Tiktok Marketing Benefits for Businesses


Tiktok Marketing Benefits for Businesses

When it comes to digital trends, one might wonder whether there’s anything more popular than TikTok right now? The answer is probably no as TikTok has taken the world by storm with its 1 billion active users worldwide

Not only that, the TikTok app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times globally on the App Store and Google Play.

TikTok challenged the entire social media sphere as it could offer users an advanced video editing tool directly on their mobile. Its biggest strength is the short videos, that is, fast entertainment. Companies have a fantastic opportunity to connect with their audience on TikTok, but they must first learn how to use the platform to its full potential.

As a company, you can choose to be active with an account on TikTok or just advertise on the platform. Some businesses even use an experienced TikTok ads agency to boost their TikTok marketing campaign efforts and leverage the platform’s marketing potential at an affordable price.

However, keep in mind that you must first make sure that the target group you want to reach is actively present on the platform.

In this post, we look at why and how TikTok marketing is beneficial for your business’s success.

Has a Massive Growing Audience

As we mentioned above, because of the high number of users and downloads, TikTok has become especially popular with the younger audience making teenagers and young adults the platform’s main user demographic. In fact, a total of 32.5% of the users in the United States are between 10 and 19 years old whereas 29.5% are between 20 to 29 years.

Given the sheer number of users and the rate at which it is growing, it undoubtedly provides access to a large audience. Additionally, many people find it far easier to create viral video content on TikTok than on other channels that can swiftly reach hundreds and even thousands of people.

It’s a Highly Engaging Platform

TikTok has been described as one of the most creative and engaging apps as it has an average daily usage of more than 52 minutes per user, with millions of entertaining videos shared every day.

When one takes the company’s global reach into account, it’s no surprise that this social media network is also one of the most popular networks internationally and if you wish to market your business internationally, then TikTok can help you reach and connect with global audiences and new potential customers.

All of this is great because it makes TikTok much less dependent on ads than other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

The Power of Short Videos

The number one reason why TikTok has gained such widespread popularity is that it allows users to create short video clips with only a few seconds of compelling content, which is particularly helpful for marketers who are busy and don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Other apps might require several minutes or even hours to create video content whereas TikTok allows simple editing of video clips practically on the go. Afterward, you can easily cross-post them on other social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram Stories, and Facebook.

In addition, short videos have proven to be effective when brands and advertisers try to reach audiences who are not interested in long-form content. Shorter videos are perfect for people who have a shorter attention span and allow businesses to get their message conveyed to people who are not into other forms of marketing content. For that reason there are now multiple AI software that can help you create short videos from long-form content. You can even convert twitch clips to tiktok.

Collaborate With a Massive Pool of Influencers

If there’s one thing about TikTok that makes it fascinating, it is that any user can go viral. An account with zero followers and zero views on previously posted content, can post a video and suddenly get a million views.

For this reason, the ability to attract a massive following on TikTok means that the platform has a great pool of influencers to choose from for a collaboration or marketing campaign. For example, if you’re looking to target a specific group of consumers in any given country or region, chances are great that you will find the most suitable TikTok influencer who will meet your criteria and who has a great follower count.

Final Thoughts

Today, it’s crucial to keep up with the trends in digital marketing and see how different apps can bring your business new opportunities. As one of the newest social media platforms, TikTok has proven to be easy to use and allows businesses to market their brand, target current and prospective clients, boost engagement, and build strong relationships with their followers.

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