8 Tips To Live A Clutter-Free Life


8 Tips To Live A Clutter-Free Life

Too much clutter inside your home can negatively affect your mental health. With the number of things lying around, it might not spark joy when you enter the room. But instead, you become frustrated with how messy the place is and how much effort it’ll take to clean it. Therefore, it would be ideal to live a clutter-free life.

Some people might feel like having a home that looks straight out of a magazine is impossible. But with some adjustments and lifestyle changes, your home can always look neat. To help you get started, here are some tips for living a clutter-free life.

  • Begin By Decluttering

The first step you need to do is to declutter your entire home. This could take a lot of effort, especially if you have a large house. You can declutter room by room to make it more manageable. You can start at the cleanest room down to the most cluttered one. 

When you declutter your items, you can throw them away, donate them to charity, or store them in a separate room. However, if you don’t have extra storage space, you might want to use a 40ft shipping container to store items that you may find useful in the future. External storage space allows you to keep items you don’t need inside your home. It can enable a cleaner and clutter-free home.

  • Go Through Your Items Regularly

Decluttering is usually a regular project for most homeowners. So, if you’d like to maintain the cleanliness of your home, you can follow suit. You can go through your home at least every six months. It can help you organize your stuff and keep your home clean. 

If you declutter regularly, tidying up your home won’t entail a massive expense, and you can only accumulate less mess, which means less work in the long run.

  • Avoid Duplicating Items

As you declutter your home, you’ll know what items you still have at home. When you go out shopping, you can skip buying things you already have. Even if the items are on sale or come with a better design, if you still have something that works, you shouldn’t buy it. 

Minimizing what you buy will require courage and lifestyle changes. Avoiding duplicating items will help you have less clutter and save money from unnecessary expenses.

  • Switch To Paper-Free Bills

Most would come from paper waste. It could be your household bills or documents that you print out. Reducing your paper usage can help you reduce your home’s clutter dramatically. 

You can ask the subscription companies if they can turn your bills into digital ones or if they have options for digital transactions. Switching to paper-free transactions allows you to receive e-mails about your accounts instead of paper. This can help you minimize paper bills you might forget to throw out, which causes clutter when it accumulates.

  • Have A Place For Everything

Clutter occurs when things aren’t sitting where they’re supposed to. To avoid misplacing items, you must ensure that every item has its own place. You can begin by having a dedicated drawer or container for different item categories.

When you go shopping, think first if it has a room inside your home. You shouldn’t buy them if you can’t think of a place where you’ll place them or if you don’t find them useful in the first place.

  • Use Organization Tools

In line with having a place for everything, it’ll be helpful if you could use organization tools. This can help to keep things in order and make every space functional.

You can use a stacking container, file organizer, and drawers. You can add a label on each drawer and box to find items easily. Having a proper organization method allows you to know where to store things. It can help prevent you from putting things anywhere, as it’ll only cause clutter.

  • Maximize Other Spaces Of Your Home

As discussed earlier, if you have to keep plenty of things with you, you’ll need proper storage space. This gives you a decent place to store your items without making them look like clutter. You can renovate your home and maximize your storage space. It could be utilizing your under-stairs space or using an extra room. Alternatively, you can maximize your vertical space by installing wall shelves.

  • Always Put Everything Back To Its Place

Adapting to new lifestyle changes is essential if you want to live a clutter-free life. When you use an item, you must put them back immediately to where it belongs. Placing them on any surface will lead to clutter, no matter how small it is. It’s best never to delay this step and bring the item back for later, as there is a tendency for you to forget it. If you can do it now, bring them back to their original place.


Living a clutter-free life will require a few changes. It could start from decluttering your home to simply bringing items back to where it was. It might also force you to avoid excessive shopping and be more organized with your items. While some changes might be too extensive than others, making your home tidier will allow for a clutter-free life.

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