Ready, Set, Escape: How to Prepare for a Successful Escape Room Adventure


Ready, Set, Escape: How to Prepare for a Successful Escape Room Adventure

As escape rooms become increasingly popular worldwide, more and more individuals are becoming intrigued and wanting to try them out. However, after experiencing the thrilling and enjoyable nature of these games, you’re eager to fully immerse yourself and tackle even more challenging rooms. If you aspire to improve your skills and aim for the top of the leaderboard, developing a strategic approach is essential.

Tips for Playing Escape Room

Choose Your Team

Having a fantastic time with the people you’re playing with is what truly enhances your escape room experience. It’s not about assembling a team that’s exceptionally intelligent because everyone brings unique strengths to the table. Each individual possesses abilities that can contribute to the success of an escape room. The key is to select a group of individuals with whom you’ll have an enjoyable time.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

When you have found an escape room near me, it is important to wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. Avoid wearing tight and restricting clothes such as Chelsea boots, heels, skinny jeans, or skirts. Instead, opt for comfortable and practical attire like t-shirts, jogging bottoms, and trainers. Keep in mind that escape rooms often have dim lighting, so what others are wearing is unlikely to be noticeable. Prioritize practicality over fashion to prevent slowing yourself and your team down.

Listen to the Rules

In most escape rooms, you will receive a set of rules at the beginning of the experience. It’s tempting to overlook these rules in your excitement to start the game, but they are actually important for your safety and can give you an advantage. While rules may seem dull, paying attention during the brief instructions can give you an edge.

Communicate with Each Other

When you’re inside the escape room, it can be challenging to listen to everyone and not get too focused on solving one specific problem. This can cause you to miss important information from your group. To overcome this, you can establish a buzzword as a team. The buzzword can be anything and is meant to grab everyone’s attention. Whenever someone says the buzzword, everyone should stop what they’re doing and pay attention because a teammate has discovered something valuable.

Use Clues

Escape rooms typically provide built-in clues and hints to assist players. In an escape room, you will have a dedicated game master who can offer hints and support throughout the entire experience when you encounter challenges. These hints allow you to control the difficulty level of the game. Whether you prefer a more challenging experience or an easier one, you can adjust the number of hints you ask for accordingly. It is important to note that using hints is not considered cheating. Game masters will not provide a complete walkthrough of the room; instead, they will provide gentle nudges in the right direction. It is rare for groups to escape without any hints, so do not hesitate to utilize them when needed.

Have Fun

The primary objective of escape rooms is to have fun. These games are specifically designed to provide excitement, challenge, and enjoyment as you engage in critical thinking and share laughter with your loved ones. Whether you’re participating in a team-building event or enjoying a family outing, the ultimate goal is to leave the escape room with a smile on your face, feeling fulfilled by the experience. As long as you cherish the time spent together, consider yourself victorious in the escape room!


In conclusion, playing escape rooms can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. To enhance your chances of success, remember to choose a team that you’ll have a great time with and wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement. Listening to the rules and communicating effectively with your team is crucial for solving puzzles and escaping in time. Utilize the provided clues and hints to your advantage, adjusting the difficulty level as desired. Ultimately, the most important aspect is to have fun and cherish the time spent together, creating lasting memories. So, gather your team, embrace the challenge, and enjoy the adventure of escaping the room!

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