Top 20 Interior Designers On Social Media

Top 20 Interior Designers On Social Media


Top 20 Interior Designers On Social Media

Interior designers and Instagram are a match made in heaven.

These interior designers have gracefully shared the beauty of their designs on social media.

Luckily for us, they’ve also shared bits and pieces of their incredible personal lives as well.

Looking through all these interior designers’ Instagram accounts, you will surely find inspiration in design.

#20 Nicole Gibbons

Nicole is an interior designer with a real eye for design. Her style is a blend of timeless sophistication with a modern edge.

Nicole is also a TV star who has helped many deserving families design their home and transform their lives.

#19 Kelly Behun

Kelly is a world renown interior designer whose style illustrates of mix of simplicity and elegance.

Her Instagram is full of her contemporary work that will have you staring for hours!

#18 Jessica Helgerson

Jessica’s work has been featured all over the world, from Gray Magazine all the way to The New York Times.

Her style is so unique. What’s even better is that she does both commercial and residential designs and is fantastic at her job too.

#17 Molly Madifs

Molly is a freelance designer, TV editor, and amazing cook!

Her work in interior design is some of the best we have ever seen. She takes a simplistic concept and adds life to it in her own way.

#16 Miles Redd

Miles is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour. His style is seen through playful melanges of high and low, with colour and modern gestures.

Just looking at Miles’s portfolio online will take your breath away.

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#15 Kirsten Grove

Kristen’s eye for interior design began at the young age of 9 when she was given full autonomy for design her bedroom.

Since then, she has taken her talents all over the world and is commonly recognized for “Simply Grove.” This is her outlet for everything “aesthetically beautiful.”

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#14 Grant K Gibson

Grant is one of the best residential interior designer in the world. His philosophy boils down to the idea that a home is the ultimate representation of personality.

His work is not only known for its beauty but also for functionality!

#13 House of Brinson

House of Brinson who are also known as Image makers are known for their interior lifestyle design and old home renovations.

What’s super is cool is that is their “One Room Challenge.” It’s an exciting venture that turns and old less fortunate room into a super room!

#12 Orlando Soria

Orlando has turned his passion into a lifestyle. Not only is he a phenomenal interior designer, but he is also a writer, and a visual artist.

You can find Orlando as that Premier Designer at Homepolish.

#11 Jenny Komenda

Based out of Phoenix Arizona, Jenny is a world class interior designer.

Since 2007, she has been sharing her favourite ideas, products and projects on her blog.

You can find Jenny’s work published in many places such as HGTV and the Wall Street Journal.

#10 Dabito

Dabito is the founder of Old Brand New and a trendy interior designer!

He turned an old studio into a Brand New studio (hence the name).

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#9 Sarah Sherman

Sarah is a interior designer, art director, and content creator!

Her blog is full of useful information that you can use towards your next design makeover!

Sarah’s niche is in surface and product design. We are very impressed with Sarah’s work and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

#8 Victoria Smith

Victoria runs the biggest interior design blog across the west coast!

Her designs are known to represent a “bohemian modern style.”

Visually, her work looks stunning and she is definetly somebody you want on board with your next design project.

#7 Justina Blakeney

Justina is a designer and artist. She is also the author of the New York Times bestseller: The New Bohemians.

Justina is also the founder of “Jungalow.” This is the style from her home which is cozy and homey but also wild like the jungle!

#6 Amber

Amber Interiors is ready to tackle any task you hand to them. Whether it is redesigning your kitchen or redesigning your entire home, they are ready for the task!

Their Instagram page helps illustrate their vibrant designs and unique style.

#5 Jonathan Adler

Their mission: to bring “Modern American Glamour” into your life one way or another.

What started as summer camp curiosity in pottery has grown to over 30 stores that sell a myriad of categories to make your home more glamorous than ever.

#4 Studio McGee

What began in a spare bedroom has blossomed into one of the largest interior design studios in the nation!

Husband and wife, Syd McGree and Shea McGee dedicated their passion and hard work into this business and created something special.

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#3 Kelly Wearstler

Kelly is more than just an interior designer! She is a mother, artist and nature lover.

Her work takes on both residential and commercial and the results show that she is a real professional in both departments.

#2 Emily Henderson

Famously known as the author of her New York Times bestseller, Styled, Emily has taken her talents to new heights.

Her company now specializes in mixing eclectic styles on a fair budget. Her blogs will give you great design tips too!

#1 Bri Emery

Bri is the top interior designer on social media today. Her talents have taken her above and beyond traditional success.

What is so unique about Bri is that her style varies based on the situation she is dealing with.

Bri is the interior designer that so many look up to.


We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 20 Interior Designers On Social Media

The inclusion of interior designers are based on research done by our lifestyle and business experts at Influence Digest.

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