10 Up and Coming Fashion Gurus

10 Up-And-Coming Fashion Gurus


These fashion gurus are taking over the fashion world.

These beautiful women have leveraged the power of social media to grow their influence in the world of fashion.

We hope you’re as amazed by these fashion gurus as we are, their dedication and creativity goes beyond words.


#10: Anna Quan

Anna has turned simplicity into elegance with her unique and fashionable designs.

Simplicity is key and Anna has mastered the art.

We are a big fan of the “Allerga Shirt.”

Learn more at annaquan.com

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#9: Lisa Hamilton

Lisa is a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger who takes her styles with her on the go!

We love Lisa’s keen fashion sense mixed with her upbeat personality, it makes a wonderful mix.

Want to improve your wardrobe? Check out her Instagram for tons of new styles!

Also, visit her website at seewantshop.com.au/boutique

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#8: Lynette Cenee

Being born in the beauty and entertainment industry, Lynette has keen eye for fashion that she has turned into a reality.

Today, she has become the go-to artist for commercials, photo shoots, music videos, fashion videos and much more.

Follow her on Instagram to catch a glimpse of what real fashion is.

Visit her website at lynettecenee.com


#7: Cindy Van Der Heyden

While being a mother, Cindy has been able to maintain and grow her fashion styles to new heights.

Cindy has turned the colour black into a happy and peaceful shade that we just can’t get enough of.

We love her Instagram feed, it gives us inspiration daily.

Learn more at cottds.com


#6: Kristina

Her motto is great: “for dreamers with a lust for life, adventure and luxury style..”

Kristina is a lifestyle, travel and fashion blogger who posts regularly with some great content.

Be sure to read her blog titled “2 Ways to Wear Joggers.” You will learn a thing or two.

Visit dayinmydreams.com for more info.


#5: Teresa Vu

Teresa is the guru behind the deja-vu blog!

With specialities in grey and pinstripe, Teresa’s fashion sense goes a long way.

We absolutely adore her HQ photos on her blog and we know you will too.

Learn more at dejavublog.com.au


#4: Bronte Olivia

Are you looking to walk into summer with a bang? Bronte is the lady for you.

Her fashion sense will have you standing out looking like the queen you want to be.

Oh, and her Instagram feed will have you wanting more and more.

Learn more at www.brontemac.com


#3: Claire Nguyen

Claire has started a fashion, beauty and lifestyle revolution with her “The Code of Style” social media pages and blog.

She’s based in Los Angeles California and she’s not scared to show off her sunny lifestyle.

Did we mention she recently dyed her hair a beautiful and unique pink?!

Check out her blog www.thecodeofstyleblog.com


#2: Kiara King

We like to call Kiara the queen of fashion. Her taste is breath taking and her pictures are marvelous.

Follow her Instagram for a daily dosage of beauty and modern fashion.

We support you Kiara!

Visit lioninthewild.com to grow your fashion sense today.


#1: Jiawa Liu

Based out of Australia, Jiawa has a fashion style like no other.

Everyday is something new and exciting with Jiawa.

Her blogs give meaning and explanations to her style, and you will love reading them too.

Learn more at beigerenegade.com

We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 Up-And-Coming Fashion Gurus!

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