Top 20 Travel Bloggers

Top 20 Travel Bloggers


These travel bloggers have turned travelling into an art.

A lot of us love to travel. We might take pictures and even jot down a few notes. These travel bloggers take photos and notes to a whole other level.

We travelled all over the world (no pun intended) to find the best travel bloggers online and on social media. Enjoy the list!

#20 Anette White

Anette likes to refer to herself as an “experience collector.”

To this day, she has travelled to over 45 countries (and counting) and has developed herself into a writer and author!


#19 Johnny Jet

Johnny knows how to stretch a dollar and make his travel dreams come true!

He is now on a mission to help you save money and time with your travels so that you can enjoy the full experience without all the hassle.


#18 Christy Woodrow

Christy is far from your ordinary traveller. She has been able to capture moments that may never be repeated again.

Christy has emerged as a world class photographer and one of the world’s best travel bloggers.


#17 Clelia Mattana

Clelia is a blogger, traveller, photographer who has documented her journey to all the amazing places she has been!

If you are looking for travel gear or places to visit, Clelia can help you with that.


#16 Aileen Adalid

Aileen was ranked in the “Top 20 Travel Bloggers Worldwide.”

She has become famous for her vlogs as they will captivate you and make you feel that you are on the same travel journey as her.

#15 Mervz

Mervz is a travel, lifestyle, and food blogger who knows exactly where to go and when to go!

Fun fact: Mervz has been to all 81 provinces in the Philippines!


#14 Caz Craig

They are a family of travel bloggers! That’s right.. a family with kids!

As they like to say “Unplug from the chaos, follow your bliss, travel more and create better memories.”

This family is here to help you from step 1 of saving money for you travels all the way to picking your destination!


#13 Ben Schlappig

At the young age of only 27, Ben is a full time travel blogger who travels over 400,000 miles per year!

He is on the move so much that he can only stay in one place for no longer than 10 days!

His blog will help you find the best airlines, best food, best accommodations and ultimately make your next trip one to remember.


#12 Rachel Jones

Rachel is also known as the “Hippie in Heels.” She is a travel blogger, and writer for Bravo TV!

Her current destination as of now is in Goa, India (how cool is that?!).

If you are looking for travel resources, follow Rachel! She is here to help.


#11 Brennan Clost

Brennan is a world traveller that is currently residing in Salzburg Austria.

He created a blog that was by millennials and for millennials! This blog not only covers his travels but is here to help your brain, body and beauty.

#10 Yaya and Lloyd

This dynamic duo is on a mission to travel the world and to taste the world too!

If you are looking to travel the world and find the best places to eat, Yaya and Lloyd are you go-to guys!

If you get a chance, read their article titled: “The Search for the Holy Grail in Valencia Spain,” you will learn a thing or two about Spain.


#9 Matthew Karsten

Matt has been to places the typical traveller wouldn’t dare to enter.


Because he is fighting to show the world that these areas in which the media has portrayed so poorly are actually functional and beautiful societies.

We respect your cause Matt!


#8 Catherine Poulain

Not only is Catherine a world traveller, but she is also an international model & influencer contributor for GQ Italia!

Currently she is in Amsterdam but is soon going to be on route to Ibiza, Cannes, Tokyo, Paris, and Los Angelas.


#7 Nomadic Matt

Well, the name says it all really! If you are looking to travel on a budget, then you need to pick up a copy of Matt’s book (which is a New York Times bestseller) “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”

Read it, learn it, and utilize it! Safe travels!

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#6 Anton Diaz

This couple has successfully travelled the world and have become award winning food and travel bloggers for their work along the way!

Currently they are in Manilla Philippines and are documenting every moment of their journey (thankfully).

“Coco Mama” looks delicious!


#5 Santoshi Shetty

Professionally, Santoshi is an architect is who has established a great career for herself!

Currently she is travelling the world while creating content for her travel and fashion blog!

Santoshi’s current spot is Maldives!


#4 Dave & Deb

Dave and Deb are the most famous travelling couple in the world!

They have been to over 105 countries (that’s over half of the countries in the world) and have been documenting, photographing, and video recoding the journey!

What a life they have created for themselves!


#3 Kiersten – The Blonde Abroad

Kierstan, who likes to refer to herself as the Blonde Abroad has one of the most amazing YouTube channels in the world today!

She documents her journey with passion and geniuenly wants to give tips and advice to future travellers who take the same route she did!

Currently Keirsten is visiting South Africa.


#2 Brittany Xavier

Brittany has done it all! She is a world traveller, trendy fashionista, wife, and mother!

She has managed to accomplish all of those labels while making it look easy!

If you are looking for some great content regarding fashion, travel, or even blogging, make sure to follow her!


#1 Jack Morris

Jack is a man on a mission. He is travelling the globe to truly understand the world and what it is that we as humans are seeking.

His recent to trip to Cambodia will leave you dumbfounded. The pictures he took were the kind that cannot be replicated. His stories of his journey will make you realize just how special other cultures around the world truly are.

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