Top 15 Marketing Experts in Seattle in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Seattle in 2024

Seattle, situated in the picturesque Pacific Northwest of the United States, is celebrated for its dynamic culture, breathtaking natural landscapes, and forward-thinking technology sector. Home to industry giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, the city has cultivated a diverse array of marketing professionals renowned for their data-driven approaches and pioneering spirit. Seattle’s marketing experts are often up to date with digital marketing trends, exploiting the city’s technological atmosphere to craft successful campaigns and achieve incredible outcomes. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Seattle that you can contact right now:


Angela White

Angela, as the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Holmberg Mechanical, brings nearly two decades of corporate marketing experience.
Proficient in Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Adobe Photoshop, she excels in driving brand visibility and engagement. Angela’s leadership fosters teamwork, contributing to the company’s ongoing success.


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April Moh

April serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Kyriba, boasting a proven track record of achievement and accolades throughout her career. She consistently exceeds performance expectations and has a knack for leading successful team transformations.
With a focus on revenue generation and brand development, April brings extensive experience from various companies where she held pivotal roles in marketing.


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Brian Stowell

Brian serves as the Global Director of Partner Marketing at Logitech, where he leads a team of five dedicated to various marketing functions, including operations, partner communication, content development, and email automation.
Renowned as a seasoned leader, Brian specializes in creating world-class, scalable marketing solutions that not only drive sustainable revenue growth but also enhance brand awareness.


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Christopher Gardner

As the Marketing Director for AWS Alliance at PwC, Christopher focuses on devising global go-to-market strategies within the technology sector.
He excels in building robust plans across channel partners, business development, and product lines. Leveraging his expertise, he drives strategic initiatives and cultivates impactful partnerships in the dynamic landscape of cloud computing and technology solutions.


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Devin Davis

Devin currently holds the position of Vice President of Corporate Marketing at AuditBoard. Having occupied significant roles in various prominent companies, he has cultivated his skills in the marketing domain.
With over 20 years of extensive experience in cloud computing, software, and enterprise technology marketing and communications, Devin has established a track record of success. He is recognized for his ability to develop effective programs, solidifying his reputation as a reliable leader in the industry.


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Elizabeth George

Elizabeth excels in various aspects of marketing strategy, with a focus on leadership, growth marketing, product marketing, and corporate communications. She possesses a passion for team building and management and is adept at setting strategic goals.
As the Head of Marketing at Statsig, Elizabeth leverages her skills to drive growth and success for the company while maintaining a strong brand presence in the market.


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Hye Jun

Currently serving as the VP Global Marketing Field at CyberArk, Hye brings a wealth of expertise in various specialties including B2B Marketing Strategy, Go-to-Market, Product Marketing, Messaging & Positioning, Demand Generation, Account-Based Marketing, and Executive Engagement. Recognized for her talent in building result-oriented teams, Hye excels in driving the market penetration of new product categories.


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Ian Palmer

As the Vice President of Marketing at Copyright Clearance Center, Ian brings a wealth of experience in B2B Marketing, Sales Management, and Team Leadership.
With a BA in Communications from the University of Washington, he has a track record of transforming B2B companies into market leaders. His strategic prowess and leadership skills have been instrumental in driving success and achieving significant milestones in his career.


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Jacqueline Fette

Jacqueline is a dynamic creative strategist known for spearheading corporate and customer initiatives with facility.
As a visionary leader, she excels in crafting and directing innovative communication strategies across diverse channels to elevate brand presence. Currently serving as the U.S. Marketing and Communications Manager at Fives, she continues to drive impactful initiatives that resonate with audiences and propel the brand forward.


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Jaimy McCarthy

Jaimy excels at marketing direction and management, drawing from her over two decades of experience in the tech industry. She is a talented solutions and product marketer dedicated to helping companies succeed.
Currently serving as the Marketing Manager at Empirical Wealth Management, Jaimy has also held key positions in marketing at other companies, further enriching her expertise and insight in the field.


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Raman Kalyan

Raman has held senior roles in product management and business development across several high-tech industries.
Currently serving as the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft Security, he demonstrates a strong ability to lead product launches, execute marketing strategies, and cultivate strategic partnerships. With a proven track record of success at both Fortune 500 multinationals and hi-tech startups, Raman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.


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Sarah Gauthier

In her current role as the Chief Marketing Officer and VP of e-commerce at SeaBear Smokehouse, Sarah leverages her extensive international leadership experience spanning close to two decades as a distinguished marketing and retail executive.
Sarah has overseen organizations responsible for digital marketing, e-commerce, commercialization, and various other areas, showcasing her adeptness in developing data-driven strategies and effectively leading their implementation.


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Shane Robbins

As the Director of Product Marketing at Cloudbeds, Shane prioritizes the launch of award-winning solutions and the establishment of high-performing teams. His strengths lie in fostering cross-functional collaboration and crafting comprehensive product marketing strategies that cover the entire sales funnel.
Shane’s dedication to driving success is evident in his role, where he applies his expertise to deliver impactful outcomes.


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Shelley Morrison

Shelley, currently holding the position of VP of Global Growth Marketing at Domo, is a highly experienced global demand marketing executive. She has led global digital marketing teams and directed digital marketing programs with notable success.
Throughout her career, Shelley has collaborated with leading enterprises, including Verizon, Hulu, SAP, and Adobe. She is passionate about utilizing data to craft marketing programs.


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Shuchi Chawla

As the Product Marketing Manager for Office for Consumers at Microsoft, Shuchi brings over 15 years of experience in executing marketing initiatives for large consumer-focused companies. In 2018, she was honored as one of “India’s Most Disruptive Marketing Minds” under the age of 40 by Agency Reporter.
Shuchi is known for her successful execution of brand and product marketing campaigns, showcasing her ability to drive impactful marketing strategies.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Seattle in 2024!

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