Explore Things to Do in Atlanta: Top-Rated Places to Visit


Explore Things to Do in Atlanta: Top-Rated Places to Visit

Do you get your peaches down in Georgia? That’s not all that the state is known for, though! In Atlanta, where sweet tea flows like the Chattahoochee River, and Southern hospitality greets you at every turn. With its interesting history, diverse culture, and a skyline that seems to grow taller each year, Atlanta offers an experience par none for all who visit. Whether you’re to flex your history muscles, tantalize your uvula with some local morsels, or even an art aficionado looking for their next muse, this ever-expanding metropolis has a little something-something for everyone.

Hold your horses, though, as there is something important to discuss before we get into our Atlanta trip, and that’s transportation. If you are visiting Atlanta, you will likely be arriving via air, from one of the many airports in the city. We recommend booking an Atlanta Airport taxi to get you to your accommodation, from where you can get your trip started! Spend less time getting from the Atlanta airport, and more time exploring the city by booking your AtoB airport transfer in advance! Being one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world, leaving your transportation to chance could lead to getting stuck at the airport, or worse – having to take public transport! 

Now, on to Atlanta!

1. The World of Coca-Cola

Hold up! The first airport taxi stop on our Atlanta adventure is a place that’ll put a little fizz in your step: The World of Coca-Cola. Take a trip into the sparkling universe of one of the world’s most iconic beverages. Find out more about the captivating history behind Coca-Cola through engaging exhibits and interactive experiences. Discover the secret formula (well, not exactly), meet the beloved Coca-Cola Polar Bear, and indulge in a tasting session of Coca-Cola flavors from around the globe – how different can it actually be? Trust us; you’ll be bubbling with excitement!

2. Centennial Olympic Park

Bang smack in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the Centennial Olympic Park is a green oasis that commemorates the 1996 Summer Olympics. Through its lush, incredibly well-maintained gardens, you can admire striking sculptures and walk around the Fountain of Rings, which dances to funky music and puts on a mesmerizing aquatic show. During the warmer months, take an AtoB airport transfer and cool off with a splash or simply find a shaded spot for a picnic with family and friends.

3. The Georgia Aquarium


A colossal underwater wonderland that boasts the title of the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere. Dive (metaphorically) into a world of aquatic splendor as you encounter a diverse array of marine life, including majestic whales, playful dolphins, and colorful tropical fish. One of the highlights is the Ocean Voyager exhibit, where a gigantic viewing window offers a breathtaking view of graceful manta rays and intimidating sharks gliding through the water. Come here using an Atlanta airport taxi, since this place will have you feeling like a kid all over again!

4. Ponce City Market

Feeling peckish? Ponce City Market beckons you with a tantalizing array of gourmet delights, trendy eateries, and unique shops. Housed in a converted historic building, this popular market blends a little history with a dash of modernity perfectly. Chow down on dishes from a variety of cultures, from juicy burgers to exotic cuisines, all prepared by talented local chefs. After filling your belly, browse through boutique stores and find one-of-a-kind souvenirs to remember your Atlanta escapade. Ponce City Market is a feast for the senses and a mecca for both food and shopping enthusiasts alike.

5. The High Museum of Art

Calling all art enthusiasts! The High Museum of Art is your gateway to a world of artistic brilliance. This impressive museum houses an extensive collection of art, ranging from classic masterpieces to contemporary works. Hire an AtoB airport taxi, explore captivating exhibitions that cater to various tastes, and be inspired by the creative endeavors of renowned artists. The architectural design of the museum itself could definitely be considered a work of art, and it’s an ideal place to ignite your imagination and discover new perspectives.

6. Oakland Cemetery

Looking for a dose of history and a little sprinkle of mystery? Oakland Cemetery, a garden cemetery dating back to 1850, is a must-see for those who enjoy the eerie nature of cemeteries.  You can easily get here by Atlanta airport transfer. The final resting place of many prominent figures, including author Margaret Mitchell, Oakland Cemetery’s tombstones and mausoleums whisper tales of a bygone era. Take a guided tour to delve deeper into the lives of those who shaped the city, or simply wander through the serene gardens, admiring the intricate sculptures and tranquil atmosphere.

7. Atlanta BeltLine

For a slightly different way to experience the city, the Atlanta BeltLine is a game-changer. This ambitious project repurposed old railway tracks into a network of pedestrian-friendly trails, parks, and public art installations. Rent a bike, stroll with your pup, or jog along the BeltLine’s meandering paths while soaking up the city’s buzzing energy. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see Atlanta from a different perspective and uncover its past along the way.

8. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

Pay tribute to one of history’s greatest civil rights leaders, the great Doctor, at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park. This solemn yet inspiring site offers a glimpse into the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Walk through the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King served as co-pastor, and visit his birth home, preserved as a tribute to his humble beginnings. The Visitor Center and Freedom Hall provide a comprehensive overview of the Civil Rights Movement and the impact of Dr. King’s teachings on the world. It’s a poignant reminder of the importance of equality, justice, and love.

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