Great Jobs for Digital Nomads and Traveling Influencers


Great Jobs for Digital Nomads and Traveling Influencers 

A few decades ago, people who wanted to earn money while traveling the world had to find job opportunities in the places they visited, such as picking fruit, working as a laborer, or working at a hostel.

But in this digital age, you can roam the planet while working online.

Many people now uproot and become digital nomads or travel influencers. All you need to do to do the same is to pack a bag and take a laptop with you on your journey.

You may find that you no longer want one location to live in. Instead, you can be a free spirit and still have a healthy income coming in.

Of course, you will need to find online jobs. So, here are some great ideas that you might like to consider. 

Professional Influencer

If you grow your social media followers to the point where you become an influencer, you can get an income by promoting products on behalf of other companies.

As a travel influencer, you will want to focus on promoting travel-related products, such as travel accessories, camping equipment, and digital cameras.

Focus on building up your number of followers, using SEO methods to make your travel blog or website rank highly on search engines, and contacting companies who you could partner with.

You then may be able to get an income that will help to fund traveling to new places.


If you have tech experience, there are a number of positions you can apply for that allow you to work remotely while traveling.

For instance, you could work as a programmer, which would involve writing computer code for things like software, apps, and websites.

Programmers work both online and offline, so if you find yourself in a location with an unstable internet connection, you can still get on with your workload.

Social Media Marketer

As a social media marketer, you would help to maintain the public face of brands and get consumers interested in those companies and their products or services.

Your daily tasks would involve doing things like writing and scheduling social media posts, running contests on social networks, and responding to consumer comments and queries.

Language Teacher

If you are traveling to different places, you may well be fluent in more than one language. If you are bilingual, working as an online language teacher could be a great way to gain an income.

You could set yourself up as an independent teacher or partner with a company.

Furthermore, if you become a bona fide language teacher, you may have the option to teach in brick-and-mortar establishments as you travel as well as teaching online.

Certified Public Accountant

Accountants can perform all of their work online, so if you have a good head for numbers and stats, accountancy could be the ideal sector to enter.

You could even become a Certified Public Accountant, which means you would primarily advise businesses, organizations, and individuals about how to reach financial goals.

CPAs can work from almost anywhere because the bulk of their work is digitized.

Check out this helpful post to learn how to earn a CPA license.


There are all kinds of businesses that you could set up and run entirely online. One of the best options is to start a dropshipping business.

You can choose from a wide variety of products to sell, from soft furnishings and T-shirts to gadgets and golf accessories.

The great thing about a dropshipping business is you do not have to do much other than concentrate on marketing.

You simply partner with a vendor or distributor and sell their products online on their behalf. The order fulfillment process is handled by the vendor or distributor. So, you simply take a cut of the profits every time a customer buys a product that you sell.

If you choose a niche wisely and spend time marketing your online store, a dropshipping business can be very lucrative and help you to live wherever you fancy being in the world at any given time.

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