Is Online Dating Right for You? 9 Things to Consider


Is Online Dating Right for You? 9 Things to Consider 

If you have long been looking for a partner or you are ready to get back into dating after a breakup, online dating might seem the answer to all questions. But while dating sites can certainly open up a world of opportunities, scouting for a partner online and navigating matchmaking websites can be daunting. 

So, is online dating for you? It can certainly be – but make sure to keep in mind the considerations below and set your expectations correctly. Let’s dive in!

Online Dating Can Help if You Are Struggling To Strike up a Conversation in Person

Although dating sites have many downsides, they have a major virtue that makes them ever so popular: they make it easier for people to make the first move and strike up a conversation with someone they might be interested in. 

Of course, online relationships are different and sometimes lacking compared to in-person interactions. However, if you have always been shy, introverted, or unable to just approach someone you are attracted to, online dating can help. Just make sure that you are not hiding behind a screen!

You Might Need To Let Go of Your “Type”

If you have a “type” – both in terms of physical features and personality – you are certainly not the only one. 

According to surveys, most people tend to look for the same values, level of attractiveness, religiosity, intelligence, and educational goals in their partners. But this doesn’t mean that someone from a different background or upbringing isn’t the partner you have been looking for!

Especially when dating online, make sure you are open to the possibility of finding the right date for someone who does not match your “type”.

Trying Out Free Online Dating Sites Can Help You Choose One Without Commitment 

Although the market is oversaturated with dating sites, not all matchmaking platforms are created equal. For example, some websites aim to help people with the same interests find each other like WhosHere Plus, some others encourage inconsequential hookups, and others are, as per their tagline, “designed to be deleted” by those who have found their forever partner. 

So, how can you make sure that a certain dating app is right for you? The best strategy is to try free dating sites first (or, at least, their free version) and check reliable sources that show the best free dating sites ranked by features, quality, safety, and audience. 

Assessing Your Goals Can Make It Easier To Navigate Online Dating

Online dating can be bewildering, especially if you are approaching this universe for the first time. However, knowing what you are looking for in a partner and setting your goals for dating can help you navigate your online relationships and set standards for your dates.

Dating Sites Are Not Always Safe or Trustworthy

Online dating can come with associated risks you should be aware of before setting up your site. As the popularity of online dating sites grows, more and more people fall victim to catfishing and romance scams. And, just in 2021, users reported losing over $547 million to sweetheart scams and other fraudulent activity. 

So, how can you stay safe when dating online? Some key safety measures you should consider adopting include:

  • Assessing the website’s data protection policy and cyber safety measures
  • Letting a friend know where you’ll be while on a date
  • Starting an online relationship with a mini-date in a safe space
  • Chatting and video chatting with a potential date before meeting in person
  • Never giving away personal and financial information

Be Prepared To Show Your Good (and Bad!) Sides on Dating Sites

When setting up your dating profile, you’ll want to show your best sides in terms of physical attractiveness, virtues, values, and skills. But online dating is all about setting the right expectations! That is why you should consider showing your true self, being honest about your flaws, and portraying your real character. 

You can do so by crafting a truthful bio, uploading unfiltered photos, and being clear about your intentions from the start. 

Online Dating Can Feel Overwhelming – Know When To Take a Step Back!

Online dating – and dating in general – can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially after having received a rejection or having gone on multiple disappointing dates. However, keep in mind that good things take time. And, this is even more true if you are looking for the person who will become your forever partner!

Nonetheless, if you have noticed that online dating has started to take a toll on your mental health or emotional well-being, don’t hesitate to take a step back. Taking a break from online dating can offer your clarity and perspective, thus helping you enjoy more future dates!

Setting Up Your Online Dating Profile Can Take Time

If you are ready to dive into the world of online dating, you might wish to get started in minutes. But if you are looking for more than just a brief get-together, be aware that setting up your profile can take time! 

From choosing the right photos to upload to learning the ins and outs of your chosen dating platform, it can take a few days to set up a profile that reflects who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. Don’t be discouraged!

Be Ready for Rejections and Awkward Dates!

Online dating isn’t always smooth sailing, and you might have to be prepared to deal with multiple rejections, bad dates, and awkward encounters. While this is all part of a fulfilling dating journey, make sure to maintain your physical and emotional safety as a top priority! 

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