How Sea Moss Benefits Wheelchair Travelers


Why And How To Maintain A Stable Flow Of Micronutrients While On The Go?

Traveling is an exciting part of our lives when we are young and vigorous, but something tedious and power-consuming with age. 

For our bodies, it takes a lot of resources to keep us able to perceive and enjoy when we are on the go for a trip — but, with the right approach, these resources can be replenished. 

Recently, Irish sea moss got the spotlight as a superfood with unthinkable health benefits. But what is sea moss and how does it benefit travelers?

If you want to keep being able to celebrate the compel of the long-distance trip, read how to effortlessly maintain micronutrient levels by involving sea moss in your journeys!

Why consider the trendy Irish sea moss?

Red algae species Irish sea moss is a seaweed with an outstanding amount of nutrients, among which are enzymes and coenzymes, trace minerals, amino acids, Omega fatty acids, unique carbohydrates, and antioxidants. 

In the long run, Irish sea moss was linked to providing a health-transforming effect. There’s nothing miraculous about it! Since our bodies need micronutrient stability and constant flow, we shine with well-being when it is fulfilled.

As a case in point, sea moss benefits obtained from one capsule or tablespoon of this seaweed can replace up to twenty different supplements. Namely, carrying one pack of sea moss pills is way more convenient than overloading with a dozen different vitamins.

Some supplements made of sea moss are very easy to store and take with you for a trip — instead of carrying twenty different vitamins with you!

The most noteworthy benefits of sea moss

What is sea moss good for when it comes to long trips? This alga, cramming with micronutrients, might help you upgrade your trips.

Might improve energy and focus levels

First things first, trips consume energy! Airports, railways, long waits in the hotel’s hall, acclimatizing, and getting yourself familiar with everything local — all these cons of every trip might take the most of your energy. 

Being an abundant source of amino and Omega fatty acids that can potentially increase your energy, improve focus, provide mental and emotional stability, and reduce stress is one of the most sought-after benefits of sea moss.

May support digestion

Every proper travel includes eating out in the local food spots. If you are setting out to Asian or Latin countries, you are about to encounter a lot of gastronomical wonders that not every stomach will handle! Irish sea moss is a rich source of fiber — a food for your gut bacteria

It also boasts strong anti-inflammatory properties, owing to its antioxidants and Omega fatty acids, and might help you soothe heartburn or other consequences of overjoying too much foreign food. 

Can aid in hydration

Proper hydration is vital for our bodily functions. It is also essential for our brain work. However, during the trips, we might forget to hydrate, being distracted by everything new. 

Irish sea moss with its unique thickening agent carrageenan, might help you keep hydrated throughout your journey, benefiting your well-being throughout it.

Might ease off inflammation and muscle cramps 

As was said earlier, Irish sea moss has anti-inflammatory effects with its antioxidants, some trace minerals, and fatty acids. This can be extremely beneficial for travelers with manual wheelchairs who often experience pain from high tension in their arms. 

The use of Irish sea moss may help you reduce muscle soreness, prevent muscle cramps, and regenerate muscle tissues swifter.

How to use Irish sea moss on the go?

Irish sea moss is highly popular today in the form of gels. For example, True Sea Moss boasts one of the best sugar-free natural sea moss gels in the US. However, gels might not be convenient during travel. 

There are three options that can be as beneficial as sea moss gels (and also found in the True Sea Moss online shop):

  • Capsules. Capsules are tasteless and can be incorporated with a glass of water. They will help you keep your essential nutrients wherever you go and they are not picky to storage conditions.
  • Gummies. For instance, True Sea Moss gummies are made from fruit-flavored gel. They are very convenient to take, chewy, and delicious. They also contain additional extra antioxidants from farm-harvested fruits they are flavored with.
  • Powder. Sea moss powder can be easily mixed with your coffee, tea, juice, shake, or whatever you prefer. Powder is also not picky to storage conditions.

Make sure to consult with your physician before incorporating Irish sea moss into your diet. It is high in iodine, trace minerals, and other compounds that are seldom potentially allergic but still have to be carefully taken.


Traveling can be exhausting, especially in a wheelchair. Irish sea moss, a superfood with incredible health benefits, can help replenish our energy and well-being during long journeys. 

Packed with essential nutrients, sea moss offers several advantages: boosted energy and focus, digestive support, hydration assistance, and reduced inflammation and muscle relief. You can take sea moss in various forms, such as capsules, gummies, or powder. 

Before adding it to your diet, consult with your healthcare provider. Sea moss is rich in iodine and trace minerals, which might cause allergies in some individuals.

Incorporating sea moss into your travel routine can be a transformative addition, enhancing your overall well-being during your adventures.

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