How To Improve Writing Skills


Basic Principles of Writing

Writing is the act of creating a written composition. In the modern age, a written composition can be in a physical or digital form. The form will be dependent on the medium that an individual uses. Traditional writers may prefer to utilize pens and white papers to create their compositions. On the other hand, modern writers tend to write using their computers. Professionals will utilize the best option for their needs which will depend on the composition they are creating.

As with any other concept, writers need to follow key principles to ensure the quality of their work. Professionals follow different principles depending on the type of writing they do, however, the most fundamental principles of writing are grammar and spelling. Individuals must understand how to use commas, verb tenses, adverbs, adjectives, punctuation marks, and other similar concepts. Knowing these concepts is essential in creating a comprehensible composition that entices an audience to continue reading. 

Additionally, individuals must ensure that they spell words correctly. A misspelling can make a paper sound unauthentic and incomprehensible. Individuals must be careful and aim to uphold the fundamental principles to ensure that they are creating good compositions.

Steps to Improve Writing Skills

Aside from the basic principles, aspiring writers will need to learn more concepts and practice certain techniques to improve their skills. It is important to understand that writing does not only involve the act of putting words into a paper. It includes critical thinking, research skills, editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and knowledge about a topic. This makes improving the necessary skills a tedious and monumental task that not all individuals have the energy to complete. To help writers improve their writing skills, below are a few steps they can follow.

#1. Read, Learn, and Write Everyday

The first step on how to become a better writer is practicing the act frequently. The fundamental of the writing process involves reading about a topic, learning about what you read, and then creating the composition. To improve, individuals must aim to frequently do this process as much as they can. For example, they can start by accomplishing a short 200 to 400-word paper a day. They can spend an hour reading about the topic and then another hour for the main writing process. Repeating this every day will allow aspiring professionals to enhance the fundamental skills they need in any type of composition.

#2. Choose a Niche to Master

A professional writer can be an expert in creating persuasive essays while still having no idea how to write poetry. This is due to the wide range of topics and styles that professionals can utilize in their works. Trying to learn all the styles, genres, and topics available in the field will make it harder for an individual to improve their skills. 

To make the learning process easier, they should choose a niche that they would like to master. Having a niche will allow them to quickly develop great skills since they can focus on a few aspects at a time. For example, a writer may choose to focus on creating mental health expository essays. This will allow them to reuse the information that they have read when doing other mental health essays and become familiar with the formats. When they have become comfortable with the niche, they can then expand and write about other topics.

#3. Create Outlines

One great way on how to become a better writer is by creating outlines for the paper. Creating an outline provides an individual with a structure that they can follow. An outline will depend on the type of paper as well as the knowledge that the author has about the topic. Still, they can change or edit the outline anytime if they deem it necessary. 

To create a good outline, an individual should first conduct quick research about the topic. They can look at article titles, frequently asked questions, and commonly searched phrases. This will give them a good idea of what information to include in their paper. From this, they can start creating an outline by writing phrases that serve as section titles. During the writing process, the writer will just need to follow the outline and gather information related to the section titles. This will make the process simpler as the writer will not need to pause and think about what to write next.

#4. Always Start With a Draft

As mentioned earlier, writing involves the act of reading and learning. This means that as an individual writes a paper, the more they learn about the topic. This can lead an author to gain a new perspective after accomplishing a paper. They may realize that the earlier sections of their paper contain outdated information or misinformation. 

To avoid rewriting an accomplished paper, writers should always start with a draft. The draft can follow the paper’s outline while also containing all the information that the writer acquires. When writing the draft, an author does not need to consider proper formatting which will allow them to efficiently put their ideas into paper. 

After accomplishing the draft, they can then read their work and start editing or rewriting the paper. They can discard the unnecessary information and begin to write while considering proper formatting for the paper. While the process may be lengthy, this ensures the quality of the work and allows the author to recognize their mistakes.

#5. Utilize an Online Writing Service

Another step on how to become a better writer is by utilizing an online writing service. While most individuals go to these websites to look for custom essay help, writers can also order specific papers from them. This is a great opportunity to learn about writing since these services hire professional writers.

Aspiring professionals can order a paper and try to dissect the professionally-written composition. They can examine the formatting, wording, and techniques that the writer used. Additionally, most online writing services uploads blog posts regarding tips on how to write. Individuals can utilize these resources to learn more and improve their skills.


Writing is an act that involves extensive reading, continuous learning, and knowledge about writing concepts. The field offers many opportunities for aspiring professionals and experienced experts. This leads to a lot of individuals honing their writing skills through various methods. 

This article discussed a few steps on how to become a better writer such as frequent practice, choosing a niche, creating outlines, making drafts, and utilizing online services. While these steps may be effective for some, it is important that individuals understand that improving a skill takes hard work and patience.

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