Muay Thai Training and Its Physical and Mental Benefits


Muay Thai Training and Its Physical and Mental Benefits

Muay Thai training dates back to the 16th Century, when it was practiced by soldiers. It is a combat sport from muay Thai martial arts of Thailand which uses standup striking along with various clinching techniques.

This is the physical and mental training that includes the combined functioning of the fists, elbows, knees, shins, and feet popularly known as the “Art of eights limb”. This has been practiced over the years and has become famous worldwide.

Although it’s a combat sport many people are practicing for various reasons, it not only has promising physical benefits but mental acuity as well.

Physical Benefits of Muay Thai Training:

Muay Thai is a full-body workout. People who practice this combat sport regularly have guaranteed its miraculous effect on health and body sculpting. This comes as no surprise given that Muay Thai is a full-body workout that uses multiple muscles at the same time and the trainee develops a variety of physical routines and activities, such as running, jumping rope, kickboxing and shadowboxing. 

This training burns 1,000 to 1,200 calories provided that it contains aerobic and anaerobic exercises for more than 60 to 90 minutes, is the perfect way to get rid of that stubborn fat and toned muscles with more flexibility and a stronger core. Muay Thai enhances your stamina and strengthens your cardiovascular health.  It involves countless sessions of rigorous training that tests your patience and strength. 

Thankfully cardiovascular training strengthens the fighter enough that they can go on for rounds and rounds of training without feeling tired from this combat sport. Through regular training and activities, hip mobility increases and that will be a reward from you to your future self, it lowers the risks of getting hip injuries and other related medical conditions.

To make it more appealing the Muay Thai gear is a favourite for all the fitness with style kinda people, it consists of Muay Thai boxing shorts, gloves, and other equipment.

Kicking and knee movements are another important physical benefit unleashed in Muay Thai. It also provides the confidence to carry yourself in given conditions.

Mental Benefits of Muay Thai Training:

Muay Thai is one of the most efficient ways of busting out stress after a rough day. What’s a better way of letting out all the stress than practicing a sport that lets you throw punches and leg kicks? 

This also helps in channelling negativity out of your body and gives you an endorphin rush, famously called the happy hormone makes you feel all freshened up. Recent studies show that adults who are involved in advanced pieces of training such as combat and karate are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression compared to people who are not involved in such activities. 

The mediative effects of this training help with the emotional well-being of the fighters and also helps them in managing their aggression efficiently and provide them with a way around the expression of it. 

It has also been suggested through research that Muay Thai training is a kind of AST (Attention state training) which helps advance the fighter’s attention span and develop a more strongly focused state of mind.

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