Travel Blog Boom: Is 2024 Your Year to Become a Star?


Travel Blog Boom: Is 2024 Your Year to Become a Star?

If you want to travel the world and have an income, becoming a travel blogger is the best idea. Although blogs seem outdated and people prefer YouTube vloggers, you can incorporate the content into a blog and make it more accessible and easier to read and engage with for all kinds of audiences.

Travel bloggers benefit from seeing the world and analyzing it for others who want to travel, but they also improve their creativity through writing and skills, such as photography and videography. However, you must work hard to be seen among the competition, because anyone who wants to film themselves on their trips can become a competitor. It might take some time for the blog to be profitable, during which you must keep a stable job and increase your side job productivity.

But there are many reasons why travel bloggers are accomplished. Here’s why you should do it in 2024.

The technology required is the latest in trend

One of the most important elements in becoming a travel blogger is having the right equipment, including high-tech cameras, a laptop that can handle all your tasks and a smartphone through which you can engage with your audience.

But these are only the basic things you need because the list can expand. If you travel alone, you’ll need a camera stand for filming and taking photos for Instagram. You should also acquire a microphone so the audio quality is superior, which is crucial. Moreover, traveling with all these components means you need special protection for them, which can be uncomfortable.

Plus, if you choose countries out of your continent, updating your software and services is essential. For instance, exploring European countries requires you to find a proper European eSIM so you can always have access to the internet. Luckily, 2024 is the year of high-tech development, so you can purchase the best gadgets on the market to propel you into the mainstream.

The comfort zone will remain in the past

Being a travel blogger doesn’t limit a filming location or giving restaurant reviews. If you want to be the best of the best, you need to put yourself in certain situations to engage with the culture truly. This means talking to people, being friendly and open to communication, of course, when it’s safe enough to.

There are numerous travel influencers appreciated most for their unique interactions with citizens. Whether they ask questions and encourage them to make fun challenges, they always spark something for the viewer to enjoy. Depending on what you want to provide, you can create a strategy that will take out the biggest differences between cultures or their similar aspects.

Just make sure you’re not disrespectful towards other people and not make them uncomfortable. The first interaction might be weird, but when you travel more often and talk with people, you’ll feel more comfortable speaking with anyone.

However, you must define your objectives

One of the biggest challenges of being a travel blogger is knowing what to do. You can’t simply start and film whatever you can because the implications of delivering content will overwhelm you. The content must also be accompanied by writing blogs, so you need to take care of that, too.

Generally, you should think of the following:

  • The posting frequency you can provide and the income you expect;
  • What kinds of tools you’ll use to measure productivity;
  • What kind of goals you can achieve;
  • The number of deadlines you can achieve in a certain period;

Luckily, there’s plenty of content for people like you, so you can find support from other people who started their travel blogs long ago. However, it’s best to analyze the market and its demands in accordance with the present to know what you’re expected to offer on social media, too.

Don’t give up easily

Starting your travel blogging journey can be easy, but maintaining its course to ensure a stable income and stabilize you on the market takes time. That’s why you should not give up on your dream, especially if you love traveling and exploring the world. Usually, you should expect at least one year of work to gain exposure and money to start coming in truly, but depending on your lifestyle and the market’s situation, it can take more or less than that.

Moreover, if you strive to deliver content, the process of making it appealing might be the most time-consuming. Filming, editing, exporting, and creating social media posts takes a lot of time and doesn’t always go smoothly, so you should be patient during this part of the job.

Some people tend to copy content from other places to save time, but this won’t work. Content creators or even people from these audiences will figure out when something’s not right. So, it’s always best to be unique and work on your content.

Finding ways to make money

As income from organic content comes in time, you might need to find alternative ways to make money. These are not wrong to approach because travel bloggers still need a consistent income to fund their ventures and experiences. So, you could try advertising through Google Ads, for instance, where you collaborate with similar businesses, so the ads won’t differ that much.

You can also try affiliate marketing and promote products and services or other companies in the travel blog market. This offers you small but significant commissions on the sales made through links, and they can also open the door for further collaboration opportunities. Finally, you could sell your own product, such as tutorials or premium subscriptions to unique content.

So, are you ready to become a travel blogger?

Exploring the world should be shared with other people, as these experiences are unique and make us feel whole. So, if you want to do the same, you could become a travel blogger and write about your experiences while on trips. In the long term, this can become a stable job, but in the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed by all the challenges. Regardless, you’ll get out of your comfort zone and meet a lot of beautiful people.

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