The Unwritten Agreement Between You & LinkedIn


The Unwritten Agreement Between You & LinkedIn

(Understanding LinkedIn to fulfill your goals)



Here is the main concept that you must understand about LinkedIn- it’s a business that has specific goals that it’s trying to reach. Once you understand and adhere to these goals, the better your results will be on LinkedIn.


Your Goals vs LinkedIn’s Goals:

  • As a user on LinkedIn, you are trying to leverage the platform to obtain more reach and visibility on your profile.
  • On the other hand, LinkedIn wants to be the most engaging social media network that it can possibly be.


To accomplish this, LinkedIn must:

  1. Keep the users on the platform
  2. Keep them engaged 
  3. Provide the best possible user experience.




The Solution:

Create relevant and engaging content that will further LinkedIn’s goals of keeping users on the platform. If you create engaging content, LinkedIn will provide you with plenty of visibility.

You can then use this reach to:

  1. Become an influencer on the platform
  2. Try to convert leads for your business
  3. Become viral and perform speaking engagements 


Change your mindset from: “How much I can get from LinkedIn“, to: “How much can I give to LinkedIn“. The quicker that you can further LinkedIn’s goals, the quicker your goals will be fulfilled.



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