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How A Portable GPS Tracker Can Keep Your Kids Safe?


How A Portable GPS Tracker Can Keep Your Kids Safe?

There was a time when keeping an eye on your closed ones was a big question. It didn’t seem feasible. The need for technology to keep a close eye on children was only a dream a few years ago. Parents would constantly be anxious about the whereabouts of the kids. With the invention of one of the essential technologies, the Global Positioning System (GPS), the world has become a safer and better place to live. Parents do not have to worry about their children’s safety anymore. Sitting in a distant place, they can track the movement of their children. Days have become less stressful but happier than ever. This technology has become a gift to children too. They don’t have to be confined in their house to be safe; they can go out, explore, learn and grow.  

As a result of this technology, many products are available for your kids to wear and carry. You can buy them from any online or offline store and make the most of it. These trackers have proved to be lifelines for parents of all age groups. Depending on the feasibility of the product type, you may choose to find the best fit for your kid. Fight against various security threats with some super amazing products available in the market. 

What are portable trackers and their types?

Portable trackers for kids come in various forms. Some of the most commonly used and bought tracking devices are applications or apps, tags, watches, etc. With these smart gadgets that come in handy, parents and kids can live without stress. 

Why choose portable trackers for kids?

Portable trackers are small and can be attached to a pant buckle or belt. You can also keep them in their pockets or backpack. Some of these trackers come with in-built magnets and a magnetic case, which helps attach them to a bike or skateboard. We recommend one of these GPS trackers by Family1st. They are versatile, affordable, and child-friendly.

Here are some of the features of a portable tracker that will help you make a decision: 

Track live locations

No matter where your kids are, with a live- and real-life tracking system, you can precisely spot the current location of your little one.

Parental control of your access

Being a parent, you want to control how you want to customize the device. With GPS-enabled smart devices, parents are happier these days than ever.

Safety guaranteed with end-to-end encryption

For companies that ensure that safety and security are of utmost importance, end-to-end encryption is a feature that doesn’t go unnoticed. Portable trackers for kids are that secure to use. 

Geofence areas you assign

Geofencing is an advanced technology through which a parent can track whether their kids are in a safe zone. Set limits that you want to ensure that your kid is always on the security net. 

Long battery life

Not all days are the same. On some days, your kids may be out for a longer duration. You need not worry about the conking of the battery. The long battery life will ensure that the gadget has higher battery life. 

Compatibility with most devices

Configure these gadgets with your smart devices; a smartphone or an iPad. These portable trackers are bought owing to their compatibility with most Android and iOS devices. 

Dedicated App

These gadgets come with a dedicated app. You don’t have to use any third-party app that may compromise your kids’ security. Specially designed dedicated apps make the utility easier and more comfortable. 

911 location sharing

When there is an emergency, face the situation with the 911 location sharing facility. Keep your worry away. Some devices can track even when you are out of the state or country. Isn’t that something to be excited about?

Compact sizes add mobility

These wearable gadgets come quite handy owing to their sizes. They are compact and can be worn or carried anywhere without anyone noticing them. Like smartphones, these gadgets have become a part of our lives; the size helps them. 

Keep Your Kids Safe All Time

With the shocking news of crimes against children coming up every hour from various corners of the world, it has become imperative that we keep our children safe. The obstacle that comes in the way is not knowing where the kids are every minute. 

Parents with anxiety may find it even more heart-wrenching to keep their kids away. After a certain age, kids need to step out; for school, tuition, play, other activities, etc. Kids may not be aware of their safety and security. They lack immaturity and a sense of responsibility. As a result, most parents fear sending their kids away and keeping them inside the four walls. 


Kids end up staying inside and not enjoying the freedom that they deserve. It is their time to enjoy life and learn from their surroundings. Help kids grow mentally and physically by allowing them the freedom to go out and explore. You will see that happiness will know no bounds on the kids’ faces. 

It is said that kids grow more when they learn from the environment. So, let them do their job of exploration and learning while you do the job of keeping them safe. The biggest reason parents turn to these effective gadgets for tracking children’s location is because there can be nothing more important than a child’s safety. Invest in it for a carefree and stress-free day!


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