Shopping Tips: How To Buy Clothes Without Spending All Of Your Money


Shopping Tips: How To Buy Clothes Without Spending All Of Your Money

On average, adults spend around $160 per month on clothes. Data shows that women can spend over 75% more on clothing. The numbers go even higher for families. A family of around four people spends approximately $1800 every year on clothes and shoes.

The bottom line is that buying clothes can be very expensive and if you lack self-control, it’s very easy to find yourself in serious financial trouble. 

This guide will give you 10 effective tricks that will trim your clothing budget without hurting your wardrobe. 

1. Find Coupons

Coupons are important regardless of how minor the saving may be. A dollar here and there accumulates to make a massive difference in your budget.

The best part is that finding coupons is super easy. There are so many apps and websites that provide coupons from virtually all the big retailers. You can also install website extensions or addons that scour the internet for discounts whenever you’re shopping for beach wear like kaftans, or something else.

2. Find Some Thrift Shops

Thrift shops sell used clothes at a discounted price. The clothes are usually in great condition, so the buyers are always getting a great deal.

Find the stores in your area and get acquainted with their offers. For instance, some stores may have bigger sales with 50%+ off on specific days of the week or month. Note down these deals and take full advantage of them.

Don’t limit yourself to brick-and-mortar thrift stores alone. You can thrift shop online and get some great deals as well. Online thrift stores also tend to be less crowded and more organized than some physical outlets. This makes finding the specific items you need much easier.

3. Buy Out Of Season

Shopping out of season is an insane hack that will save hundreds of dollars from your annual clothing budget. Don’t wait until it’s winter to shop for sweaters, coats, and boots. Buy them in May when retailers are making clearance sales. In the same manner, you should prepare for summer-early enough and get men’s swimwear, or for the family in general in December

4. Purchase Generic Basics

You can save a lot of money buying generic basics instead of designers. This includes items like tank tops and the plain t-shirts you wear under your shirts. The clothes are way cheaper, and they serve their basic purpose perfectly. Plus, no one else will see them if that’s a bother to you.

5. Look For Clearance Sales

Try searching for clearance sales online whenever you want to buy something. You could also prepare your budget and shop during the major annual sales offered on Black Friday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, New Year’s Day, etc.

6. Sell What You Are Not Wearing

It’s reported that almost 50% of the clothes in the wardrobe are never worn. US women own around 5.3 billion clothes that they don’t wear. The funny part is that there’s someone out there looking for the clothes you’re no longer interested in.

Instead of letting these items waste away, drop them at the consignment shop and get a reasonable payment for them. They won’t pay a lot of money, but it’s nonetheless better than nothing.

7. Control Impulse Buying

This is a terrible habit that can have a dramatic impact on your finances. Take advantage of free online resources and learn how to stop impulsive buying today. Stop buying items simply because they are on sale. Don’t pass by the mall and see a 20% off sale and buy expensive clothes that you don’t even need.

8. Try Fixing Instead Of Replacing Damaged Clothes

Don’t be in a rush to replace that torn dress, shirt, or top. Find a good tailor and have it fixed. Better yet, use your free time to learn a hobby like knitting and fix your clothes yourself.

9. Create A Clothing Budget

Budgets help control spending habits. Look at your finances and come up with a reasonable budget for your clothing needs. With the budget in place, it’s time to discipline yourself and avoid impulsive decisions.

10. Wash Your Clothes Correctly

Increase the lifespan of your clothes by washing them correctly. This translates to fewer shopping sprees and more savings. Read the label and find the instructions on how to clean each item.

Additionally, washing your clothes less often helps to keep them in good condition for longer. 

You can have a decent closet without breaking the bank. While some of the above hacks may only make minor savings, their overall impact on your budget will be substantial. Start making the adjustments today, and you will see better results in the long run.

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