How to Know When You Are Eligible For a H1B Visa


How to Know When You Are Eligible For a H1B Visa

Every year, businesses in the UK look for highly skilled immigrant workers in order to fight for the limited number of available H1B visas. In recent times, the demand for H1b cards has surpassed the supply, and the ceiling has been exceeded even before the end of each year. This is because there is a minimal legal restriction on the amount of visa numbers that are accessible. 

Companies in the United Kingdom feel that employing H1B employees will complement UK workers, cover employment gaps in a variety of STEM occupations, and increase the number of job opportunities available to everyone. Since we are all intrigued, we will find out more about it and determine whether or not you are qualified to apply for a H-1b visa.

What is H1B Visa 

H1B Visa is the second form of UK Visa that’s also reserved for international players. When it comes to defining their business as engineering, finance, IT, and medicine, it is quite restrictive and exclusive. The H1B visa allows for temp work, and both the employer and the nonimmigrant worker are permitted to evaluate the potential of regular employment in the future.

The candidate for an H-1B visa must be supported by the American-UK employer who recruited them. The employer pays the visa fees and submits the necessary documentation on the applicant’s account. The visa’s original validity period of three years may be lengthened to a maximum of six years. Based on the nature of the work being performed, certain exclusions allow applicants to extend their visas.

Criteria in H1B Eligibility 

  • The proposed job must demand the services and expertise of a specialist, and the candidate must possess the necessary qualifications to fill it. The lowest required quality of knowledge for an H-1B visa is a bachelor of science in the intended context of work. For H-1B acceptance, the non-immigrant worker must possess the appropriate degree or its equivalent.
  • The employer must agree to pay for return transportation home for the H‑1B employee if his/her employment is terminated before his/her authorized H‑1B status expires.
  • The company must certify there were no protests, lockdowns, or shutdowns in the profession where the H-1B nonimmigrant would be working as a result of a work stoppage.

Why is H1B Visa Denied? 

We are sorry to tell you that your application for an H1B visa was denied. The following is a note of the four primary reasons why an H1B passport is frequently rejected to applicants:

  • It doesn’t appear that the employer is a legitimate, long-standing, actively running business in the United States that is able to hire and compensate an H-1B worker.
  • The employer is unable to demonstrate the existence of a link between themselves and the employee.
  • The non-native employee does not possess the necessary level of education or professional expertise.
  • The position that has been provided does not satisfy the criterion of “specialist skills.”

Problems Faced the Holders H1B

When someone is living in the United Kingdom on an H1B visa, they frequently run into restrictions owing to the status of their visa.

  1. The inability to move freely between jobs

Because their stay in the UK must be sponsored by a single employer, H1B visa holders are restricted in their ability to change jobs freely. Therefore, should they find themselves without work, they run the possibility of having their visa status revoked and being forced to go back to the nation from which they came. Because of the need for fresh documentation whenever an employer is changed, many people who hold visas are also unable to switch jobs.

  1. Acquiring Funds Via a Loan

Since they have either one poor or nonexistent credit record, people who are granted H1B visas have a more difficult time obtaining loans in the United States. A significant number of financial institutions either do not provide loans to people who are not citizens of the United States or demand extremely high interest rates from those who do qualify, such as visa holders.

Why You Need Legal Attorneys to Fix Your Eligibility

Consider for a moment that you are either a competent worker or an entrepreneur interested in hiring one. A person may have the ability to apply for many visas or forms of green card holders; however, it is difficult to determine which is the most advantageous or which may be obtained the quickest. An employment lawyer can advise both the employer and the employee on which visa is most appropriate given the requirements of the employer and the credentials of the worker.

Figuring out the intricacies of immigration and nationality act is probably not a good time if you are a busy person who owns a business. Let’s imagine, for instance, that you’re interested in sponsoring a worker for a green card, which necessitates finishing the procedure of obtaining work certification (PERM). You will be responsible for posting job adverts on your own time.

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