The Top 20 Halal Restaurants In The World

What began as a single restaurant for many of these businesses has now turned into a worldwide sensation. Not only is their food halal but it is also delicious, cultural and most importantly, authentic.


#20 Yosma

Inspired by the streets of Istanbul, Yosma has been providing delicious Halal food to their customers in London England. The menu of Yosma is a showcase of the heritage, flavors of Turkey, and attention to detail.


#19 Paramount Fine Foods

What began as a single restaurant in Mississauga Canada has now transformed into a world famous restaurant chain. Paramount has turned casual dining into a healthy and exotic experience! They have even expanded into their own butcher shop chain too. Paramount is one restaurant that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


#18 Mamoun’s Falafel

Mamoun’s Falafel has been serving delicious Middle Eastern food to the residents of New York since 1971! Their long history and amazing customer service have helped establish them as the go-to falafel spot across New York.


#17 Tagine

Tagine takes Morrocan cuisine to an entirely new level. Based out of Los Angeles, Tagine’s creative style and delicious taste have customers consistently posting amazing reviews about the restaurant.


#16 The Kokoriko

Based out of Paris France, The Kokoriko provides a relaxing atmosphere with delicious food. Their menu is full of healthy drinks, cocktails, and delicious smoothies, which provides a positive experience.


#15 The Meat Co

The Meat Co is a world famous steakhouse, having chains in different parts of the world, including the Middle East and London. The restaurant is dedicated to providing Halal meat with high standards of fresh and organic ingredients.


#14 Eid Halal Korean Bangi

Eid Halal restaurant is situated in Bangi, Malaysia. The restaurant specializes in high-end Korean cuisine. With a diverse menu, delicious food, and affordable prices, this restaurant has become a world wide sensation!


#13 Chan’s Halal Chinese

Philadelphia has been blessed with a gem through Chan’s Halal Chinese restaurant. All of their dishes come from authentic Chinese cuisine that is jam packed with delicious flavors and great prices.


#12 Nomad Marrakech

Nomad Marrakech first launched in 2014 and has grown astronomically since then. Their modern Moroccan cuisine has an elaborate menu that uses fresh local produce for their dishes. Nomad is suitable for both vegetarians and meat eaters.


#11 Paprika Halal Restaurant

Paprika provides the authentic American cuisine while incorporating halal meats. The menu contains salads, sandwiches and many other delicious foods that are native to American dining. Whether you’d like to dine in or take out, Paprika is here to serve you!


#10 Dubai Sauce

Dubai Sauce is located in the heart of California, providing 100% halal food to the residents of Los Angeles. The restaurant is a Mediterranean Grill that is jam packed with the Middle Eastern flavors that you will love! This restaurant is a perfect place to hop in for lunch or to bring the whole family for dinner!

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#9 Cona Restaurant

Located in Bradford USA (Little Germany), Cona has become the merger of halal meats and sophistication. Cona specializes in providing prime cuts of natural graded beef. Every time you dine at Cona, you will be given a premium quality experience and top level service.


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#8 The Bosporus

Bosporus provides the people of Dubai with delicious Turkish cuisine. Whether you are looking for an Antrikot Steak or a Doner Sandwich, this restaurant will satisfy you like no other.


#7 Nafeesa Unique Bites

Located in Philadelphia, Nafeesa is here to serve you! Nafeesa is a food truck that specializes in poutines and sliders. This is the perfect place to bring your family and friends to indulge into some delicious foods.


#6 Dishoom Shoreditch

Located on Boundary street in London England, Dishoom has the most delicious eastern styled cuisine. With flavors from Pakistani, Indian and Arab cuisine, Dishoom has become an internationally recognized restaurant for everyone to enjoy!

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#5 Al Baik

Al Baik is a chain of fast food restaurants across Saudi Arabia. The restaurant provides high-quality foods with amazing prices. Whether you are in the mood for a shawarma or a burger, Al Baik will serve you the best food! The foundation of this company is built off strong values and strict standards of food and cooking.


#4 The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys are a world-renowned international chain of restaurants. What began in 1990 as a New York food-truck, has transformed into an international food chain! Their famous falafel and secret garlic sauce have made its way around social media making them a world wide sensation!


#3 Herfy

The Herfy is a chain of world-class fast food restaurants across Saudia Arabia. Due to their vision of consistent improvements, their restaurants have become internationally recognized. Herfy’s menu has a wide range of choices from their sandwiches to their Arabian Sweets.


#2 BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight has been serving delicious across 14 different locations worldwide. They serve authentic Pakistani dishes that have become famous for their unique spices and delicious flavor. The restaurant is one of the pioneers of true BBQ dining.


#1 Al Tazaj

Al Tazaj has established itself across the middle east with over 100 restaurants. The restaurant started in 1989 in the Holy city of Mecca, as a small chicken restaurant. Since then, the restaurant has grown astronomically. By using the highest-quality ingredients from natural sources, Al Tazaj has created the most incredible halal restaurant chain in the history of the world.

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