Top 20 Young Bloggers

Top 20 Young Bloggers


These young bloggers have captivated the minds of millions of readers on the internet.

At some point, a lot of people think of becoming a blogger and for this, you need good writing, writing essay service is the best option for this. These individuals were not only able to become young bloggers, but they also excelled at it. We searched all over the internet and social media to find the top young bloggers. From sharing their latest weekend or office outfits, to taking you on trips around the world and showing you the latest culinary innovations, these bloggers have a lot to offer. Enjoy the list and of course, enjoy their blogs!


#20 Ginger Natalie

Natalie has turned fashion from a hobby into a lifestyle. Her blog is filled with info to help you understand the fashion world to a greater degree.

Her fashion style is designed to make you feel more confident and thus perform better throughout the day.

Visit her website!


#19 Kristin Kowal

Also known as “The Venti Blonde,” Kristin is a lifestyle, beauty and travel blogger that will keep you up to date with everything you need to know in these categories.

Her style merges simplicity and elegance in a charming manner that you will enjoy.

Be sure to check out her blog on “Better Beauty: Spring Favourites”

Visit her website!


#18 Matt Stabile

Do you want to know where the best places in the world to travel are?

Matt has been on a journey across the world, from countries like Turkey all the way to Brazil.

His Instagram is full of pictures illustrating the unique lifestyles and cultures of societies from all over.

Visit his website!


#17 Claudia Materdomini

Claudia is a woman of many talents! She is a full-time beauty blogger who also has 1 child she is raising at the same time (that takes some intensive time management skills).

Whether you are reading her blog or scrolling through her Instagram, you will know that Claudia knowledgeable and reliable in her field of expertise!

Visit her website!


#16 Maurizio Leo

Baking is more than just a form of cooking, baking is an art that Maurizo is perfecting every day.

Looking for unique baking recipes? Maurizio’s got them! His blog is filled with insightful thoughts and tips that will help take your baking expertise to the next level.

Visit his website!

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#15 Erica

Better known for her blog “Celiac and the Beast,” Erica’s blog is jam packed with the most delicious and nutritious ideas for gluten free meals.

Being a Celiac has become a blessing in disguise for Erica. She has been able to harness this difference and turn it into her strength that so many have benefitted from.

Visit her website!

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#14 Adam Groffman

Adam is the travel blogger you want to keep following. In 2010, he dropped his career as a graphic designer and immersed himself in cultures around the world.

Today, he lives in Berlin (Europe’s most hipster city) and still consistently travels and blogs about it along the way.

Visit his website!


#13 Moti Ankari

Moti is the new leader in NYC fashion and personal style. His swagger illustrates the ideal look for the modern North American man.

The outfits from his trip to Sweden were on point!

Visit his website!


#12 Tara

Tara is a fashion blogger who has taken her skillset to new heights. Beginning her career in finance, she soon found her passion in fashion as a full time career.

Today, Tara runs “Trendy Bloggers” which is an online fashion & lifestyle magazine. This publication is designed to connect readers with people, places and events in relation to fashion and style.

Visit Tara’s website!

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#11 Sandra Espina

The beautiful Sandra is a fashion, beauty and travel blogger who has documented her journey in a beautiful and elegant manner.

Sandra’s blog on Bali is eye opening and breath taking! Her experiences tell a different story than the typical North American understanding of Bali.

We are so grateful for Sandra’s blogs.

Visit her website!

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#10 Simply Sadie Jane

Sadie is a fitness guru and more importantly, a “self love advocate.” Sadie, who has 2 beautiful kids has not let the effects of pregnancy effect her fitness goals. Today, she is striving to become a better, healthier and more well rounded individual and is here to help you too!

Visit her website!


#9 Jenna Rammell

Jenna is the famous author of “Macros Made Easy,” a book designed to provide you with recipes, information and guides to reaching your peak optimal goals.

Jenna’s blog is also filled with tips and tricks to help you stay healthy, look great, and most importantly feel great!

Visit her website!


#8 Kelsey McClellan

Are you looking to improve your fashion game? Do you want to stay ahead of the trend? Kelsey’s “Wardrobe Snacks” will have you ready to go for your next outing.

Her simplistic yet elegant style is evidence that you don’t need a lot to make a fashion statement.

Visit her website!

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#7 Akanksha Redhu

Based out of New Delhi, Ankanksha is the exotic style, travel and beauty blogger.

Her uniquely organized website will make it easy and fun for you to find the perfect outfit to wear, place to travel, or makeup product to use!

We love her blog on “3 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair”

Visit her website!


#6 Nicole Isaacs

Nicole is a culture, travel, and food blogger who has turned her lifestyle into a valuable content website for users to understand more about the world.

If you want to learn more about Nicole, read her blog labelled “My Life in a Nutshell”

For more info, visit her website!

#5 Liz Carlson

Liz is the guru you need to learn from before you decide to travel. She is currently an American living in New Zealand but has also travelled all over the world.

Her blogs give useful tips to prepare you for the excitement, pitfalls, and mystery of travelling!

Visit her website!


#4 Amena Fahad

Ameena is the orchestrator behind “Thirty & Fabulous”

Her unique blogging style is what has attracted so many to her page! With each Instagram picture she uploads, she writes her blog in the text beneath.

We are a big fan of her work!

For more info check out her Facebook Page!


#3 Sabrina Tubic

Sabrina is the blogger and YouTuber that you can’t get enough of!

Her expertise are in fashion, fitness, beauty and travel! Each one of her blogs are meticulously organised so that you can gain the best value of it!

Visit her website!

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#2 Naturally Ella

Are you a fan of delicious healthy food? Good, because we are too!

Ella is a cookbook author, a photographer, and most notably a fantastic blogger!

Her blogs are designed to keep you eating delicious and healthy meals everyday!

Visit her website!


#1 Aimee Song

Such an accomplished individual. In such a short time, Aimee has become a New York Times Best Seller with her book “Capture Your Style” and has made Forbes 30 under 30.

Aimee is the blogger you want to follow to keep your fashion on fleek this summer.

Visit her website!

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