Top 14 Marketing Experts in Dallas in 2024


Top 14 Marketing Experts in Dallas in 2024

Dallas, the capital of the state of Texas, is a major city in the United States of America recognized for its thriving economy thanks to being a hub for business, technology, and arts. It’s also known for the parks all around the city, the picturesque skyline, and the cultural scenario. This city plays a crucial role in big industries such as cotton and oil. Nonetheless, the virtual scenario has a great reception thanks to globalization, allowing and increasing the number of positions for experts in social media and related. Get ready to discover some of the prime quality professionals in this topic. So, without further delay, here are The Top 14 Marketing Experts in Dallas that you can contact right now:


Sheila Rondeau

Sheila is an experienced marketing expert based in Plano, Texas, 20 minutes away from Dallas. She is the CEO, Fractional CMO, and Marketing Strategist at MOGXP a top company in the marketing scene.
Her areas of expertise are Marketing Leadership, Key Advisor to Stakeholders, Marketing Collateral, and more. Additionally, she’s made very important partnerships with clients like Toyota, PepsiCo, and Walmart.

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Jena Apgar

With an impressive life story, Jena is now the CEO and Marketing Specialist at 2xmybiz.com, a successful marketing agency. She focuses on giving top-edge advisory to individuals and companies so they can have great records online.
One of her main concerns is the marketing numbers of the clients and being able not only to increase them, but maintain them long-term. As she says, “What gets measured, gets done!”

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Mark McClendon

Mark is an executive specializing in marketing and e-commerce, with a proven record of experience in strategic consumer marketing and value creation for over twenty years. He’d occupied positions as Vice President of Media & Marketing Strategy at Neiman Marcus, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at JCPenny, and is currently enrolled as Chief Marketing Officer at Moda Operandi.
During his remarkable experience and having great records of growth at the companies he worked at, he received the Penney Award in 2016.

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Catherine Sebazco

Catherine graduated from the University of North Texas and has more than five years of experience in the Marketing scenario. Is currently enrolled as a Marketing Specialist at DuraServ, a service provider in the equipment industry.
Is important to add that in 2023 she obtained a Certificate as Meta Social Media Marketing Professional.

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Tyler Kern

This Marketing Expert based in Dallas, Texas, has more than ten years of experience in this field. Tyler started his professional experience in positions like radio producer, making possible for him to grow and become Media Senior Director in MarketScale.
At the moment Tyler is the Director of Marketing and Social Media at Frontline Source Group, where he’s expanding and reinforcing his aptitudes as a strategist.

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Sharell Weeams

With impressive records and client testimonies, Sharell’s spot on this list is well deserved! She offers her clients a standardized process to help them be successful on their social media, ensuring mind-blowing growth results.
Her areas of expertise are Business Coaching, Organic Marketing, Social Selling, Group Program Creation, Launch Strategy, and more!

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Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is a leader and influencer with more than three thousand followers on LinkedIn, where he shares his experience in the Marketing field. He describes himself as a constant learner inspired by creativity and innovation, focused on consumer insights.
He’s currently enrolled as an Associate Marketing Manager at PepsiCo.

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Abdul Karim Syed

Abdul is a versatile marketing communications expert and brand strategist, skilled in areas such as advertising, digital, retail, and activation. Renowned for strategic planning and the successful execution of integrated campaigns that have garnered awards, working with top agency networks and global brands.
He’s the Strategy Consultant & Chief Ignition Officer at Incito Mentis.

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Melissa Bell

With over 12 years of expertise in B2B SaaS portfolio, product, non-profit/local government marketing, and change management communications, Melissa has a proven track record in leading digital-first, data-driven marketing, and communications initiatives.
Melissa works nowadays as Director of Marketing in Venn Technology, where she started three years ago.

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Grace Platon

Grace is an experienced communications leader skilled in achieving business objectives through effective marketing, PR, and change management strategies. She is proficient media specialist and results-oriented team player with training expertise.
Among her specialties, it’s important to mention her domain in Social Media Campaigns, Branding Campaigns, and Multichannel Marketing Programs.

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Devin Ewart

Demonstrating a stellar record of top-notch performance, this marketing professional excels in achieving substantial financial growth through effective marketing for new and existing clients. With a commitment to superior customer service and positive account relationships, Devin is a skilled communicator, utilizing a consultative style, strong negotiation abilities, and a keen aptitude for assessing client needs.

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Dana Vaughn

As a creative and high-energy marketing leader, Dana Vaughn brings over 10 years of diverse experience in marketing, public relations, and strategy development. Recognized for her collaborative thought leadership, she has a proven ability to build high-performing teams. Excelling in producing and implementing strategic and tactical plans, she drives brand awareness, employee engagement, and product usage, achieving measurable results.

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Raji Behniwal

Raji is a well-known Marketing Expert and Communications Leader with over 10 years of expertise. Among her skills, she stands out in Brand Marketing and Corporate Communications. Raji is currently enrolled as Senior Director, Head of Marketing & Communications at Captiv8. During her professional path, she also likes to keep up to date and learn new things, gaining certifications in Fundamentals of Media Relations and Digital Marketing.

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Olivia Nadler

Olivia is a proficient female leader in emotional intelligence, integrated marketing, and storytelling. She disrupts markets, specializes in integrated marketing, and manages budgets for top-line revenues and bottom-line profits while optimizing resources for controlled expenses.
At the moment, Olivia is the Vice President of Marketing Operations at Tenet Healthcare.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 14 Marketing Experts in Dallas in 2024!

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