Life Lessons From The 2017 NBA Finals


As the NBA season comes to a close and the Golden State Warriors become the champions of the world, so many thoughts, opinions, and statements are being made regarding the sport of basketball.

Is this super team so good that nobody can even compete? Has Lebron James’s reputation been tarnished? Did Kevin Durant make the right decision? While all these questions are buzzing through social media, we will leave those answers to the experts at ESPN.



Life Lessons from the 2017 NBA Finals


Here are 3 key lessons from the 2017 NBA Finals:


3) Even The Best Fall: Arguably the greatest player of our generation, LeBron James, couldn’t withstand the power of the Golden State Warriors. As he continued to break record after record, his results were not enough. This is a major life lesson for everyone in the world to witness. No matter how good you may be in something, no matter how dedicated you are, there will always be setbacks. Some of these setbacks may burn more than others. What you need to focus on is how hard you are going to bounce back. You need to accept the feeling of failure and let it motivate you towards greatness. Almost every time that Lebron has lost in the finals, he has come back stronger. That is a winner’s mentality.


2) Ignore The Doubters:  Whether you respect Kevin Durant’s decision or not, he became an NBA champion. He may have jumped onto a winning team, but he took the captains seat and led this team to victory by scoring over 30 points in every game in the finals. The lesson here is that sometimes you have to make a decision that is best for yourself. If everyone is doubting your decision, ignore them and begin to better yourself through that decision.


1) Talent is Only Getting Better:  The Golden State Warriors have elevated the game of basketball. They have changed the way the game is played today. The Golden State Warriors are a representation of what is going on in multiple industries in the world today. Technology is growing at the fastest pace than it ever has, social media is growing at the fastest pace it ever has, companies are innovating at the fastest pace they ever have. For the rest of us to keep up, we must elevate ourselves to reach a higher level.



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