How to Understand Linkedin’s Algorithms – 2019


Playing To The Bias of LinkedIn’s Algorithms

(Personal Brand Building for Influencers)



If you truly want to understand how to dominate LinkedIn for your needs, then you need to understand how this machine “thinks“. This article will show you how to reach virality and take advantage of LinkedIn’s algorithms.


Phase 1: The Computer Filter

As soon as you post your content on LinkedIn, it is either marked as:

  1. Spam
  2. Low Quality
  3. Clear

If your content is marked as “clear“, you will move onto Phase 2


Phase 2: The Engagement Test

This test is monitored by the amount of engagement you get within the First Hour of publishing your content. This includes the amount of Likes, Shares, and Comments your post receives.

The more engagement your post receives, The higher the probability that your post will move on to Phase 3


Phase 3: Profile Check

Once you get to Phase 3, LinkedIn will run an assessment on your profile to determine whether your network is relevant or not. If your content is relevant, you will move forward to Phase 4.

If not, your views will cap out at this phase.


Phase 4: The Human Element

This is the last and final Phase. Once passing each of the first three phases, a human will determine whether your content is relevant and engaging enough to push to the masses. If the answer is Yes, there’s a high chance that your content is about to go viral.



We hope you enjoyed this article on hacking LinkedIn’s algorithms. Thanks for the Influence Digest team!

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