Resume for teens

Resume for teens


Resume For Teens

First-time job seekers in their teens may need to produce a professional-looking resume. First impressions matter; therefore, your resume should be well-structured and contain information about your most relevant talents. ” When you have a template and a few ideas to get you started, writing a resume becomes much more straightforward. Stay tuned to know more about resumes for teens!

You must write a resume if you are a high school student who wants to change schools or get a summer job. Some children are lucky enough to have their parents or guardians help them write their resumes. However, most children will have to write their resumes on their own.

So, if you are looking for some tips for writing a resume for teens, then you have to give a few minutes to read this article as you will learn about some practical steps to create your first resume.

How do you build a professional resume for a teenager?

To demonstrate to a potential employer that you have the qualifications they need, you might include examples from many areas of your life in your resume. It would be best to share all necessary information that impresses a recruiter. You have to follow the following steps to create your resume.

Carefully examine the job description.

Use the job description as a guide while creating your CV so that you may focus on the criteria that are essential to recruiters. In addition, you may use it as a guide for what to include and utilise the keywords to showcase your most relevant talents and expertise.

Don’t hide your contact information.

So that a recruiter may readily reach you, ensure all your contact information is readily available. Send an email along with your details. You need to mention your town and state if you don’t want to submit your full street address. 

Moreover, you must add your contact number so that a recruiter can contact you on your mobile phone. You should also use a professional email address, including your first or last name to send an email to the company.

Give a professional overview. 

Including a professional description emphasising the essential experiences and abilities you’ve gained will help you fill in the gaps in your resume for teens if you don’t have much work experience. Ideally, this should be a one or two-sentence summary of who you are and why you’d be a suitable candidate for the job you are applying for.

It is possible to tailor your professional summary to the position you are looking for. Applying for jobs in various sectors, typical while searching for entry-level opportunities, necessitates this step. At the beginning of your sentence, use an adverb that conveys a desire to learn, such as:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Dedicated 
  • Energetic
  • People-oriented

Make a list of all of your functional abilities.

Tell about any accolades you’ve received, such as being on the dean’s list or winning a school competition. Show your awards and accomplishments. In addition, if your hobbies and interests demonstrate abilities or expertise relevant to the position you’re applying for, include them in your resume.

Even though many kids don’t possess professional job experience, they may demonstrate relevant expertise earned via voluntary work at their school or community. Therefore, a brief statement of what sort of volunteer work you did might be included in your resume.

Make sure your resume is proofread correctly before submitting it.

You should at the very least double-check your CV for mistakes. Also, if you can, have a friend or family member proofread your resume to see if there are any problems you may have missed.

Tips for creating resumes for teens 

Indeed, you have to follow the steps you have read in the previous section. But in this section, you will get some valuable tips to create your resume or CV. These tips will increase the chance of making an impressive CV. The following are the tips that will help you to impress the recruiter with a resume-

Use simple text

You might be planning to use fancy text in your resume. A simple text style can be more impressive than a fancy text style, as a simple text style will make your information stand out to hiring managers and recruit. Arial, times new roman, or Calibri will be the best text style for a resume.

Take help from prewritten templates.

Indeed, you have to create your resume without copying the other resume. But you can use prewritten templates to look at a format you must follow to create your resume. You will find prewritten resume templates on the various websites on the internet.

Share your experience

If you want to impress the recruiter. Then it would be best to add relevant experience related to the job profile. For example, suppose you are applying for a job as a camp counsellor, then you must mention your experience working with children. You can mention experience in customer services if you are applying for a job like a waiter. In short, you have to mention your experience related to the job profile in the resume. 

If you did not have any experience. Then you can write this line ‘‘I do not have any experience, but looking forward to gaining experience by working with you’’  as a line like this will impress the hiring manager.

Use action words

While mentioning your achievement in the resume, you should use action words like created, researched, tailored, and more instead of usually listing. These words will emphasise the value of your experience in the resume and impress the hiring manager.

Ask your friend or family member to read.

Indeed, no human can do a mistake-free task. Similarly, you can not make your resume without a mistake. So it would be best to ask your friend or family member to read your resume before submitting it as sometimes, a person does not find a mistake in their work. It will help you to make an error and mistake-free resume. A clean or error-free resume will represent you as a polished candidate for a job.


Getting a part-time job is something that many teenagers dream of doing, whether it’s to get some extra cash to pay for movies and games or to save for college. Teens who present themselves professionally and enthusiastically are often sought after by employers. Even if you’ve never had a job, putting up a resume for teens looking for a part-time or efficient job is easy. You can create a professional resume by following the steps and tips you have read in this article.

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