Top 40 Foodies Cooking Up A Storm On Social Media

Top 40 Foodies Cooking Up A Storm On Social Media


These foodies don’t just love food, they cook food that millions of people love!

Foodies everywhere are thrilled that delicious videos, pictures and recipes have taken over social media. It’s all thanks to these special foodies who are also amazing at cooking!

We searched all over social media to find the top foodies who are cooking and sharing with the world! Altogether, these foodies have over 10 million followers on Instagram and Facebook!

Enjoy this tasty list!

#40: Heather Hands

Heather, who is also known as the Flourishing Foodie, is an up and coming dietitian, blogger, photographer, cook, and mother.

How she is able to manage all of these things, we will never know!

Heather’s “Bannanas Foster Pancake” recipe was delicious that we made twice!

Check out her website at


#39: Jehan Can

An absolute stunning cook that makes her creations into works of art!

On her let us just say that we have never such fresh looking Jamaican Patties than the batch she baked up on her Instagram page.

Jehan is a recipe developer and a food blogger (a great one too).

Check out her website at

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#38: Liz Harris

The famous founder of the Floating Kitchen, Liz has turned healthy eating into fun and delicious creations.

Her beautifully designed website makes it easy for you to find any recipe that you are looking for.

We were surprisingly delighted with hr “Savory Waffles with Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower” recipe.

Find your new favourite recipe at

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#37: Erin Gleeson

Erin is the founder and author of “The Forest Feast” cookbook which she authored 3 years ago. Since then, Erin has gone on to write multiple other books to help the inner chef inside you reach your highest potential.

We really love the value you have provided Erin! Keep going.

If you want to order your copy of her cookbook or even are looking for some cooking inspiration visit her website at


#36: Angela Davis

Angela is the Kitchenista that we have all been waiting for.

A self-taught cook who has merged culture and delectable foods into one element.

We absolutely love her recipe on how to make “Nigerian Beef Suya Tacos”

Take a look at her website, you’ll definitely find something for you:


#35: Andrea and Taylor

Andrea is a farmer who has studied and mastered the art of cooking with the freshest ingredients.

Andrea is the proud author of “Dishing Up The Dirt Cookbook” that is now being sold on Amazon.

Check out her website at


#34: Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo

Who loves scrumptious desserts? We do! Thankfully we have Sanda who has created some of the most delicious desserts we have ever seen.

Oh and top of all that, Sanda is a professional photographer.

Check out her work at


#33: Kankana Saxena

Kankana is the founder of Playful Cooking.

Her recipes are designed for you to whip up a great meal with your son or daughter.

Thank you Kankana for helping us have more family time.

For more info check out her website at


#32: Kristin Rosenau

Kristin may just be the best baker on Instagram today.

Her delectable creations will leave you wanting more and more.

Here at Influence Digest, we decided to bake up one of Kristin’s best creations, the “Sprouted Wheat Vanilla Chai Bars.” They were heavenly.

Thank you Kristin!

Check out her website at


#31: Tracy Benjamin

Tracy is food stylist, photographer and best of all, pen enthusiast.

Have you tried her Zucchini & Summer Squash Risotto? Well if not, please do so now! (Recipe on website)

Check out her website at


#30: Silvie Shirazi

Silvie has turned clean eating into a beautiful and delicious creations!

We are a big fan of her “Strawberry Cashew Chia Milk (Dairy-Free, Paleo Friendly)”

Be sure to check out her website at


#29: Ashlae W

Ashlae is a world class baker and the founder of Oh, Lady Cakes.

Her entire recipe index will have you drooling from the “Almond Cake with Chocolate Cocunut Frosting” all the way to the “Salted Chocolate Truffles”

Dive into her website at

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#28: Lee Tilghman

To start, Lee has the best looking website out of any foodie on the internet today! Wow, it is mesmerizing.

Lee is a recipe developer, health nut, and runner!

You can count on her creations being delicious, healthy and beautifully looking.

Visit her website for more inspiration at


#27: Sarah Kieffer

Sarah is the author of the beautiful “Vanilla Bean Baking Book.” This book is a masterful work of art that allows the reader to embrace the emotion in the recipe that Sarah was feeling when she created the book.

Also, for more updated recipes check out her blog! The “Mocha Oatmeal” sounds delicious.

Check out her website at


#26: Kevin Lynch

Kevin’s ideology is that you do not need a massive, fully loaded kitchen to create delicious creations.

That is why he is the founder of Closet Cooking!

Kevin has an assortment of cookbooks to help you become the best chef you can be (without the need for expensive equipment and tools).

Follow his website at

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#25: Anna Jones

Anna is the author of “A Modern Way to Eat” and “A Modern Way to Cook”

Her website is beautifully designed to give you the perfect recipes by season!

With summer just around the corner, be sure to find the perfect dishes to make for you and your family.

Visit her website at

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#24: Edd Kimber

Edd is the Boy Who Bakes. Edd has accomplished a lot in his life so far

He winner of The Great British Bake Off and is currently the host of the podcast: “Stir the Pot”

For more inspiration from Edd, check out his website at

A post shared by Edd Kimber (@theboywhobakes) on


#23: Kathryne Taylor

Kathryne is one of the best food photographers on Instagram today.

Her dishes just pop out of the screen!

Kathryne specializes in the art of whole food recipes, and has just released her meatless cookbook titled “Love real Food” that you can pre-order today!

For more info, visit her website at


#22: Sarka Babicka

Sarka is a traveller and foodie merged together.

Her dishes take inspiration from all over the world, and look stunning too!

For more info about Sarka and her dishes, visit


#21: Beth

Beth is the founder of Budget Bytes which is designed to allow you to eat delicious gourmet food without spending a fortune!

Her Instagram video demonstration of “Ultimate BBQ Chicken Quesadillas” will have you drooling from start to finish.

Check out her website at for more info.

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#20: Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley is the founder and operator of “Not Without Salt”

Her website makes it easy for you to navigate and search to find the perfect recipe for you.

Let us just say, her “Cauliflower Tabouli” does not disappoint!

Check out her work at

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#19: Brittany Wright

We love Brittany’s motto. She sees food as an art that she can absorb and make something creative out of.

If you are looking to get some high quality images and portraits of food, Brittany is the right person to go to.

Be sure to check out her website at


#18: Adrianna Adarme

Adrianna is the founder of A Cozy Kitchen.

Her entire Instagram will have your jaw dropping and mouth drooling.

We absolutely love her “3 15-Minute Healthy-Ish Lunch/Dinner” recipes.

To find out more, visit


#17: Naomi Robinson

Naomi has perfectly organized her recipes to suit your taste buds.

As soon as you go onto the website you get to pick what kind of flavor you are looking for: sweet, savory, cocktails, and holiday recipes!

A little birdy told us that Naomi has the best tasting brisket recipe on Instagram.

Check out her work at


#16: Izy Hossack

Izy is a food science and nutrition student who has turned her studies into realities!

Her cookbook “Top With Cinnamon” is jam packed with over 75 recipes to satisfy your taste buds

Way to go Izy!

Check out her work at


#15: Alissandra B. Maffucci

Alissandra is the genius inventor of Inspiralized

The Inspiralizer is a machine that turns vegetables into noodles. Almost all the Inspiralized recipes include spiralized vegetables to satisfy your noodle craving and give you that healthy boost.

And oh yes… they are verified.

For more info, visit

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#14: Jaclyn Bell

Who doesn’t want to eat classy? Jaclyn’s platform is designed to help you make the best looking and tasting food that you can share with all your friends and family.

Jaclyn… we love your “Cheesecake Lemon Bars”

For more info, follow


#13: Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park

Teri and Jenny took matters into their own hands and created Spoon Fork Bacon.

They have come up with hundreds of original recipes for you and I to enjoy whenever we please.

Thank you Teri and Jenny.

For info visit


#12: Chungah Rhee

Chungah has taken simple ingredients and turned them into elegant dishes.

Her website will help you make any dish you please in a delicious and easy to make fashion.

We love the “Turkey & Spinach Veggie Lasagna” recipe.

The video tutorials make it so easy to learn.

Want to indulge more? Visit


#11: Donal Skehan

Donal has already authored 7 cookbooks that have all been hits!

He is a YouTuber and is consistently posting awesome recipes online.

We are a big fan of Donal’s “15 Minute Steak Tacos”

Keep winning Donal!

Learn more about Donal at

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#10: Tieghan Gerard

Do you like real food with real ingredients?

Well, fancy meeting you here – let us introduce you to Half Baked Harvest!

Wholesome recipes, cozy comfort foods, and incredible creations are all descriptors we’d use to sum her stuff up.

Click it:

A post shared by Tieghan (@halfbakedharvest) on


#9: Katerina Petrovska

At first we were like “Diethood? Who wants to see a food blog of someone on a diet?” but then we looked at her posts.

She advertises her recipes as “healthy-ish”, which is the perfect balance between indulging while staying on track.

Stuck between being healthy and just enjoying your life?

If this sounds like your struggle, you’ll LOVE her Insta feed.

You’re welcome:


#8: Jennifer Farley

Her Instagram bio is “I like to cook and take pictures of food.”, and we love that she’s straight to the point.

Savory Simple’s warm wintery color palette makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, even when we’re looking at photos of acai bowls and ice cream.

Check out her wild blueberry curd ice cream, it’s a keeper.

Here she is:


#7: Ali Ebright

If there’s one thing we love more than food and success, it’s a good pun.

“Gimme Some Oven” wins a place in our hearts for that reason.

Her bright food photos will make you crave the crisp, healthy, and mouth-watering snacks she posts photos of on her Instagram.

Give her some lovin’:


#6: Joy Wilson

Joy the Baker brings joy and baked goods, just as her name would suggest.

She posts beautiful photos of food, but she also posts photos of her loved ones, and that’s what makes her posts so sweet.

We highly suggest you check out her website or Instagram.

Here’s the link:

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#5: Michael

Michael makes breakfast for his husband Mark every day, and his creations are nothing short of amazing.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? If so, Michael is rocking at life.

You’re gonna wish you had a Michael around once you see this page.

Here it is:


#4: Tara O’Brady

Tara’s website/cookbook Seven Spoons is bursting with flavorful dishes

We don’t even know where to begin…from the unbeatable cookie recipes to the North African soups to the creative salads…it’s all amazing.

If our opinion isn’t enough, the fact that the Globe and Mail posted one of her recipes should be enough to make you want to go check out her stuff. Did we mention that the Globe and Mail also made her a columnist? All things considered, Tara and her food are simply amazing!

Here’s the link:

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#3: Dana Shultz

Minimalist Baker creator Dana Shultz has done us all a favor and shared incredible culinary creations with only ten ingredients or less

This does wonders to save time AND money, all while enjoying a more-than-satisfying meal

Still finding your way around the kitchen? No problem

Try out some of her recipes:


#2: Lee Samantha

Samantha Lee uses a plate as her canvas and food to tell a creative story.

We love scrolling through her Insta and checking out what culinary creations she’s created daily.

By turning fruits and veggies into a story scene, they’re even appealing to kids (miraculous, we know)

Do yourself a favor and check it out:

A post shared by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on


#1: Heidi Larsen

Foodie Crush creator Heidi Larsen is a self-proclaimed recipe maker and food picture taker, and she’s damn good at it.

The mouth-watering photos of her creations of sweet and savory treats will make you hungry, and luckily her recipes are all doable for the average Joe in the kitchen.

Don’t believe us? Check her out yourself:

A post shared by Heidi Larsen (@foodiecrush) on

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 40 Foodies Cooking Up A Storm On Social Media!

The rankings are based on the combined Instagram and Facebook followers of foodies who cook!

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