The Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In The World

The Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In The World

The rise of healthy vegetarian restaurants has started a health revolution across the world. Our society is becoming increasingly more health and environmental conscious. These 20 restaurants have risen above the rest and have created an impact in the world through their delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes. Whether you are a traveler, foodie, or just an individual who enjoys great experiences, these are the Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In The World.


#20 Thrive Organic

Thrive Organic is a Canadian based restaurant offering organic food that is delicious while also being a powerhouse of nutrients. They have over 14 years of culinary experience which is why their customers consistently brag about how delicious and healthy the food is. Their menu is designed around optimum nutrition and health mastery.


#19 Hibiscus Café

Hibiscus is a family-run vegetarian café based in Canada; they create unique vegetarian recipes which are gluten-free and also organic. They provide a wide array of delicious choices for their customers to indulge into. From soups, salads and ice-cream to vegan cookies and brownies, they have everything to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way.


#18 Food For Friends

Tasty, affordable, and fresh food are only some of the key characteristics that accurately describe Food For Friends. The unique recipes offered by this restaurant have gathered a massive fan base of loyal customers and foodies who swear by this delectable restaurant.


#17 Chicago Raw

Chicago Raw strives to provide 100% plant based food to their customers. They are on a mission to spread awareness around the world about the fresh and simple goodness of how vegetarian meals are rich in nutrients. Whether you dine in or take out, your food will be as fresh as can be!


#16 Dophert

Based in Amsterdam, Dophert is providing mouth-watering combinations of recipes to their customers every single day. With uniquely designed menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the recipes are solely made of fresh and organic vegetables while also being completely free of any lactose and eggs ingredients.


#15 Angelica Kitchen

Since 1976, Angelica Kitchen has been providing fresh and delicious food to the people of New York. They offer 100% plant based recipes while also using organic ingredients.What makes this restaurant so special is that they use renewable energy sources to grow their food while also supporting many non-profits like Farm Aid and Slow Food USA.


#14 The Gate

The Gate is known as London’s most successful vegetarian restaurant! Their dishes have a unique mix of Arab, Indian and Jewish cuisines. The Gate’s philosophy is to celebrate food, which is why their servings are as attractive and pleasant as the amount of nutrition within them.


#13 El Huerto

El Huerto is situated in Santiago. With the combination of arts, music and a spiritual environment, each meal is served with pure and natural organic recipes! You will come for the food and stay for the experience.


#12 Tibits

Fresh, delicious, and natural are the characteristics that define Tibits. Their menu is packed with over 40 homemade vegetarian dishes and salads. Almost anything that you may be craving is available at Tibits! From hot dishes to soups, salads and freshly pressed juices, Tibits will have you coming back for more. What began a single shop in London, has grown into a a chain of 8 restaurants across England.


#11 Candle 79

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, Candle has been committed to providing plant based and wholesome food to their customers since 1984. Whenever you go to Candle 79, you can count on their food being fresh and delicious.

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#10 The Big Carrot

With the goal of creating a healthy society, The Big Carrot prioritizes the use of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables that they turn into unique and delicious recipes for their customers. Their Carrot Kitchen creates dishes with local organic ingredients, with lots of delicious takeaway options!



#9 The Acorn Restaurant

Acorn is situated in the heart of Vancouver’s main street; it is an award winning vegetarian restaurant. It is the ultimate place for people looking for fresh and locally sourced ingredients. What makes Acorn such an attraction is their uniquely designed and delicious dishes that have a high level nutritional value.

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#8 Mildreds

Located on the famous Greek street, Mildreds has been satisfying their vegan customers since 1988. They break the old ways of basic and boring vegetarian recipes and have turned them into delicious and inspiring recipes for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a vegan or not, Mildreds’s food will have you coming back for more.


#7 The Springs

What began as an all in one wellness center, The Springs has been a hub for wellness in Los Angeles. They provide unique combinations of services to encourage the perfect life balance. Their vegetarian restaurant is full of fresh and natural dishes and recipes. While only using organic and gluten free products, they put their customers health as their number one priority.

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#6 Inspiral

With a vision of global sustainability as a priority, Inspiral’s recipes not only taste amazing, but are also full of nutritional benefits! Their gluten free and organic Kale Chips have won numerous awards!  What makes this establishment so special is their consistent innovation in their recipes such as the Almond Crackits, Super Bites, and Organic Vegan Cake.

#5 The Chicago Diner

Maintaining its legacy from 1983; The Chicago Diner is an award winning vegetarian and healthy food restaurant. Their entire menu ranges from soups and salads to burgers and heavy meals! Their slogan, “meat free since 83” has stood strong until this day!


#4 Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi is about the plant based sushi movement. Beyond Sushi celebrates the flavors of locally sourced and seasoned produce. Their recipes are 100% vegan and gluten free. Beyond Sushi offers an assortment of distinctive sushi rolls and other nutritional and delicious staples at their 3 branches in Manhattan. Their mission is to promote healthy eating through an all natural and sustainable menu.


#3 Live Organic Food

Live Organic Food is the ultimate destination for people seeking pure vegetarian organic food. Their recipes and presentation make their dishes an unforgettable experience. You can buy their products in store or online in an attractive and eco-friendly packaging.


#2 Haus Hiltl

Spreading across Switzerland, Haus Hiltl is the perfect spot if you are a traditional vegetarian. Haus Hiltl is not just a regular vegetarian restaurant, it is a brand. From their clubs to their academy, they are on a mission to promote a healthy and organic lifestyle. They hold a number of seminars around the world to promote styles of cooking that preserve and maximize nutritional values.

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#1 Cafe Gratitude

Café Gratitude is a movement. They have a collection of restaurants specializing in 100% organic food and gourmet cuisine. They are on a mission of promoting health and sustainability of both the community and the planet. Their recipes are diverse and delicious which means that you will walk out of the restaurant feeling happy and satisfied.

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