Top 10 Barbers Around the World


Ready for your next haircut, get it with one of these barbers.

When you get your hair cut with one of these barbers, it’s more than a cut, it’s an experience.

#10 Luxy Barbers – Port Credit, Ontario

Luxy is the place you want to go before a date, a birthday, or even just to enjoy the rest of your day with a fresh look!

Luxy has become the go-to spot for many celebrities. Russell Peters recently made an appearance at the shop, and got a pretty awesome cut.

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#9 Humble Barber – Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Founded by Sean Aylward, this place is your one-stop shop for everything a man needs to look and feel his best!

At the Humble Barber you are provided the best quality service (the hot towel shave is heavenly) that will have you coming back as a loyal customer.

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#8 Absolut Barber- Longeuil, Quebec

Cutting hairs since 1980, this barbershop can do anything! From fades to professional designs, this is the place you want to get your haircut!

What’s even cooler is that on their website you can follow their barbers on Instagram so that you can stay up to date with the hottest styles.

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#7 Dublin Barber – Dublin, Ireland

This is the best haircut in all of Ireland! The atmosphere is so much fun that you will probably want to stay long after your cut is complete.

From trendy barbers to chandeliers, this barber shop is the place you want to get your next cut.

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#6 DeepCuts Barber’s – Singapore

Their description really just says it all: “just a bunch of Singaporeans pursuing our passion for barbering and male grooming in the attic.”

These individuals have taken their talents to new heights and have become one of the most internationally recognized barbershops across the world!

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#5 The Dirty Razor – Cordoba, Argentina

This is the best barber shop in all of Argentina! Their cuts and shaves are done with precision and high end barbers.

The reviews left online about this shop our outstanding! You will love it here.

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#4 Barber – Amsterdam

This barber shop likes to refer to their cuts as “Treatments.” You can order different types of Treatments based on your preferences!

If you are looking to spend an hour, we recommend the “Obi-Wan.” If you are looking for a quick and fresh cut, we recommend “The Connery.”

Visit their website!

#3 Blind Barber – New York City, America

The Blind Barber is one of the most elite barbershops in all of the United States. With some of the most experienced barbers in the world, their cuts will leave you feeling nothing less than fabulous!

They also give tips on how to take care of your hair through their blog! Be sure to give them a read.

Visit their website!

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#2 Blessed Barber – El Paso, Texas

Voted the #1 customer service in all of El Paso, this barber shop is the real deal.

Not only do they specialize in fades and lineups, but they also cut women’s hair too.

Next time you are in Texas, be sure to get your hair cut here.

Visit their website!

#1 Barber Shop – Lake Worth, Florida

There is a reason this barbershop has over 240,000 likes on Facebook and counting!

What started in 1999 as a regular barbershop has transformed into stardom!

This barbershop has become a world leader in fades, grooming services, scissor cuts, designs and much more!

Visit their page!

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 10 Barbers Around the World!

The inclusion of barbers in this list was based on research done by our lifestyle experts at Influence Digest.

We would like to add an honorary mention to our list. This barbershop has really pushed the envelope on the barber experience!

Bali Barber – Bali, Indonesia 

Who would have thought that such a world-class barbershop could be found on an exotic island in the South Pacific?

Bali Barber was founded by Desmond Koval, a native New Yorker and career expat who couldn’t find a barbershop when he moved to Bali so he created a classic American Barbershop and infused it with Indonesian hospitality and it’s since become the hub of the professional expat community.
This shop has rapidly risen to the top of world-class barbershops and offers a full a proper list of classic services such as scissor cuts, fades, hot towel shaved, hair coloring, Beard contouring, and in chair nail and skin services. Undoubtedly the best barbershop in Asia and one to keep an eye on internationally. When they say “ultimate barber service,” they mean it!

 Visit their page! 


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