, you will have to wait for the construction of a new metro station in the immediate vicinity for quite a long time. On the other hand, in addition to the construction of multi-story residential complexes and detached villas, developers are engaged in the improvement of adjacent areas. In particular, they are building roads with access to key highways that connect new areas of the city with other parts of the metropolis.

In other words, it should be convenient for you to get to your home in the city both by private and public transportation.

Sign #2 of a good neighborhood to buy real estate in Dubai: Infrastructure

Dubai’s modern communities can be called a city within a city. Here, to buy groceries, go to a restaurant, or visit a doctor you don’t need to travel too far. The infrastructure facilities that are most appreciated by residents include:

– stores (with groceries, clothing, appliances);

– pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and medical centers;

– playgrounds for children.

The modern districts of the city, both with ready-made buildings and residential complexes under construction, can boast of developed infrastructure. In whatever area of the metropolis you decide to get housing, you can be sure that all the benefits of civilization will be within easy reach. Moreover, complexes with apartments in Dubai or detached villas are built in gated communities, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of children on playgrounds and recreation areas.

Sign #3 of a good area to buy property in Dubai: Kindergartens, schools, colleges, and universities

In Dubai, there is no strict obligation to send children to the school that is closest to their place of residence. Here, parents can independently choose an educational institution, based on their understanding. The school, whether private or public, provides transportation to take children from home to school and back. This is a huge time saver and an important help, especially for working parents. 

Sign #4 of a good neighborhood to buy property in Dubai: Parks and recreational areas

In the local hot climate, walking through shady parks, alleys, and green areas is not only an opportunity to relax in the fresh air but also protection from the scorching sun. Therefore, if you want to walk, but are not ready to go far, then for buying a house in Dubai, choose an area with an abundance of green areas. In addition to leisurely walks, you can go jogging along landscaped paths or ride a bike during the cooler mornings or evenings.

Sign #5 of a good neighborhood to buy real estate in Dubai: Parking

If you’ve bought an apartment in a residential complex in Dubai, you probably need a parking space for your car. But even if you don’t have a car in your family yet, your neighbors will probably have personal vehicles, and if the developer didn’t bother to organize parking, the apartment building will have spontaneous parking. Cars can block passageways and sidewalks, playgrounds, and recreation areas. To prevent this from happening, modern developers are thinking about parking at the design stage of the complex, so even if your real estate in Dubai doesn’t belong to the premium segment, the house will most likely have underground parking with elevators so that residents do not even have to go outside to get into their car.

Buying a property in Dubai in the selected neighborhood

If you have studied the described signs of a good neighborhood and have already decided where you want to purchase a property, it’s time to move on to immediate action. Visit the official website of the real estate agency in Dubai to compare the prices of properties in different zones or find out the price range for different apartments in the same neighborhood.

Experts of the agency will help you to make the right choice, you will only have to speak about your requirements, expectations, and wishes for the property and the neighborhood itself.

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